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.....From Hell!!!!
kidboots25 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When wild, vulgar new neighbors, the Squires, movie in next door to the quiet law abiding Liddy family, Nigel Liddy's life quietly goes to Hell!!! Unlike his wife, he has zero tolerance for their loud parties and 24 hour non stop pounding music. I found it a hilarious black comedy - Nigel's stress reaches breaking point as he finds no support from his wife or his other neighbours. Are the Squires as ghastly as they seem - other people don't seem to think so!!! Nigel's wife is all for "Let's talk to them in a civilized manner", while Nigel's other neighbour's attitude is "I never hear them - I'm hardly ever home", even the couple who the Liddy's invite over for dinner are more concerned for Nigel than the "non existent" loud music he claims is destroying his life.

When Nigel buys a video camera you are transported to "A Current Affair" and "Today Tonight", you know, the stories of neighbour disputes where people in the street start to film their neighbour's every move. Anyway, Nigel spends every waking moment filming the Squire's lives and he films some pretty interesting stuff. The piece de resistance in the Squire's yard is their huge undercover spa - it's construction really pushed Nigel over the edge. At night it lights up like a Christmas tree and leaves nothing the Squires do to the imagination. One day he accidentally films Debra Squires (Denise Van Outen) in a hot embrace with the builder and you instantly think - "I know where this is heading" as earlier on, during the Liddys only meeting with the gross Alan Squires, he admits if he ever found out Debra was being unfaithful he would probably kill her. You keep waiting for Nigel to put a discreetly addressed envelope in the Squire's mailbox - but it doesn't happen, instead Nigel puts his knowledge of electronics to good use. As with most of the stories in this fine series, nothing is as you would expect it. The crucial phrase is uttered by Debra when she sighs "I've always been attracted to blokes like Alan"!!!

Kevin Whately, usually more at home in roles calling for him to be cool, calm and collected, finds a part where he can explore his more emotional side. The sight of him playing air guitar when he turns up his record player, hoping to beat them at their own game is just priceless. Nigel is a seething mix of hysteria - only calming down when he sees a way to get his life back!!!
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