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The ending is weak, and may be the result of the filmmakers writing themselves into a corner and not wanting to conclude things in a burst of nihilistic excess. Yet, even though it's a cheat, it retains a degree of resonance.
Chicago Sun-Times
There's so much flashing forward and backward, so many spins of fate, so many chapters in the journals, that after awhile I felt that I, as well as time, was being jerked around.
Chicago Tribune
Kutcher delivers a credibly serious performance as Evan, and he's surrounded by a skilled supporting cast.
San Francisco Chronicle
In its own ridiculous way, The Butterfly Effect is an entertaining movie, despite mediocre acting, lackluster direction and a story that's sometimes frustrating. It has the integrity of camp, maintaining an odd earnestness in the face of its own absurdity.
Unpleasantness alone doesn't sink a movie. But miserable tidings intensify when there's not only a high ick factor but also floundering storytelling.
The Hollywood Reporter
An entertaining piece of supernatural nonsense whose sheer audacity disarms all (well, nearly all) skepticism.
Entertainment Weekly
Kutcher is the wrong actor to anchor a psychological freak-out.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Profoundly knuckleheaded.
Nothing can save this repetitive bore. Dude, where's your memory?
New York Daily News
If you approach this movie in the right frame of mind -- that is, with total contempt -- you can still enjoy it as a comedy.
Wall Street Journal
It's a terrible life, and a terrible movie.

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