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Chicago Sun-Times
To my surprise, Ratner does a sure, stylish job, appreciating the droll humor of Lecter's predicament, creating a depraved new villain in the Tooth Fairy (Ralph Fiennes), and using the quiet, intense skills of Norton to create a character whose old fears feed into his new ones. There is also humor, of the uneasy he-can't-get-away-with-this variety, in the character of a nosy scandal-sheet reporter (Philip Seymour Hoffman).
New York Daily News
I quibble over a film that has none of the artistic pretensions of "The Silence of the Lambs." This is more of a greatest-hits Hannibal movie, with a thunderingly portentous soundtrack, lots of mugging and autopsy detail, and a bang-up double ending.
Red Dragon is very much a product, and a superior one, of our times. So is Anthony Hopkins' top-notch fiend, the bad doctor.
The most refreshing aspect of Red Dragon is its reliance on old-fashioned acting instead of computer-aided gizmos. Hopkins overdoes his role at times -- his vocal tones are almost campy -- but his piercing eyes are as menacing as ever, and Ralph Fiennes is scarily good as his fellow lunatic.
Miami Herald
Ratner is canny enough to close the movie with a devilish tease that will send the Lambs faithful out with a delirious smile. What Red Dragon won't do is haunt your nightmares. Who could have guessed Hannibal Lecter would ever become such a crack-up?
New York Post
It's frightening enough, to be sure, but too often it feels like a well-executed but rote exercise.
Entertainment Weekly
A thriller made from a completist's checklist rather than with a cultist's passion.
Philadelphia Inquirer
For all its brilliant touches, Dragon loses its fire midway, nearly flickering out by its perfunctory conclusion.
Suffers from franchise fatigue. Its rote suspense is strictly a business proposition.
In Hollywood, where integrity is rapidly consumed and careers defined by market value, there's trash and there's trash with a pedigree.
Wall Street Journal
I say don't bite unless your taste runs to thin gruel, and grueling gruel at that.

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