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Very, very good show.
dootuss9 December 2002
"O Canada" is a very wonderful 30 minute program which features some of the greatest Canadian cartoons out there. They all are so different. Some are informal, some are weird, and some are bizarre. But hey, they're enjoyable to watch. Plus, this show also introduced the states to the soon to be series "Bob and Margaret" with the acclaimed "Bob's Birthday" short.

I must give Cartoon Network a TON of credit. They have a great show here. One that introduces viewers to Canada's amazing animated work. Overall, this gets a perfect 10!
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I guess the Russians are not the only ones whom make good animation.
Angel Meiru29 February 2004
I miss this show so much. "O Canada" is a collection of animated shorts from Canada, shorts from the 1940s to the present. Each have a different type of subjects going on, from educational shorts, to faery tales to bizarre and abstract works. Each are unique in their own way and all are true art.

Just too bad I have not seen this in a while, no thanks to that un-Artistic, plotless Anime they are airing these days. No, I don't hate all oriental anime shows, just alot of them that are making it here are quite crappy copycats of each other. Just a ploy to make cheap Yen, Won and Dollars.

P.S. "The Cat Came Back" and the "Cinderella Peinguins" are my favorite shorts.

National Film Board of Canada, I salute you!
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I thought I was the only one who knew this show existed!
mertes1211 February 2010
O Canada is a smart animation that is geared towards adults more than children. The show came on around 3 in the morning, when most normal people are fast asleep. Usually, there was some twisted life lesson to be learned by the end. An episode I remember clearly featured a couple sitting at a dinner table teaching their audience about table manners. It was an amazingly unique show, the likes of which don't exist anymore.

Even though it's very difficult to find any episodes of this show. It aired on Cartoon Network during the 90's. I strongly recommend it if it can be located.
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Love this show, miss it terribly
Rngrbabe3520 July 2004
I'm so glad I taped 5 hours worth of this show, because only a few months after I got into it, Cartoon Network took it off the air in favor of more crappy anime. I HATE ANIME. "O Canada," however, is great. Far too much of American-made animation is asinine or far too violent for children. Canadian animation, on the other hand, is creative and beautiful. Plus, most of the cartoons shown on "O Canada" had positive messages. My favorites are too numerous to count, but two cartoons that stick out in my mind are "The Sweater," "Blackfly," and "To Be." I wish Cartoon Network would bring this show back, even if it was still on in the middle of the night...that's what a VCR is for!
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Canadian Animation Is Sweet!!!
K-Slicer20 October 2002
I have said it before and I shall say it again, praise the LORD that Cartoon Network has come into existence. Since the inception of this original network, animation has entered in dimensions that one has never before fathomed. One idea that CN capitalized on was showing animated shorts that have come from our best bud from the North. "O Canada" is a show that appears on CN right after "Adult Swim. For twenty-five minutes every Sunday night, one can enjoy animated shorts that range from the very informative to the very strange to the very bizarre. Thanks to the creative minds at Cartoon Network, we get to see the work of creative minds from other parts of the world. I give this show an A++.

My personal favorite one is "The Cat Came Back" and even though I live less than one hundred miles south of the 49th parallel, I probably never would have seen it at all. I had to look on IMDB to find out that it was nominated for an Oscar. It wouldn't surprise me that the minds at AKA Cartoon in Vancouver, British Columbia cite this as one of their inspirations for creating their own method of bizarre animation. Thanks to Cartoon Network, I have been able to see the work these brilliant minds and I hope they keep it coming. Thanks IMDB and CN for exposing these works to the world!

"Canadians are weird!" says Ed for Ed, Edd N Eddy. I mean that with utmost respect. I love their work and I hope it never stagnates!

Here ends my rant! :)
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