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Very good in evoking time/place/slowly growing relationship
Carolyn-931 January 2003
Very impressed with an unknown movie with mostly unknown actors. Tim Daly - who I had always considered as an actor in light comedy - was extremely impressive as a dark, possibly evil, character. In a movie that could have been just a mixture of Shane/Witness, it brought something new and impelling. It made you care - even if the ending was a little too Hollywood.
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Better than average conversion from a romance novel
MoonShdo25 January 2005
Nope, it ain't a Clint Eastwood western. No deeply wrought moral tales or stoic heroes herein.

But it is a better than average take on the dime-a-dozen romance novel genre. First of all, gone are the distracting subplots that dot the novel written by Penelope Williamson. Second, this version is long on visual poetry. A lot can be conveyed by simply letting the camera stay on the principle characters as they convey the emotional content of the story. Third, the director takes advantage of a much better than expected cast. Naomi Watts has emerged as a powerhouse of an actress in the last few years and she does not disappoint in this role. Tim Daly is restrained and manages to convey more than a touch of humor to what could be a well-worn stereotype of the world weary gunfighter.

If you're in the mood for a simple story, well acted and pretty to look at, this one will serve you well.
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Finally a breath of fresh air
Roxanna-Hartman27 April 2004
The Outsider is a wonderful movie and a joy to watch due mainly to Tim Daly and Naomi Watts. Tim Daly has never looked better. The baby face and preppy look transformed. He instantly got my attention and I was riveted for the duration. His acting was natural, he was charming, humorous, and, yes, sexy. I couldn't take my eyes off his face when on screen. Naomi Watts was beautiful and believable and the chemistry between the two main characters extraordinary. I would recommend this movie to anyone who would like a different kind of western. One that focuses on the romance, rather than the violence. I purchased this movie which is something I rarely do. I liked it that much. Truly a breath of fresh air.
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Beautifully shot and moving
cleodeo25 January 2006
I really loved this movie and I find it very good for several reasons. First - it's a nice and very moving story about love, passion and prejudice. Next - the actors - the chemistry between Tim Daly and Naomi Watts is great, they make every moment, every word and gesture believable and real. It's a pity Daly doesn't get more roles like that, he is a very intelligent and talented actor with a really strong presence on the screen. And finally - the music and the camera work that make that atmosphere very intense and sensual at one time or serene and dreamy at another.

A must - simple, strong and beautiful.
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romantic western about a religious woman and a gunfighter.
In this western everything works very well from beginning to end. It works well as a romance, it also shows with sensitivity the problems people who belong to closed religious groups face when they don´t follow the rules. And on top of it all it is also a western with plenty of action, so it should please just about everybody. Naomi Watts is absolutely great as the religious woman and Tim Daly is also very good. Don´t miss it.
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Terrific job by Daly/a departure from his usual type-casting
connie barker30 June 2005
Tim Daly looks GORGEOUS as the tough gunslinger with a past. He's rough-edged but with eyes that can be soft. I know its a true western genre flick, but sometimes they're comfortable and comforting. I was amazed to discover that Tim Daly can act ... and that he's strong looking and sexy. Must have been the face-hair and dirty clothes! (He should NEVER go back to the clean-shaven, current-day business clothes look.) The story builds beautifully toward a seemingly breathless relationship between Johnny Gault (Tim's character) and Rebecca (Naomi Watt, who also did a fine job of raising this piece from routine to intriguing). The way their affair (?) is handled, the pacing, the twists along the way - leaving you never sure if they'll actually get together or not (and predictable as I thought the story was seeming, I really didn't know 'til the end) - made this a "cut above" and I very much recommend it. It might seem like a chick-flick at first, but the manly/awkward-yet-tender/sensuous way Tim/Johnny approaches the seemingly foreign nuances of a love affair might give some much needed lessons to modern guys.
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Just like reading a great romance novel
saprater21 March 2005
This movie was fantastic. For anyone that loves reading a good romance novel, this is the movie for you. I always despaired whenever I saw a good romance book turned into a movie because the studio execs could NEVER get it right (Check out all the Danielle Steel stuff on the market...bletch!) This actually DOES get it right. Sexy, intelligent, believable characters, and a smoldering chemistry that actually left me thankful for commercials so that I could catch my breathe.

