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Season 5

10 Feb. 2003
The Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow
Garamaru, a poisonous moth demon, has trapped Kagome and the others in a cocoon. Kagome and the others are each suffering within their nightmares. In real life, Inuyasha is fighting by himself. He finally defeats Garamaru, but the cocoon doesn't disappear. Kagome and the others begin to transform into moths within the cocoons...
17 Feb. 2003
Are kara shichinenme no nagori yuki
Snow is falling out of season. Miroku is abducted by Koyuki, a mysterious woman. Kagome and the others hear from a hunter and his wife about a snow demon. When they go looking for him, they find Sango, who had gotten lost. Meanwhile, Miroku is being led by Koyuki. He is greeted by many children and babies. Koyuki tells Miroku that they are his children...
24 Feb. 2003
Assault on the Wolf-Demon Tribe!
A giant ogre appears in the mountains to the north. His name is Kyokotsu. Kyokotsu eats demons when he can. He attacks the demon wolf tribe. Koga sees Imawa, an old wolf become seriously injured. To avenge his comrades, he goes to the mountains to the North...
3 Mar. 2003
The Band of Seven, Resurrected
The Band of Seven, a group of ghosts, have been brought back to life. A cavalry sent to defeat them, is decimated by the Band of Seven's second strongest, Jakotsu. Inuyasha and Miroku catch up to Jakotsu, who immediately takes a liking to them and casts amorous glances at them...
10 Mar. 2003
The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu
The match between Jakotsu and Inuyasha is stopped when Mukotsu interferes. Mukotsu kidnaps Kagome to make her his bride. Miroku and Sango try to save Kagome, but Mukotsu's poison makes them unable to move. Sesshomaru, who is looking for Naraku, appears and defeats Mukotsu for being in his way...
17 Mar. 2003
The Ghastly Steel Machine
Kagome, Miroku, and Sango have been weakened by Mukotsu's poison. Inuyasha is tries to draw attacks away from them as he fights Ginkotsu of the Band of Seven. Shippo takes Kagome and the others away, and arrives at a temple, but Renkotsu of the Band of Seven has placed a trap there...
14 Apr. 2003
Kagome, Miroku, and Sango: A Desperate Situation
At the temple, Inuyasha checks to see of Kagome and the others are safe. He ends up trusting Renkotsu. Ginkotsu bombards him. Inuyasha faces him, but as he does, Renkotsu steals the Sacred Jewel shards from Kagome and sets the temple on fire...
21 Apr. 2003
Inuyasha Shows His Tears for the First Time
Kagome, Miroku, and Sango have stopped breathing. Inuyasha searches for the Band of Seven to avenge them. He meets Sesshomaru, and becomes sure that it's an illusion. But Sesshomaru has come after Kohaku, and is nearby...
28 Apr. 2003
The Secret of the Pure Light
Inuyasha and the gang approach the light of a Sacred Jewel which appears to belong to the Band of Seven, but the light is not corrupt. Suikotsu, a good doctor owns the shard...
5 May 2003
Hidden in the Mist: Onward to Mt. Hakurei
Suikotsu's Band of Seven personality awakens and fights Inuyasha. When the children call out to him to turn back, he holds his head in pain. Renkotsu decides to retreat from the village. Meanwhile, Kagome realizes that the Shinidamachu cannot get near the holy barrier...
12 May 2003
Enter Bankotsu, the Leader of the Band of Seven
There is a barrier around Mt. Hakurei that purifies demons or anything evil. Inuyasha and the others think that Naraku cannot be hiding in Mt. Hakurei, and go looking for a different clue. Meanwhile, the surviving Band of Seven members are reunited with their leader, Bankotsu...
19 May 2003
The Big Clash: Banryu vs Wind Scar!
The battle between Bankotsu and Inuyasha begins. Meanwhile, Sesshomatu comes to Mt. Hakurei. He is blocked by the holy barrier, and turns back. But there are demons within the holy ground.
26 May 2003
Afloat on the Lake Surface: the Barrier of Hijiri Island
There is a holy island in a lake surrounded by mist. Saint Hakushin, who become a living Buddha a hundred years ago, is venerated there. But something strange happens. The father of a boy named Shintaro goes to investigate, but he doesn't come back. I
2 Jun. 2003
The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha
Bankotsu gets Kagome and the others involved in his battle with Inuyasha. Inuyasha is angered that his friends are getting hurt, and corners Bankotsu. But Saint Hakushin's vajra protects Bankotsu and turns the Tessaiga back into a rusty sword.
