(1994 TV Movie)


[during the Bret Hart/Diesel match]

Art Donovan: Gorilla, this is like David & Goliath!

Gorilla Monsoon: Indeed! We know what happened in that story.

Art Donovan: Yeah, he hit him with a rock.

Gorilla Monsoon: That'll take the starch out of you in a hurry!

Art Donovan: It'll take a lot of other things out of you too, not only your starch!

[during the Mabel/IRS match]

Art Donovan: Gorilla, who's the guy in the white suit?

Gorilla Monsoon: Guy in the white suit?

Randy Savage: That'd be Oscar.

Gorilla Monsoon: That's Oscar, the manager of Men on a Mission, Art!

Art Donovan: Oh, I thought maybe he was the guy coming to take them to the hospital!

[during the 1-2-3 Kid/Jeff Jarrett match]

Art Donovan: I think Double J's mad at me. He looked at me and said, "Come on up in the ring!" I said, "Are you nuts?"

Jerry Lawler: Art Donovan is living proof that wisdom does not come with age! What is he mumbling out there at ringside? His first job was parking covered wagons!

[the announcers are putting over the beating that Owen Hart & The Anvil gave Razor Ramon]

Randy Savage: I got a theory. Call me crazy, call me nuts. But I'm just thinking that the Anvil was out there in Bret's corner, and possibly the only motive he had being in Bret's corner was to make sure that the Hitman didn't lose his title, but he's hoping that the Rocket will beat the Hitman, I don't know.

Gorilla Monsoon: Oh, wait a minute, Randy. Do you think...

Art Donovan: [interrupting] Let me ask you a question. Did you guys act that way in the ring when you were wrestling?

Art Donovan: Who's that guy in the ring?

Gorilla Monsoon: [getting fed up by this point] Art Donovan, that's Lex Luger!

Art Donovan: Oh I see!

Art Donovan: [Mabel is in the ring with big MABEL lettering on his wrestling attire] Who's dis guy?

[during just about every match on the card]

Art Donovan: How much does this guy weigh?

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