Tim Daly is fantastic in this film. I had my doubts to whether or not he could pull it off: primarily I was worried that he wouldn't be "masculine" enough to play a rugged gunslinger. Boy was I wrong. Not only that, but his character has a variety of facets which are explored in a realistic way. A must see. If you like Deveraux, McNaught, Medeiros, Blake, Feather, etc...go out and rent this movie. You won't be disappointed.
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A terrific date movie.
jeromec-222 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
There might be a spoiler in this. I'm not sure. One has to refer to the plot to describe accurately what occurs.

Every so often, a movie comes along with an inspiring cast, a beautiful setting, dialog that sounds like people talking, foreshadow that makes sense and characters that emote deep sympathy.

Though not a great movie, this one is certainly above average and it has all the above qualities present in one form or another.

I think that modern society does not know how to deal with tender emotions. It has a tough time knowing the difference between that which we wish was true and that which really is. Women's novels have been taking it on the chin over this issue for decades. So many novels wind up as women's pornography which means that any sexual contact must be forestalled until the last possible moment when all the conditions of courtship have been met and met again (which takes 3/4 of the average female novel devoted to the subject). Contrast this with men's pornography which has the sexual act moving mountains in the first 20 pages.

One could say, as one reader did, that there likely is a flower on the cover that is, this is typically a woman's story.

I would like to disagree. This is primarily about values. If it was an ordinary movie, it would have ended with their marriage. It did not. He is a man that is reformed. He now knows what love is, something he knew nothing about before he met her.

And because he loves her, he will see that nothing happens to her. Or he will try. He is still very much a man with all of his former values. These values are just better directed.

She on the other hand is not horny. She does not go into heat at the sight of every man or any man. She is attracted to him because he does have values and one of them is to appreciate who she is. He sees worth in her almost as soon as his illness breaks. He appreciates her humor and her humanity. Of course he does not take to being reprimanded over the music, but he is being more playful and teasing than he is outraged and rebellious. He does not want to force her to back down. He just wants her to know that there is more to the world than she knows.

But the discussion of music is just beginning. She reveals that she hears everything around her as a fugue (not her words). He does not seem the least bit surprised.

What we find out is that she is very earthy as well as being spiritual. Her religion consists of everything around her. She would be religious in Helena Montana, New York, or on an ocean liner (none of which are the settings for this movie) because what she feels is all around her and nature creates its own music.

When they finally do make love, it is not lust: it is just another form of music. Her inability to hear is only momentarily covered over by falling into the trap of doing what she thinks she ought to do rather than feeling good about what she knows is best for her.

Naomi Watts is terrific as the lead although one does not think so in the beginning. She does not specialize in soft tender roles.

The male lead and the boy are also good and both are unknown to me as well. But they are both very convincing.

Summary 5 out of 5 if you feel like a romantic drama.
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Excellent, well acted movie
oursong15 August 2005
This is a very satisfying western.It is set in the 19th century American West, but some elements would fit in a more modern genre. "Witness" comes to mind. There are also similarities to "Shane". A badly wounded gunfighter is nursed back to health by a young widow with a son, who happens to be a member of an Amish-like sect. The script is good with a mixture of romance, sexual tension, and enough gun play for any western fan. Of course it has its bad guys, and good guys, and a not so good guy,the gunfighter, Johnny Gualt. He is played by the talented Tim Daly who does an excellent and believable job, as does Naomi Watts. The supporting cast includes both David and Keith Carradine. The movie is currently popping up on Hallmark Channel. Its so good, it deserves a wider release, but it started on HBO, and is not likely to challenge the record for a cable western belonging to Tom Selleck and "Crossfire Trail". But, "Try it, you'll like it"
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Timothy Daly shines in this romantic western movie
jackiwhitford27 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Timothy Daly (of Wings fame) and Naomi Watts star in what appears at first glance to be a remake of Angel and the Badman (John Wayne and Gail Russell.) I have to say I love both movies for the same reasons. Faith and love can get you through any hardship you might face.

