Meet the Fockers (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

nurse jock strap
vasectomy dancing
dna police arrest
siren stun gun
police car speeding car
map hypodermic needle
breakdancing music band
gadget abacus
watching tv shopping
defecating whipped cream
circumcision spanish
fixation pregnancy
trophy sex positions
pet dog testicles
capoeira in laws
nipple buttocks
nudity wealth
pet cat motor home
communication car rental
security laptop computer
baggage physician
hospital childbirth
imperative in title slapstick comedy
perfectionist hand puppet
embarrassment control freak
backache false accusation
wedding reception surveillance camera
sodium pentathol senior sex
pan flute judge
birth of baby bathroom
babysitting three word title
freudian slip double entendre
dog humping someone's leg cia agent
dna testing animal mating
frat pack premarital sex
jewess bris
blockbuster unwed pregnancy
truth serum trust
touch football teacher
taser syringe
single mother sign language
shrine sex therapist
secret scene during end credits
scatological humor restroom
rental car puppet
photo album phallus
old flame mother daughter relationship
mooning miami florida
mechanic massage
martial arts long island new york
lawyer jail
housekeeper hidden camera
grandmother grandfather
glue fondue
flash card female nudity
father daughter relationship engagement party
eavesdropping drug humor
clothing store chicago illinois
brick baby
arrest airport
airplane wedding
wedding ceremony unplanned pregnancy
trailer second part
police officer paternity revealed
maid loss of virginity
florida toilet
shower sequel
recreational vehicle mother son relationship
marriage jewish
interfaith marriage future in laws
father son relationship farce
engagement dog
cat character name in title

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