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Baltimore Sun
There are no surprise twists, no characters who rise above themselves, no cheap happy endings. There are just people struggling with emotions and situations they think are beyond their control.
Washington Post
Bruckner's Meg is that rarity, a credible screen teenager.
Mr. Strathairn's complex, exquisitely nuanced portrayal of a man who goes over the line allows his character to be both hero and villain, sometimes at once.
Chicago Tribune
Captures the complex dynamic of a mentoring relationship like few movies before it.
Ms. Moncrieff's low-key directing is matched by fine acting from Agnes Bruckner as Meg and David Strathairn as her mentor. Aside from a somewhat schematic climax, this is as smart a debut as we've seen in a long while.
This is a film without a single false note. From the rain-streaked windshield to the unaffected line readings from a stellar cast, there is not a shot in Blue Car that doesn't ring true.
New York Daily News
Even without nudity, the sex scene between Meg and Auster is one of the most uncomfortable on film. Not just because of the actors' age difference (Strathairn is 54, Bruckner 17), but because of Meg's inexperience and misplaced trust.
Miami Herald
A well-intentioned coming-of-age film anchored by two indelible performances but weakened by an overabundance of drama.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Feels like a bit of an emotional mugging.
Village Voice
Blue Car gets so much of the hard stuff (including Meg's Plath-via-Tori poetry) that it assumes the easy stuff will take care of itself. It doesn't.

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