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Season 4

12 Aug. 2002
Gap Between the Ages
Kagome returns to the present day. She is busy preparing for a mock exam two days later. Meanwhile, Sango is concerned about Kohaku, who was taken away by Kagura. Miroku is considerate to Sango, but he gets slapped because of his lecherous ways.The group has lost track of Naraku, and everyone is spending their time in their own way.
19 Aug. 2002
The Female Wolf-Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise
Ayame, a female demon wolf, appears before Koga and tells him that she is his fiancée. But Koga is madly in love with Kagome. He runs away. Koga stops by at Naraku's castle. Ayame goes after him, and is attacked by a hair monster there. Meanwhile, Koga has caught up with Inuyasha and the gang.
26 Aug. 2002
Koga's Bride-to-Be
Ayame brought Koga to stop her comrades' fighting. But she has no intention of returning to Koga. The monster that was after the Sacred Jewel shards then attacks. Koga fights to protect Kagome and Ayame.
2 Sep. 2002
The Evil Within Demon's Head Castle
Inuyasha and the gang meet an old lady who's a seemingly fake purifier. In order to find out why so many demons have appeared recently, they go to Ogre's Head Castle to fight ogres. The lord of the castle is being possessed by an ogre. Inuyasha fights the ogre head that appears in the castle, but the wind scar doesn't work against him.
9 Sep. 2002
Secret of the Possessed Princess
Inuyasha fights the lord of Ogre Castle. Sanfo hears that Miroku has gone to the basement with the princess, and goes after him with the old purifier. Kagome finds the corpse of the real princess in the lord's bedroom.
16 Sep. 2002
Kikyo's Lonely Journey
Kikyo looks for Naraku. She meets Kansuke, an old bandit. Kansuke has a serious illness and is trying to find a place to die. Fifty years ago, he was convinced by one of his bandit buddies, Onigumo, into attacking a priestess who protected the Sacred Jewel. He failed and lost his right eye.
14 Oct. 2002
Three Spirits of the Monkey God
Inuyasha and the gang accept a job to get rid of monkeys who are destroying fields. They meet three monkeys, Gon, Bun, and Ken. The three are monkey spirits. They say that they have been destroying the field to find a divine vessel that houses the monkey god.
21 Oct. 2002
Nursing Battle of the Rival Lovers
Kagome catches a cold and returns to the present day. Inuyasha is worried about her. He gathers lots of nutritious food. As he does, he defeats demons who get in his way.
28 Oct. 2002
Sota's Brave Confession of Love
Kagome's younger brother, Sota, has fallen in love. He has fallen in love with Hitomi, one of his classmates. At first, he asks Inuyasha for manly advice, but in the end, he decides to tell her he loves her with a plan orchestrated by Kagome.
4 Nov. 2002
The Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black Kirara
Tesso, a mouse demon who is afraid of cats, transforms into a faith healer, and chases out Kuroro, a Nekomata who is bothering him. Inuyasha and his gang come across villagers who mistake Kirara for Kuroro and try to chase her out.
18 Nov. 2002
Plot of the Walking Dead
Kikyo was brought back to life by one of Urasue's secret techniques. She meets Monju, who is in the same situation. Monju doesn't have enough souls of the dead. He regains his vigor when he is given the souls that the Shinidamachu bring...
25 Nov. 2002
The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk
In a certain village, Inuyasha and the gang are surrounded by villagers who dislike Miroku. When they ask why, they say that Miroku has been doing many evil deeds. Miroku says that he is innocent, and suspects that it is the doing of an impostor...
14 Feb. 2005
The Sacred Jewel Maker: Part 1
Inuyasha and the gang meet Izumo, who is investigating the secret of the creation of the Sacred Jewel. They hear that a demon has appeared, and go to investigate a nearby village. They meet a boy named Kosuke. Orochi Dayu kidnapped Kosuke's parents and the villagers. He is also after the real Sacred Jewel shards that Kagome has...
15 Feb. 2005
The Sacred Jewel Maker: Part 2
Kagome and the others are kidnapped by demons who are using fake Sacred Jewels. Inuyasha and the rest go to save them, but Gyuoh stands in their way. Gyuoh was born between a human father and a demon cow mother. During the day he is Izumo, a human. At night, he becomes Gyuoh, a half-demon...
13 Jan. 2003
Jaken Falls Ill
Naraku's poisonous bugs appear. Sesshomaru goes after them. Meanwhile, Jaken is stung by a poisonous bug and is dying. Rin is left with him. She tries to save him. She heads to Jinenji's field to get a fruit of the Sennenso. But Jinenji, a half-demon, has become human...
20 Jan. 2003
Kirara, Come Home!
Kirara disappears. Sango is worried. Shippo deduces Kirara's reasons for disappearing. He blames Inuyasha and the others, and urges them to be repentant. At that moment, a thundering sound comes from the forest. Inuyasha and the others rush on over. They help a man being chased by demons get away, and find the scarf that Kagome gave Kirara amongst the scattered bones!
27 Jan. 2003
Kikyo and Kagome: Alone in a Cave
Kagome is lured to a cave by a voice calling for help. Kagome enters the cave and meets Kikyo. Kikyo doesn't haven enough souls of the dead and has become weakened. Kagome tries to escape from the cave, but Kikyo tells her that it's useless. Thye are actually within the demon called the Priestess Sealer...
3 Feb. 2003
Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter
Ginta and Hakkaku fight with Koga over something small, and end up working separately from him. As they do, they meet Sesshomaru's group. They see Rin, the girl with Sesshomaru, and remember the incident when their comrades attacked her. They think that it would be bad if Koga and Sesshomare were to meet, but they fail to keep that from happening...

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