28 Days Later... (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

virus coma
survivor scientist
military rage
hospital zombie
church car accident
laboratory infection
bicycle courier escape
chimpanzee survival
blood bloody body of child
death of boy boy killed
child hacked child knocked unconscious
child killed first part
strong female character releasing laboratory animal
zombie apocalypse no opening credits
big ben london dream
brutality violence
post apocalypse bare chested male
female nudity undressing
shower apocalypse
cult film overdose
london underground drug overdose
blood on camera lens male rear nudity
male nudity bare butt
zombie survival kiss on the cheek
car crash teenage boy
vomiting soft drink
dress credit card
chocolates safe house
loss of parents isolation
graffiti despair
landmine nudity
taxi exploding car
shot in the stomach shot in the head
shot in the back exploding body
eye gouging shot to death
severed arm tire iron
teenage girl tanker
riot product placement
grocery store food
explosion dismemberment
death dead parents
coming out of a coma attempted rape
alcohol accident victim
blood vomiting beaten to death
ghost town sergeant
radio broadcast major
machine gun british army
army widower
thunderstorm taxi driver
suicide stairwell
soldier single father
sexual assault sewing
rooftop roadblock
picnic london eye
military officer manchester england
male frontal nudity loss of father
london england interracial romance
horse gas station
gas siphoning fortress
forest father daughter relationship
fantasy sequence church of england
bicycle messenger betrayal
animal liberation animal research
animal attack plague
paranoia end of the world
allegory interracial relationship
person on fire insanity
gun gore
bullet wound windmill
valium tunnel
supermarket starvation
ruin murder
mirror mansion
machete lake
impalement gasoline
flat tire fire
exploding gasoline station corpse
child murder child driving car
chain apartment building
rat plundering
epidemic disease
contamination suit baseball bat
death of child number in title

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