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How wonderful, to have a hopeful love story- or 6!

Author: Simlady from Arizona
14 November 2001

They don't make 'em like this any more. Blood! Gore! Sex! That's all you see now. Or, if they want it to be family entertainment, it is so white bread you sit and say, "What world is this from?" But not this movie. This harkens back to the good old days of movie making, and it's about time! The Wedding Dress was delightfully twisty and turny, with chuckles *and* tears - just like real life happens to be - though the interweaving of the couples might be a bit far fetched. I accepted it, though, as a flashback to the movies of bygone days that tied it all in a neat little parcel while expecting a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. Hey, this is *entertainment* - Lighten up! That every couple touched by this special dress attended the wedding at the end (and though the dress affected them all, it was only worn to *one* very special nuptial) was just wonderful. Can we have more of these, please?

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Unheard of - Very nice

Author: ecaprarie from Italy
4 August 2006

I was watching TV, when my zapping took me to this movie.The pivot of the story is a wedding dress, that could not be worn, because the bridegroom died right before the wedding day. The dress was forgotten of, only to 'reappear' many years later, when many stories start rotating around its reappearance. Narration is simple, but smooth and delightful. Acting is pleasant and casting well chosen. I saw only a bit of it at the beginning, then I moved to another channel. I turned to it again later before switching my TV off. Now I regret not having seen it thoroughly. No comments and no date were written in my TV magazine, therefore it was hard for me to make up my mind; furthermore actors are not well-known outside the USA; I am asking myself why the movie was so underestimated. No trash, no vulgar dialogs, no gruesome passages: without these ingredients a movie is not a movie?

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Author: Johnny Vinther Jensen (prometheus-dk) from Copenhagen, Denmark
8 July 2002

I happened to turn on the TV the other night and catch this gem of a movie. While it's outline may seem overly sentimental they manage to pull it off. With a solid performance by a couple of American TV-stables this movie succeeds in the difficult (and very misused) genre of romantic comedy. The plot weaves effortlessly between the different characters never spending too much time in one place and, thankfully, never overemphasizing the atmosphere. While not likely to win the Golden Palms this is certainly a worthwhile movie, so if you happen to catch it, don't change channels, it beats Jay Leno any day!

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Touching movie with a terrific casting

Author: kipper-12 ( from Gyõr, Hungary
20 August 2004

Originally we sat down with my wife to clear some video tapes for re-recording. We were quite convinced that this never-heard-of piece wouldn't have our attention for more than 10 minutes and we can erase it with a clear conscience.

But after less than that we were trapped into the subtle magic of the movie and declared it to be one of our favorites. None of the names were familiar at that time but I have checked cast details and though there are no blockbuster names, a couple of the actors/actresses have appeared in major movies. Of course the betrayed wife (the amazing Margaret Colin) was presidential aide in ID4, of course the photographer (Neil Patrick Harris) fought against aliens in Starship Troopers, of course the grumpy aunt (Tyne Daly) was Lacey in Cagney & Lacey, of course the groom pawning his watch (Wolfgang Bodison) was accused in A Few Good Men and of course his bride (Kimberly Hawthorne) tried to find a senator's kidnapped daughter in Along Came A Spider. With them and all the other characters this is probably the best casting I have seen for a long time and I cannot understand how this romantic masterpiece is so little known of. (I couldn't even find a region 2 DVD.)

The music is beautifully matching the scenes, cinematography is also first class - this is a great example how to make a great movie without Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and the like.

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Definitely Watchable

Author: emmye86 from United States
24 April 2006

I enjoyed the movie very much... I'm a huge fan of NPH and he was very adorable in this movie. Most of the characters were great. I agree with another comment that the youngest couple was a little unnecessary. It was somewhat difficult, though, for me to get past the pure and simple ugliness of that wedding dress. The basis for every story was how wonderful and gorgeous the dress was. If someone didn't know the sentimentality of its back-story, there is very little chance they would think it was pretty. After 1984, very few people would be caught dead in a dress like that on their wedding day. At one point it was "updated" and was the best it looked. But it was a very cute story, the various story lines kept the movie from dragging, and it was very lighthearted. Happy endings all around!