9 Jun. 2003
Koga's Solitary Battle
Mt. Hakurei's holy barrier prevents demons from entering it. Saint Hakushin helped Naraku, and placed the barrier. Koga tries to find a way to beak through, but fails. Renkotsu and Ginkotsu show up to get Koga's Sacred Jewel shards.
16 Jun. 2003
Lured by the Black Light
Mt. Hakurei gets stronger, and Kikyo is prevented from going into its hold ground. Kikyo leaves Chiyo's village, but she goes after Bankotsu to see where fellow deceased, the Band of Seven, are doing. Jakotsu and Suikotsu attack Sesshomaru, and kidnap Rin
23 Jun. 2003
The Exposed Face of Truth
Suikotsu cannot kill Chiyo and the others. Jakotsu stops him. He senses an attack from Sesshomaru. Suikotsu and Jakotsu move within the holy realm, and wait for Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru's movements are slow because of the holy ground, but he skewers Suikotsu with his Tokijin, and slashes Jakotsu's chest with his claws.
30 Jun. 2003
Vanished in a River of Flames
Ginkotsu has died, and Renkotsu uses his shard without permission. In doing so, he has betrayed Bankotsu. He cannot go back anymore. He lusts for even more power and attacks Koga so that he can take the Sacred Jewel shards that he owns.
7 Jul. 2003
Into the Depths of Mt. Hakurei
The evil within Mt. Hakurei is Naraku's demons and Kagura. Miroku risks his life to save Sango, by opening his Wind Tunnerl and sucking in the demons along with the poisonous bugs. But he uses up his power and collapses. Inuyasha is concerned about Miroku and Sango.
14 Jul. 2003
Divine Malice of the Saint
Miroku and Sango come face to face with the Saint Hakushin's mummy on Mt. Hakurei. The saint tells them his reason for helping Naraku. Miroku tells him that he doesn't blame him, but that he cannot allow the barrier to protect Naraku.
28 Jul. 2003
Fare Thee Well: Jakotsu's Requiem
Inuyasha regains his demon powers. He defeats Jakotsu, and hurries to Mt. Hakurei. Renkotsu has rebellious feelings towards Bankotsu. He kills Jakotsu while he's injured and takes his shard. Meanwhile, Kikyo comes face to face with the mummy of Saint Hakushin.
4 Aug. 2003
Final Battle: The Last and Strongest of the Band of Seven
Mt. Hakurei's barrier disappears. Inuyasha is worried about Kagome. Kagome heads to Mt. Hakurei with Koga and the others. Meanwhile, Kikyo and Sesshomaru have sensed that something strange has happened from different locations. As Mt. Hakurei rumbles, Inuyasha and Bankotsu begin to fight within the mountain.
11 Aug. 2003
The Power of Banryu! Duel to the Death on Mt. Hakurei
Miroku and Sango see a mysterious lump of flesh in the depths of Mt. Hakurei.Sesshomaru and Kikyo sens the strange happening from different locations, and make heir way to Mt. Hakurei. Bankotsu is fighting one on one with Inuyasha.
18 Aug. 2003
Behind the Darkness - Naraku Reborn
While Inuyasha, Kagome, Songo, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara are trapped inside of Mt. Hakurei, they come to the realization that they are actually trapped inside of Naraku. As they watch Naraku create his new, more powerful body, they attempt to save themselves and Koga, who was engulfed into the walls of Naraku's body.
25 Aug. 2003
Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved
Mt. Hakurei is destroyed. Koga falls to the bottom of it. Inuyasha saves him. As he goes to meet up with Kagome and the others, who are trying to escape as quickly as possible, he sees an illusion of Kikyo.
1 Sep. 2003
The Darkness in Kagome's Heart
Inuyasha is pulled away from his friends when he is tricked by fake information that Kikyo is still alive. Meanwhile, Kagome and the others are at a certain castle town. They are reproached and captured. Kagome is called to the castle, by herself.
8 Sep. 2003
Transform Heartache Into Courage
Naraku's baby carries Kagome to an abandoned temple. He orders Kagura to place a corrupt Sacred Jewel shard in her. But the shard is deflected and Kagome regains consciousness. The baby tries to regain control of her soul once more by telling her to curse Inuyasha's bond with Kikyo.

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