Johnny Gault is a world weary gunslinger who believes in his gun and nothing else. Rebecca Yodder belongs to a religious sect (The Plain People) who have strict rules for women and shun anything that may lead them to shame – including any kind of music.

Rebecca's husband is murdered and her son and brother harassed by the local sheriff and his men for her land. Johnny arrives in the blazing sun and drops at her feet. She tends to him and he stays to help with the sheep and the farm.

The difference between Angel and the Badman and The Outsider, is that you actually see Rebecca's family and the community shun her as she begins to question her love for Johnny and the freedom it brings. At the same time, Johnny must deal with his past and with the present issue of the sheriff and his men threatening his newly adopted family.

What I really loved about this movie is the rhythm the director gave it with the hours and chores of the day, the beautiful score, and the stunning cinematography. Randa Haines (Children of a Lesser God, Hill Street Blues, The Ron Clark Story) assembled a cast that provides the emotional tension and drama that makes this movie worth watching. The chemistry between Daly and Watts is on target, and Daly will definitely make your heart beat a little faster. Keith Carradine plays a suitor and David Carradine plays the town doctor. John Noble (Lord of the Rings) plays the sheriff.

If you enjoy collecting westerns, especially romantic ones – this one is a keeper.

A bit of trivia: The haunting music you hear in the background of the movie is mostly Norwegian folk songs. Two of the songs sung – Bla Tonar Fra Lom and Jenta I Sauflokken can be found on the Nordisk Sang CD featuring various artists. There were no known Norwegian settlements in the US that were Amish, Mennonites or Quakers. Norwegian settlers were most likely Lutheran. The beautiful music still fits the movie and the mood. The movie, as most of you know is based on the historical romance The Outsider by author Penelope Williamson.
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Beautiful movie, great chemistry
skoczyfb27 December 2006
This is a superb movie. Men will love Naomi Watts endearing and touching performance as a mennonite-ish widow who has peaceful religious convictions. Women will fall hard for Tim Daly as infamous rugged outlaw Johnny Gault whom the widow takes in when he's injured. Mr. Daly absolutely shines in this film. He is one of our most under-appreciated actors today and I miss seeing him in more movies. Don't miss him also in an older film with Penelope Ann Miller called "HAILEY"S COMET" I believe it was entitled. It was fabulous. This film THE OUTSIDER is reminiscent of "the Angel & the Badman" with John Wayne. However, THE OUTSIDER is a deeper story, with more plot, and a lot more depth to its characterizations. Naomi Watts breaks your heart in one scene where she declares her love for the outlaw to her religious community and is being ostracized for it. It's heartwrenching. And Watts' & Daly's chemistry when they are in each other's arms is undeniable. My husband and I both loved this film. Also recommended "LOVE COMES SOFTLY".
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Best western and best romantic movie ever!
mariondennis110 August 2005
I had no idea Tim Daly could act in this type of movie, and I hope he does so again and again. Beautifully acted, directed, photographed, and edited, it has become my favorite movie of all time. The other women I've watched it with (my daughter, sister, friends) all were as enthralled as I, and all plan to buy the DVD also. The love story will bless your heart. Why can't Hollywood understand that there is an audience for this type of movie? I showed it to my 8 yr. old granddaughter (not all of it of course)and even she "got it." My husband and I watched it on the Hallmark channel twice. He loved it too, as he easily saw himself as the gunfighter, Johnnny Gault. Is there anything we can do to influence movie makers to make more movies like this one?
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Excellent film
Joan (mostert2)28 October 2004
The Outsider (based on a novel by Penelope Williamson) A film review by Joan Mostert

The Outsider, Johnny Gault (Tim Daly), arrives as a wounded stranger in an Amish-like community and is tended by Rebecca Yoder (Naomi Watts) who is a daughter of the 'plain' people. Doc Henry (David Carradine) wonders 'what kind of marks were left on his soul' when he sees the old wounds that were inflicted on Johnny's body. Although Johnny is seen as a 'shootist' and a dark, dangerous man, Rebecca has faith in the good of people.

The 'plain' people are intolerant of strangers and Noah Weaver (Keith Carradine), who is a potential suitor, resents the stranger. It is ironic that the 'plain' people do not realize that they too are Outsiders. Hunter, the cattle baron (John Noble) tells them that his family worked the land for three generations and he will not yield. Noah resents Rebecca's independence of thought. Although she belongs to the community, she does not share their herd instinct.

