Red Dragon (2002) Poster


Plot Keywords

fbi fbi agent
killer hannibal lecter
madman serial killer
cannibal red dragon
forensic psychiatrist dragon
murder psychiatrist
kissing kiss
watching a video hit on the head
two word title eating paper
house explosion villain not really dead cliche
photograph in newspaper character appears on front page of a newspaper
character appears in newspaper blood on one's face
violence villain
anthropophagus human monster
two killers homicidal maniac
slasher troubled childhood
st. louis missouri lens flare
animal in title tattoo on back
male full back nudity abuse
bare butt male rear nudity
dinner boy
child abuse explosion
house fire suicide
gasoline chloroform
hard on record player
infra red transformation
fbi headquarters cleft palate
panic chinese
fear scrapbook
suspense clue
tv set video tape
insanity reporter
penis buttocks
bare breasts police investigation
atlanta georgia evidence
criminal profile body part
theatre concert
1980s literary adaptation
blood spatter horror movie remake
reference to william blake bare chested male
horror movie prequel flashback
weightlifting stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the chest shot to death
shot through a door shot in the head
shot in the chest husband wife relationship
fellatio father son relationship
faked death death of family
burnt body color in title
prequel to best picture winner islamorada
video woman in jeopardy
race against time murder investigation
federal agent female nudity
male nudity barefoot
shoot death
good versus evil psychopath
mind game mass murder
killed by a woman shot in the face
prequel to cult film stethoscope
washington monument torture
sailboat prison
nudity harelip
gunshot wound gunfire
chicago illinois birmingham alabama
arrow x ray
washington d.c. switchblade
throat slitting knife in the thigh
eye gouging exploding house
arson dentures
investigation maximum security mental institution
scene of the crime gay slur
child in peril shot in the forehead
blindness gymnasium
kidnapping police
helicopter code breaking
baltimore maryland classical concert
murder of family tabloid reporter
disfigurement symphony orchestra
demon person on fire
tiger gothic
prequel newspaper clippings
florida mirror
museum personal ad
fragments of glass megalomania
set on fire gourmet
wheelchair split personality
shotgun stabbing
premarital sex neo noir
tattoo fire
tragic villain dinner party
parking garage tragedy
oral sex based on novel
title spoken by character

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