The Butterfly Effect (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

memory blackout
college flashback
time traveler coitus
copulation sex in bed
mini skirt mini dress
girl in panties blue panties
panties lingerie
nude girl nude
breasts scantily clad female
cleavage talking during a movie
fatalism self sacrifice
female in shower changing past event
building model airplane billiards
father in prison flash forward
grave side ceremony hit on the head
strangle morpho butterfly
film starts with text kneeling
therapy bare chested male
towel hazing
shower abuse
childhood friend stress
psychological trauma toes
numbness shard
castration underwear
mace the drug cilantro
slum alternate universe
underwater scene artificial hand
cat scan essay
tears crying
worm exam
test sedation
graveyard coffin
dungeon basement
punk moving
u haul truck firecracker
fraternity house beer
reading baby
cigarette burn burning
suv junkyard
forest woods
mailbox inheritance
repression restaurant
cafe waitress
roommate hate
model airplane professor
university knocked out
choking medicine
doll s&m
sadist self defense
911 fellatio
cross religion
basketball hotel
pay phone telephone call
marriage proposal reference to jesus christ
convict reference to god
curse brain hemorrhage
human brain brain
psychiatrist lighter fluid
killing a dog death of a dog
dog burned to death fire
rain vandalism
watching a movie father daughter relationship
ambulance nurse
illness hospital
video camera teenage girl
stabbing lung cancer
bar cynicism
crotch grab reference to maid marian
reference to robin hood bicycle
butterfly pedophilia
nudity beating
home movie student
teacher nightmare
dream topless female nudity
gun fight
love inhaler
asthma kiss
memory loss brother sister relationship
haunted by the past girl
boy knife
butterfly effect hypnotic regression
paranormal phenomena bare breasts
trauma sociopath
psychotic child psychopath
critically bashed surrealism
sex scene paranoia
boyfriend girlfriend relationship cult film
aryan brotherhood television
teenage boy revenge
drawing mother son relationship
lost love father son relationship
fate escape
destiny compassion
child in peril captive
bravery unrequited love
pepper spray nonlinear timeline
goth girl child killing a child
female nudity prison rape
dog accidental killing
altering history alternate reality
racial slur prosthetic limb
mail bomb gay slur
rape murder
jealousy bully
child molester chaos theory
wheelchair vomit
school playing pool
journal hypnosis
funeral cemetery
baseball bat cigarette smoking
psychology pornography
pedophile movie theater
impalement female frontal nudity
disturbed childhood child murder
child hero child abuse
cancer killing an animal
repressed memory nosebleed
child pornography dog burned alive
suicide strangulation
stabbed in the hand stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back sorority
severed arm dog set on fire
scar psychotherapy
prostitute notebook
mental institution fraternity
explosion dynamite
drug addict death
dead dog convulsion
blood beaten to death
suicide attempt attempted murder
self mutilation insanity
childhood violence
time travel prison
death of father surprise ending

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