Rebecca experiences transcendence when she is in harmony with nature, it is then that she hears her inner music. It is pleasant for her to see the sun while Johnny knows how to read eyes because he is a 'shootist'. Because music is forbidden by the 'plain' people, except for the singing of hymns, she does not speak of her inner music to anyone except Johnny.

Johnny is a strong, passionate man and his facial expressions reveal his inner moods of anger, love and hate. He often reveals a sense of humour when, for instance, Rebecca asks him why he is buying a horse he replies, 'because you are the one that promised that I was gonna be gone.'

The preacher and the 'plain' people do not practice what he preaches: 'he who loveth God love his brother.' They see Johnny as the Outsider, not as a 'brother' within their closed community; Johnny sees them as 'kind folk.'

Doc Henry is a perceptive man who, in his quiet, understated way, understands people. The contrast of sun and rain, light and dark during the scenes of emotional intensity underscores the drama. The fine interactions of the ensemble cast all contribute towards the excellent film which is 'truly a pleasant thing to behold.'
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It's the gunman and the widow again- but quite satisfying
noralee1 January 2003
Aw, shucks, so "The Outsider" (a Showtime original so it will eventually show up in video stores) is based on the kind of a romance novel (by Penelope Williamson) that probably has a flower on the cover.

But beautiful Queensland, Australia fills in quite nicely for Montana as the usual isolated farmhouse works romantic wonders on a hardened gunman (Tim Daly, in a surprisingly convincing tough guy undergoing physical and slow psychic rehabilitation turn) and a kind, religious yet horny widow (Naomi Watt with an excellent American accent) threatened by evil cattlemen.

From the opening shots, the twist is that she makes the significant moves and decisions in her relationships, and the two leads have dynamic chemistry together.

Another twist is that we get to see two Carradines not playing brothers, and neither gets the girl.

Credit to director Randa Haines for the combination of emoting, setting, cinematography, and editing to emphasize the characters' conflicts and changes.
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Tim Daly is absolutely the best actor I have ever seen
willard653718 February 2004
Hi: My name is Pat D'Spain, and I am from Bandera, Texas. I am posting this message to say that The Outsider is absolutely the best film I have ever seen. I can't describe how wonderfully Tim Daly and Naomi Watts fit their parts. They gave top quality performances, and the whole film was perfectly cast. The beautiful music brought this film to an ultimate level. The story is heartwarming and touching. It is portrayed with such deep feeling, and there is not a dull or boring moment. I have viewed hundreds of films and I have never been so captivated by any movie as I am this one. I have watched this film over and over partly because Naomi Watts was so good in her part, and partly because Tim Daly is absolutely the best actor I have ever seen.
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Unusual, poignant and beautiful!
freefolk20 February 2005
I taped this movie ages ago and never seemed to get to it because I expected it to be just what several reviewers (mostly guys, I note!) said ... trite and silly. No way. I mean, what a pleasure to discover that Tim Daly is far, far more than just a pretty face for starters ... instead he gave an emotionally rich portrayal and with Naomi Watts and the boy who played her son created for us flawed people that we couldn't help caring about. But two other important presences in the film aren't mentioned in most of the reviews: the music, and the environment. Cinematography is absolutely breathtaking, and the sense of the natural world as a participating character is very strong. The score (I'd LOVE to have a CD of it!) somehow wove the strange religious music with the sounds of birds, wind and water, and the emotions of the characters, into an incredible magic. Several years ago I read a very satisfying romance novel, the Spiral Path, by Mary Jo Putney; this film is just the kind of movie experience that I envisioned her writer/producer/director heroine had created! This film REALLY shows what feminine/female sensibilities can create when given free rein to explore the world from the approach most natural to women ... through a sense of connection, a willingness to find similarities and to form community, not just with other humans, but with all beings. This movie was a profound experience for me: my thanks to the writers, the director, the cinematographer and -- most especially -- the actors.
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"We don't need outsiders all caught up in our lives."
classicsoncall8 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"The Outsider" offers a twist on the typical open range Western theme; this time around the sheep farmers are a sect resembling Quakers and the confrontation between the existing ranchers and their peaceful opposition is overshadowed by deeply held religious values. On a more personal level, the widowed Rebecca Yoder (Naomi Watts) must overcome the fear of a notorious gunman in her home while she nurses him back from death's door, even as she begins to fall in love with him.

