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I'd Watch It If It Was On TV.

Author: Spitney Beers from United States
28 April 2005

Yeah, it was a bad movie, but I knew that when I rented it. I knew exactly what I was getting and if you're honest with yourself, you did, too.

There's not a whole lot to the story, but then again, there's not a lot of story to Survivor either, the movie it's spoofing. I was surprised that they did go into a lot of character development. I knew all the girls names and personalities. If there was one thing they did right, it was that.

Six girls are competing in a Survivor game on the island of Butta Cheeka for the grand prize of a "buttload of money". Cliff Probate (Lenny Juliano) is the host, spoofing Jeff Probst. Cliff was funny due to the fact that he knew he was on an island with 6 hot girls and thought it would be his big chance, but even on a island with no other men, he can't make it happen.

As for the girls, there is Babbette Laroux (Shauna O'Brien), a French woman looking to get her green card. She has a killer body and a secret, and it's not that her French accent is horrible. Also, my favorite, is Ruby Sparrow (Julie K. Smith). Ruby is an ex-marine (or Navy SEAL, depending on which line she's saying) with a rough attitude and most adept to survive. She, too, has a killer body.

Dallas Wigglesbutt (Tess Broussard) is the outdoors athletic type. Funny how they picked the most out of shape girl to play this part. I'm sure they could have found a better girl here but at least they didn't have the camera on her too often. Angela Adams (Aimee Sweet) is the ditsy professional surfer who likes to celebrate "Naked Day". I can't fault her for that. Cheryl Church (Alexus Winston) is the religious girl who thanks God for her lipstick and other luxuries while on the island. And, finally, we have Monica Snatch (Aria Giovanni), a bitchy psychiatrist whose voice reminds me of Jackie from That 70's Show.

So if you're going to watch a bad movie, this is the kind you want to watch. It may have been boring at times, but at least the women were top notch, except for one. I doubt anyone can mistake this for a serious movie, but for those of you who do, you need to know what you're renting. If you have low expectations, it's not that bad.

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Breasts, babes and websites

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
25 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I never thought looking at topless women could be boring until I saw "Survivors Exposed". I rented it because I saw that Julie Smith was in it. Naturally, I wanted to see her take her titanic top off. She did not disappoint me. In fact, she was the first girl to let her breasts bounce free. What a sight they are. Soon all of the other Survivor chicks will get back to nature and fling off their unnecessary bikini tops. Once the cast has all gone topless, the movie faces an incredibly perplexing question: Now what? "Survivors Exposed" has no answer.

Only a great fool would take the time to criticize this movie for being a thrown together piece of nothing. "Survivors Exposed" was slapped together to give the less fortunate males of our society a glimpse at some hard bodied California women. The movie exposes itself at the very end as being nothing more than a commercial for the cast member's websites. Each girl gets to give out their website address where we can go for more sexy pictures, more video images, and more, more, more! Yeesh. I mean, come on. Don't you think that the goobers who rent this know exactly where to go for their continued viewing pleasure?

One last thing, there is actually a section of the DVD called OUTTAKES. Listen closely my friend, this whole movie is an outtake. They turned the camera on and hoped a movie would magically appear on the other side. No such luck.

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Author: Neil Welch from United Kingdom
1 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm all in favour of bare boobs, but this offering almost makes me change my mind.

It's badly written. Nothing much happens. The characters are mostly irritating. Too many of the boobs are artificial. The male host character is badly written and appallingly acted. And profoundly irritating. It is supposed to be funny and seriously isn't. It goes on and on and on, Even the potentially attractive scenery is not used.

OK, I get the joke, I get the spoof. But if you're going to come up with this sort of spoof, please dress it up in something a little bit more interesting than this.

Bare boobs or no bare boobs, this is worse than a complete waste of time.

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Additionally Released as "Bare Naked Survivor" thru Netflix

Author: duckem101 from United States
4 May 2008

In one of the most contemptible 'marketing ploys', read as 'scams'. This title is also now released as "Bare Naked Survivor" on Netflix and for sale at Amazon as well.

Be warned this is the same movie with nothing added except slightly different cover art and title to sucker more people to buy it. I highly disagree with this practice from the DVD / Movie industry. Personally I think it all but criminal to repackage the same content and re release it with a new name and art work as was done here.

Others at Amazon also report this version is edited to have a 10 minute shorter run time, tho could not see anything done differently to explain this discrepancy on the packaging.

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A blatant rip off of the Bare Wench series.

Author: curator99 from Hollywood, California
31 December 2004

After the success of the The Bare Wench Project and Bare Wench Project 2 comes Survivor Exposed. They hired a few of the same girls, brought in the "Lunk" character under a different name, and even hired the same cameraman. You'd think they'd have a hit, right? Wrong! The fun, pace and laughs from the Bare Wench movies is completely missing from this tepid little outing. Too much talk, not enough action; and a pace that will leave your finger permanently depressed on the fast-forward button for the entire running time. If you want a good, erotic Survivor satire, try TREASURE HUNT. It's from the same people who brought you Bare Wench, and is a thousand times funnier and sexier than this loser.

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Parody of CBS: Survivor

Author: ablang from Sacramento, CA USA
5 November 2001

I loved this movie! It was often times a hilarious parody of CBS's Survivor series. I should warn you that although the movie contains partial frontal nudity (bare breasts are revealed), it is fairly safe to watch.

The movie often teases on what if's, such as things that the contestants or the host wouldn't normally do, so the rules are often challenged. It is good clean sexual fun, even though there are no sex scenes involved. Lesbianism and a spanking are teased at.

I would definitely recommend this to any Survivor fan who hasn't seen it yet, but not to any kiddies.

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10 Times Better than Bare Wench....

Author: circuscatch from LA
10 March 2005

This film is a little gem which features Aria Giovanni from the internet fame plus it's the first time we see Alexus Winston and Aimee Sweet (both of whom are hot!!). Way better than the Bare Wench Project which i saw it compared too (that film had old, not so great looking women and grainy, ugly, poor camera-work), this film looks good. My only draw back was that it could've used a little more T&A.

Also Shauna O'Brien is great! I mean great! Sexy and funny plus it was very cool to see Julie K. Smith in this project. Everyone was funny and it's nice clean fun.

I enjoyed it!!

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