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MPAA Rated NC-17 for some explicit sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • One man and one woman have full-frontal nude scenes and other partial nudity in plenty. Detailing the sex scenes might become repetitive, but a summary is in order.
  • One of the men is shown attempting sex with a woman. His penis is vaguely shown dragging across her belly.
  • The other man is shown having sex with four different women. In three of the sex scenes he is fully clothed. In one he is partly obscured by the camera angle. Other scenes involve nudity and sexual contact as well. In one, he moves his hand up a woman's nickers. In two others, a woman massages his crotch under bedclothes. A woman pulls a blanket off him revealing in lingering a close-up his privates; he stands and dresses facing the camera. In several scenes, he caresses or kisses a woman's breast.
  • One of the women is shown nude when she pulls off her slip, preparing for sex but pubic area is only shown in a vaguely brief image. She is also shown topless as she undresses during a conversation.
  • A second woman is fully nude as she stands bathing.
  • The third woman is nude as she is cooking after sex. She also has a number of other scenes in which she appears topless--before, during, or after sex.
  • Emily is shown topless and both her breasts and nipples are visible, her pubic region is only very briefly seen. The man then fondles one of her boob, The he lays her down on the ground and becomes naked himself. Then he penetrates her from the front.
  • Emily angrily removes her bra and shows her breasts and nipples in front of Ewan.

Violence & Gore

  • A nearly-naked corpse is shown on-screen.
  • A man is shown humiliating and raping his girlfriend.


  • The F-word is used five or six times. "Bastard" is used once. There is no other objectionable language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Most of the major characters smoke frequently in the film. Two major characters are shown drinking in a bar.

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