If your only familiarity with actor Tim Daly is the character he portrayed in the TV comedy "Wings", then you're in for a surprise. He's genuinely convincing as gunfighter Johnny Gault and takes up the gauntlet early on behalf of Rebecca and her young son Benjo. His own transforming redemption begins when rancher Fergus Hunter (John Noble) comes calling with benign contempt - "I believe I heard you speakin' unkindly to this kind lady".

If the title hadn't been used before, "The Angel and the Badman" would have been a perfect fit for this story. That 1947 Republic film cast John Wayne in a similar role to Johnny Gault playing opposite Gail Russell. In a scene highly reminiscent of the earlier movie, Johnny leaves his holstered gun behind to take part in the hymnal service; John Wayne's character did the same more than once to show deference for a people who live a 'plain and narrow life'.

That plain life begins to unravel for Rebecca as she commits herself to Johnny. It's here where the film explores the prohibitive constraints of religious belief and traditions, as Rebecca winds up the most dangerous person in her Quaker like community, a free thinker. There's a wonderfully symbolic moment following Rebecca's speech to the congregation declaring her love for Gault; as she runs outside to be with him, the camera focuses on her white cap, 'fallen' to the ground as if to underscore her schism from the community.

The other symbolic moment, and one just as powerful occurs as Johnny and Benjo maintain a vigil over the severely wounded Rebecca. Johnny's gun and bullets go into the fire, along with Benjo's sling, as if to atone for her shooting at the hands of Hunter's henchman. It's a renouncing of a former life and the start of a new one, if only Rebecca survives.

Be sure to pay attention throughout the entire film to appreciate the exceptional cinematography. One scene in particular has a beautiful moon shot that dissolves around a horse drawn buggy and is wonderfully done. Also, as others have mentioned in their posts for the film, the Norwegian background music is a perfect complement to the events on screen.
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a predictable story
MLDinTN10 December 2002
Sure, the plot of this film has been told time and time again. But, I always like stories like this, so I liked this one also. It is your basic story of a widow who is being bothered by bad guys and a tough, handsome guy shows up to help her out, and they eventually fall in love. And the twist here is the widow is a "plain" woman, so she must choose between the outsider and her family and religion. The film also had beautiful scenery. It could have been a little shorter because the plot seems to drag at times.

FINAL VERDICT: If you like romantic stories, where the lady has to be rescued by a handsome stranger, then you'll like this one too.
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To be Rebecca for just one day....
sedater24 January 2006
When I close my eyes, I dream for a guy to look at me the same way Johnny Gault looks at Rebbeca. Even if Johnny never said a word in this movie, I could easily read his thoughts from his eyes, his mouth, and his hands. Every time I see this movie, it stays with me for days. Tim Daly has such an intense presence on screen; his compelling performance of "the bad guy who just wants to be held" will truly take your breath away. I believe Rebecca, with her faith in goodness for all and being true to yourself, is the only one who could have shown Johnny how love really feels. The hauntingly moving music, the beautiful surroundings, and the passionate characters will leave you feeling, "I wish that was me."
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Romance done well
sally-6911 November 2006
This film delivered on two things that the film world rarely does well: 1. the struggles of believers, submitted to God, in a world of violence and self-centeredness and 2. romance Both my husband and I enjoyed it.

