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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence, sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Very early into the movie the term "wet dream" is said, though one might miss it as it passes quickly.
  • Many innuendos. The term "horny" is used a few times, mostly toward the end. Mention of "sex machine" and "slut".
  • During a "James Brown" stage scene, a couple women in skimpy dresses dance on stage, and shortly afterwards there is a lot of "booty shaking".
  • Though directed in a lighthearted way, not sensuous, there is a five minute (or so) hotel bedroom scene that involves a tipsy (or just giddy) woman, who has stripped down to bra and panties and barely more, attempting to pull the clothes off of a man (after the "James Brown" stage scene and some dialog). Also during this sequence, a woman and a man fight and wrestle in a pool.
  • A couple guys hone their security cameras on a couple women's behinds and make snarky comments (gun target practice scene). One of the women shoots out a man's crotch in a picture.
  • A couple down-the-cleavage shots (getting into theater, and a bit after that).
  • A few mentions of "nice rack". An incredulous mention of "I forgot my bra".
  • A man is bare-chested. A couple men are shown wearing boxer shorts.

Violence & Gore

  • A number of fighting scenes, mostly slapstick, but some are realistic.
  • Some blood is shown here and there (e.g. after bombing scene).
  • A man is turned into stone, and his hand is ripped off.
  • A potentially disturbing scene when a group of bugs (water-striders) goes into a man's mouth. His head turns rotten and horrible. This scene is disturbing and graphic.
  • A man and woman fight.
  • Guns are held and fired.


  • Very little overall. "Ass" is shown in subtitles. "Oh my god", "hell", "cra_", "pissy", "life's a bit__"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Also see Violence & Gore above.
  • Later in the movie water snakes are shown, and lots of bugs. Bugs invade a man's body and cause a disturbing reaction.

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