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One of those relatively rare comedies that's at once puerile, charming and very funny throughout.
Entertainment Weekly
The old-pro twosome of Streisand and Hoffman make such sexy and inviting ethnics (as a certain kind of movie likes to think of a certain kind of Jewish character) that they blithely prevail over the been-there-done-that gags.
It's a silly good time, and that's something these days.
De Niro is constantly upstaged by the showstopping, sunburnt duo of Streisand and Hoffman, but even their material is so recycled (more Focker puns, etc.) that it doesn't matter who steals the most chuckles.
The movie is pleasant enough, but never quite reaches critical mass as a comedy.
The picture doesn't come close to approaching the near-classic quality of the earlier film.
New York Daily News
A sluggish sequel.
The Hollywood Reporter
Feels jammed into a sitcom-shaped bid for laughs.
Chicago Tribune
Though it's hard not to play it, the expectations game is a dangerous one, especially for sequels. And Roach's original, just like his overexposed star, set us up good.
Miami Herald
Too much of this lame comedy feels like it was written to satisfy a contract, with gags (like the business with the perpetually horny dog or the toddler who knows sign language) that are way beneath the talents of this cast.
New York Post
It says a lot about the sequel that the funniest moment belongs to none of the big stars, but to Owen Wilson.
Wall Street Journal
Does Meet the Fockers make you laugh? Sure it does, from time to time. Just lower your expectations to the altitude of the gag that's showcased in the trailer, the one in which Jinx the cat flushes a little dog named Moses down a toilet.

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