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A painting of a naked woman showing her backside can be seen in the bar.

A woman Marie who later becomes Sonnys girlfriend is dressed in sexy clothes.

Marie can be seen hugging and kissing Sonny.

There are violent crime scenes throughout the game including car crashes, dead bodies and shooting at people.

There is a car crash seen in which a driver dies in.

Sonny can be seen knocking the biker gang down with his nightstick.

A dead body can be found in the park that the medical team covers up.

A teenage boy can die from drugs if Sonny doesn't follow the rules of arresting him.

There are many ways Sonny can lose and get hurt or die including getting beat up by a biker gang member, A drunk man punching Sonny if he put the handcuffs on the front, Sonny crashing his police car by another car if he fails to stop his car by the stop warning. A robber can be seen killing Sonny with the gun if Sonny tries to stop him by himself and can also get killed if Sonnys policeman shoots him.

Sonny can also lose and get in trouble with the law if he decides to shoot unarmed people and not follow correct police rules of arresting people.

Sonny in the hotel living room can be killed by the mafia boss named Death Angel if he doesn't properly help his backup team.

If Sonny in the hotel living room, looks at the exact location on the phone and calls his backup team, Then the Death Angel who is about to Shoot Sonny gets shot by the police and the ending shows Sonny getting a medal of honor by the mayor.

Words like "Damn", "Hell", "Crap", "Pissed", "Ass", "Smartass" and even the word "Bastard" is used during the final days of the PC censorship era.

The second Sierra game to use the word "Bastard"

A woman is called a "Slut" in the game.

Some of the swearing symbols are used in the game during the PC censorship era.

This is an anti-drug themed game as you are trying to stop the drug lord named Death Angel and bring him to justice.

There are men and women at the bar and the hotel bar seen drinking alcohol.

A drunk driver can be seen as Sonny pulls him over is placing him under arrest with handcuffs and takes him to jail for breaking the law.

There are drugs featured in this game that are sold by drug dealers who Sonny the police is trying to put a stop to.

Jacks mentions that his daughter is hooked on drugs and ends up in the hospital. Later on she dies from overdose.

Jack drinks alcohol and becomes drunk due to his daughters death.

A teenage boy at Bert's park can be seen making a deal with one of the drug lords.

Sonny can be seen gambling by playing a Poker card game with the mafias men at the table.

If Sonny loses the poker game, then it's game over, but if he wins twice, then a mafia boss will take Sonny upstairs to the forth floor of the hotel.

Many of the crime scenes in this game may be disturbing including car crash scenes, dead bodies.

This game can get very tough and frustrating to play if you don't have a walkthrough.

Suggested ESRB Rating: rated T for language, suggestive themes, brief nudity, bullying, violent scenes, disturbing scenes, gambling, use of drugs, use of alcohol.

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