Critical to the success of the film was Timothy Daly's acting. He was fabulous! He made his character believable and interesting to watch. Naomi did a great job also. The setting (and the way it was filmed) was enjoyable also. I thought the script was good. The story moved along nicely while developing the characters. A person who was an orphan, who was tortured, without love, cut off emotionally, and involved in soul-scarring violence found love, a home, a family, and peace.
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Yes predictable, but interesting.
damejoybean6 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Like the user who commented before me I agree that the story is predictable. When the movie came on my TV (gotta love The Hallmark Channel) I though, "Oh Naomi Watts playing an Amish woman, that's interesting". So I had to watch. In the movie Naomi Watts doesn't call herself Amish, she calls herself "plain". While watching this movie I was getting a "Witness" (Harrison Ford movie) vibe from it, until near the end. The "plain" widow who befriends and eventually falls for an outsider. Now she must choose between love, or her faith. I figured that Naomi Watts' character would choose her faith, but she doesn't. She chooses love, and eventually gets banished from her family and friends. I liked the movie because of the choice she made, and how she stood up to her family about her feelings, saying that they were not bad. Or maybe I liked this movie because it hit close to home. I had to choose between love and my faith. Like Naomi Watts' character, I chose love. This movie is worth watching, and I was surprised to find that it is available on DVD.
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Good romantic entertainment
beckyj4030 June 2005
I found this movie to be very entertaining. Fans of Tim Daly do not want to miss this one. Although there are inconsistencies and unanswered questions in this film, i.e., they never explained how Johnny became wounded and in the area... But overall, the movie touched on a variety of issues, centering around Rebecca's religious beliefs. Rebecca was torn between her love for God and family and her unexpected yet forbidden love for Johnny. Her religion taught her that she couldn't have both. Johnny didn't alienate her...he didn't even try to win her over...their love just happened. Johnny was attracted to Rebecca's quiet beauty, both outward and inward. He was also enthralled by Benjo and the "idea" of a great family life. Johnny presented himself the way he was - faults and all. Rebecca found Johnny oddly entrancing despite his faults and lack of religious conviction. The movie was action-packed when necessary and dealt with Rebecca's religious beliefs in a compassionate and moving way. It was a bit unbelievable toward the end (I won't spoil it for you), but given that, I loved the movie and plan to watch it again.
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Wonderful movie
kindred-sisters24 March 2005
A western romance with a soft touch and moral & religious edge. Tim Daly has never looked better. Naomi Watts also did a good job as did most of the actors. What I thought was interesting was the beautiful music. What most will not know is that it is Norwegian folk music - "Bla Tonar Fra Lom" by Pernille Anker Y Hans Brimi & "Jenta I Saueflokken" by Kirstin Braten Berg & Gunnar Stubsein. My niece married a Norwegian man and lives in Norway now and I've learned some Norwegian....and upon hearing the music I knew it wasn't German or Swiss, certainly doesn't take away from the story.....the music was hauntingly beautiful....although, to my knowledge there were never any "Plain People" or Amish or Quaker settlements in the US that were Norwegian. I do not know what hymn they were singing during the barn religious service or what language they were singing in. I don't think it was Norwegian....but I couldn't tell. I'd have to let my niece or her husband listen to it and watch the movie.
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Witness? Seven Samurai?
J. Wellington Peevis22 January 2004
To be sure, this Lifetime styled western, will not win any awards for originality, and the writing and direction is Little House on the Prairie caliber. But...Little House on the Prairie wasn't bad, and neither is this. Naomi Watts is pretty awful as an actress, but she's got that certain something, doesn't she? Daly is great, very believable, and the Carradine boys are fine. No surprises, no format breakthroughs, no provocative themework or dialogue. But overall, executed well and rather enjoyable fare. The traditional Western has all but vanished, so its almost refreshing to see one produced in the old style. Thats where the success of this film certainly lies. Many of the scenes from an atmosphere, mood standpoint, were outstanding. If in viewing this, you are in any way made to yearn for the simpler ways of bygone days, it has done its job.
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Terrific movie, believable characters I bought the video
cnuhfer0419 October 2006
I saw this movie by accident and could not figure out who the male lead was. Can't honestly say that I've ever been a fan of Tim Daly's but he flat out blew me away as the unrepentant gunfighter. The progression from suspicious, distrustful and hard as nails to being able to say I love you to Rebecca was impressive. Never thought he had it in him. He also looked really good in that beard and the hat , sort of had a Tim McGraw thing going. The bad guys were really bad and the Carradines as usual did their thing. The scenery and music were terrific. Overall I really liked the movie, the story and I guess I'll have to take a second look at Daly. The best way to tell a good actor is if they make you believe the character and that most definitely is what happened here.
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