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Entertainment Weekly
The clammy power of Young Adam lies as much in the frank, emotional nakedness the actors bring to their roles under Mackenzie's care as in the baroque hopelessness of the plot.
Chicago Sun-Times
This is an almost Dostoyevskian study of a man brooding upon evil until it paralyzes him.
Chicago Tribune
It's a movie drama with a surface so bleak and an interior so hot with eroticism that it twists your guts to watch it.
Tilda Swinton's rich, compelling performance is reason enough to see this uneven picture, which devolves from a riveting romantic triangle to a morality tale without a moral center.
This movie is so much the opposite of uplifting that you think Gary Oldman ought to be in it. But it's honestly made, and its second half does linger in the memory.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Also quite fine is the film's musical score from David Byrne, as unsettling and edgy as the story.
Rich atmospherics and an all-star British cast make this a superior melodrama if you can handle the heavy-breathing sex scenes.
Miami Herald
Not so much a thriller as an exploration of one man's crumbling moral compass.
New York Daily News
There are movies that are important, and then there are movies that simply look and act as if they're important. With its arthouse cast, hipster credentials and ominous atmosphere, Young Adam never bothers to reach for real significance.
Wall Street Journal
Suffers from a lifelessness that seems built into the terse, slightly detached style of the director, David Mackenzie, who also did the adaptation.

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