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A Quality Adventure Game

Author: Brian (TalsarrisN@aol.com) from Missoula, MT
20 February 2004

I grew up on games like this. Ones you actually had to think about and solve puzzles. It wasn't about how many things you could kill. It was about following procedure and going through the life of an fairly ordinary Police Officer. It was challenging. As for typing in everything. Yes, you had to type in commands to pick things up, but not to move. The arrow keys worked just fine. For those that enjoyed the challenge of old Sierra adventure games this is a great pick-up IF you can find it.

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Great game

Author: Christian Leonard Quale from Stavanger, Norway
15 October 2005

When I was 6 years old this was my favourite game. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, but my father had been given it by a friend, and had a savegame in the middle of driving, and oh boy, I loved it. For over a year Police Quest was my favourite game, as a car game. I drove around, stopping cars of a specific colour, loads of fun.

Later at the age of 12 I went through the game using a walkthrough.

Now at the age of 16 I went through it, partly from memory, partly trying my way, and it IS a really fun game. The story is good, the jokes are amusing, and it doesn't get boring.

All in all, a really good game, and one of my favorite classics (along with Monkey Island 1)

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This game ROCKS!

Author: martin_hernegren from Sweden
6 August 2004

This game was the first 3D game and it is the best game of the 80's and better than many of the games of the 90's. You don't have to write Move UP or Move Down if you want to move anywhere, you just have to press your arrow-keys. You just write when you want to talk or pick things up. This is more than just shooting, you must think too.

Apparently this game is made for more mature players who like an intellectual challenge, and apparently this does not appeal to some people. Maybe some are very young or just have problems with these games which offer something more complicated than Pong, go play pong then, stop complaining because you get bored of typing or can't spell at all.

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Great classic

Author: n/a from Sweden
18 May 2002

I've never written a comment, but I saw a previous one where someone thought this game was the worst ever made I just had to do one (which it clearly isn't).

First you got to understand this game was created 1987, at the golden age of adventure games. Thus a 10-year old might not find it very entertaining when playing it in 2002.

But believe me, IT IS! Story is great, the graphics was good at its time, and writing the commands 'open door', 'pick up nightstick' etc. is what I prefer in comparison to pointing and clicking... (it takes an major amount of thinking compared to point & click)...

So if you say this game sucks you werent around in the early years of gaming obviously and shouldn't comment it anyway.

GO PLAY IT! (but not if you're used to braindead FPS gaming or arcade gaming on the PSX2)

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