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A wonderful treat!

Author: val1224 from United States
12 January 2006

I just saw this movie today for the very first time. It's been a long time since a movie has drawn me in like this. It was filled with wonderful anticipation, waiting to see what the next twist was going to be. It was wholesome, funny, sad, romantic, and just an overall delight. This is a great movie for moms & daughters to watch together - or anyone who enjoys a movie with a really great story. The writer did a wonderful job of weaving a tale that keeps one guessing, though it is a little predictable at times. Tyne Daly, as always, is just great to watch. Neil Patrick Harris is one of those few who has made a smooth transition between "child actor" and full-blown "actor". I particularly enjoyed Kathryne Brown (Tyne Daly's "real-life" daughter). What a beautiful girl and her acting is very sweet and natural. This movie has good guys, bad guys, and bad guys who become good guys; one of the underlying themes of the movie is that of personal redemption. It's a movie of hope and warmth and the belief that true love will always win out. As the other commentator said, we want more movies like this!!!

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I really like this sort of movie

Author: PinkBunnySlippers
2 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Actually I did like it. I like movies where a character or an item travels either through time, or around town affecting various people in different ways. This one did both, and I found the characters rather likable. I found it neither fake nor cheesy, but it is meant to be watched from beginning to end, as it takes the entire movie to reveal the meaning to the whole story. If you have to leave the room, hit "pause". I like the interconnection of all the characters through the dress.

Another similar movie I liked was "20 Bucks". Same type of storyline, but that story was edgier and had more of life's harshness to it.

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Easy viewing, managing not to be completely corny!

Author: cmiles1 from leighton buzzard, england
19 July 2004

Watched this to begin with as "wallpaper". However, found it holding my attention and I enjoyed it right through. It reminded me very much of the Sophia Loren movie, "the Yellow Rolls Royce". A nice little movie. It could have been corny but I thought that the different places in which the dress arrived and the ways in which it arrived there were imaginatively thought out. It probably could more be described as a "woman's" movie but fellas may not reject it altogether.

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Quietly charming without being exceptional

Author: solebanana from south east UK
13 January 2002

The story more of the dress than any of the characters. Nice story, uplifting, nice happy ending. I liked Zoe better than the other characters. I have to say her rival at the beginning did come across as so cynical and hard-hearted that it was difficult to see anyone loving her. This marred the film which was a pity. Don't expect too much, but it will pass the time reasonably pleasantly.

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The "Birdemic" of romantic comedy

Author: Louise Curtis from Australia
28 April 2011

Nothing says "comedy" more than the death of a crucial character at the worst possible moment.

On the other hand, every single character who appeared on screen was so whiny/pathetic/stupid/slimy it made me want to kill each of them with a cake fork, so perhaps that death was actually the happy ending and all the rest was epilogue. Hard to say.

I spent most of the movie wondering, "Why is Barney (from "How I Met Your Mother") pretending to be such a clichéd sap?" Then I wondered, "Why is Neil Patrick Harris acting so badly? Is he being ironic? Or just taking care not to outshine everyone else? Or is it the dialogue sticking in his throat?" If a single couple in this movie stayed married more than 24 hours, I'm shocked. They were, quite simply, useless and charmless cliché-spewing androids. The dewy-eyed expressions of every sympathetic female character upon seeing the dress was a particular highlight (ditto the slobbering joy of every man on seeing said women wearing the dress).

The only part of the movie that made sense was the divorce.

Also, the dog's acting seemed fine.

By the halfway point, I was watching the movie for the pleasure of seeing my husband repeatedly bash himself over the head with a piece of styrofoam (you'll find this is a typical reaction to this film). We giggled more and more helplessly as the dialogue continued with heartfelt and subtle lines like: "It's even more beautiful than I remembered. . . and so are you. And so are you." Recommended drinking game: Drink whenever something bad happens to the dress; whenever a character does something criminally stupid; and whenever you swallow vomit due to a particularly heinous line of dialogue.

Actually, just drink without stopping. That's the only way to watch this movie.

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