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An amazing show
BMW-rocks23 August 2004
This is an amazing teen drama that should be recommended watching for all teens. The characters are 3 dimensional and all sorts of religions and races are showcased.

Some of the episodes are more intense than others, which is just like teen life. Sometimes horrible things happen, sometimes they don't. This show covers all ranges of topics, including teen pregnancy, abusive boyfriends and homosexuality. These are all topics that teens experience in high school, and there is no sugar-coating.

My favourite character is Marco, and I feel he has really grown as a character. He started out as just another guy, but turned into a sensitive, sweet, and overall amazing guy.

I definitely recommend teens watch this, but also parents. I know my mom loves watching it with me! What I don't recommend is anyone under 12 watching this. I have met people who just don't get it, and think it's gross or stupid because they are too young to comprehend what is going on. It is a great Canadian (yeah!!!) teen show.

9 stars out of 10. (I don't believe in anything being perfect, I think everything can be improved)
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Finally, a show that portrays teens correctly.
Joel26 June 2005
I've noticed over the years that television seems to have a liking of depicting teens as vulgar, angry, sexually-frustrated idiots... at least this show has the decency to show things as they really are.

There's a lot to like about this show: the first is that it deals with real issues that every teen goes through... from rape to learning disabilities.

Secondly, it doesn't use overused stereotypes that many people have come to expect.

I've been waiting to watch a show like this.

I may not be a teen anymore, but I can honestly say that I have the wisdom beyond my years to know what goes on in high school.

I know that this show is on DVD. If you ever come across the first season, I advise you to add it to your collection.

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It's so awesome
MannyandHarryPotter12 October 2004
When I first saw Degrassi-The next generation, I thought how they all seemed to be really good at acting. The first episode was kind of embarrassing for me, but I fell in love with the show. The rest of the episodes were pretty good comparing to some of the shows out there (O.C, etc...) And this was was real teens

When I first saw on this site (IMDB) that the young actors and actresses didn't really do much and this was something new to them. Well, they did a really good job for their first acting job

I would recommend this show to teens ages 12-17. This show is a thumbs up
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I love this show.
xxblubaby22xx16 May 2005
I absolutely love this show. It's so real, and so easy to relate to, it's a great show for teens. The acting is sometimes less than impressive, but the story compensates for it. It's a great show, and I haven't missed one episode yet. Yes, they do deal with frank discussions of rape and school shootings, but this happens sometimes. It's important to be informed in an entertaining way. It also gets your minds off of those other typical shows out there. Like the O.C. for example, is such a typical show. Degrassi gives you what you expect in a realistic way.This is truly a great show, and everyone should get the chance to watch it sometime. I only wish I was around when the original Degrassi's were being made, because I'm sure I would have loved them as well.
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High school at its best.
departed0712 September 2007
I'm an American and let me say that the majority of television shows in America aimed for children and teenagers are full of CRAP!!! Once in a while there would be a comedy show that tried doing a special episode (drugs, racism, school shootings) while making the characters more retarded than the common person. Degrassi: The Next Generation on the other hand, is a show from Canada in which it deals with various teenagers coping with life while in high school. There are too many topics going on in every teenagers life ranging from Internet predators, sex scandals, school shootings, discrimination, murder, drugs, rape, pedophilia, coming out of the closet, framing people, jealously, etc., that there's not enough time to deal with all topics. Degrassi is the type of show that handles every situation very well along with making sure that the characters aren't stereotypes from Saved by The Bell or any Disney Channel show. I don't know why some people complain that this is a show taken itself way too seriously, believe it or not, they are showing what it's like in real life to be a teenager put in dangerous situations.
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I really like the show...but not the channel that broadcasts it.
abbster_227 August 2004
Degrassi: The Next Generation is a really awesome show. It deals with real problems that teens face, such as homosexuality, violence, sex, drugs, and many other topics. My favorite characters are definitely Paige and JT. They add much humor to the show. The one thing I don't like is the fact that in the states, The-N edits the episodes. We didn't even get to see one of the episodes, because The-N thinks that the people of the states are too weak to handle a little maturity. Many of the shows do deal with mature topics, but we can handle them just fine, thank you. Anyway, if you don't watch Degrassi: The Next Generation, then you should start watching it!
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After a 10 year absence, it's nice to see Degrassi again
j.eaton12 March 2002
After Degrassi High went off the air in 1991, I thought it would be the end of a great Canadian series forever. But in October 2001 I was so happy to see Degrassi The Next Generation.

Of course I have compared it too the original show and I like it even though the new series does not take place in a real school as the original series did. It's nice to see some of the original cast members like Mr. Raditch and Snake (with less hair this time around!)
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There's no better show for teens
xxlittlekittenxx15 January 2003
This may not live up to the level of the original '80s Degrassi series, but I still think this is the best (new) show ever for the set age group (preteens and teens). This NOT a fluffy and unrealistic show like Dawson's Creek or Saved By The Bell; it deals with issues many kids face in real life (discrimination, drugs, rumors, and so forth), and often like in real life, things don't just get back to normal at the end of each episode.

The characters on this show range from fantastic to 'eh.' My absolute favorites are Terri and Sean. Terri is VERY sweet and goes to show you that you don't have to be underweight to be beautiful. Sean's often misunderstood. Most see him as a rebel, but he's really a sensitive and loving kid who comes from a bad family.

Tobey and J.T. are great together, though J.T. gets on my nerves sometimes. I don't care much for Liberty or Paige for the fact that they're a bit over the top. Emma's self-righteous at times, but she's still a good character (she's also the daughter of one of the original Degrassi characters, Spike). Manny, Ashley, Jimmy, Spinner, and Craig are all okay too. (I'd say more about these characters but I don't want it to get too long!)

Degrassi: TGN is a breath of fresh air from all the crummy teen shows on nowadays. For one thing, you really can relate to certain characters and plots (I can really relate to the pilot episode where Emma finds out that someone she meets from online isn't who she quite expects. I wasn't so careful about who I talked to online back when I did). But I REALLY hope that Noggin also airs the original Degrassi series someday. That would be incredible.
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Great show that deals with important issues.
anjara1330 May 2005
Degrassi is a great show for teens as well as adults. It deals with many important issues including teen pregnancy, homosexuality, losing family members, drug abuse, bullying, puberty, and child abuse. This show teaches many important lessons that everyone needs to know.

Once you start watching this show, you start to think how much your life relates to it. You begin bonding with this show.

I give this show four stars because this show deals with problems calmly, but effectively. It is not only a drama, but also a slight comedy. I recommend this show to anyone.

If you are truly a person, this show is a must-see. There is no reason to not see this show.

Watch it on Digital Cable channel 109, Noggin. It comes on everyday. Check your local listings.
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A real life show for real life teens.
BrideofDracula16 January 2004
Degrassi: Next generation is not just a show about teens living in the suburbs, going to some high class high school, and living a great teen life.

It is following in the same footsteps as its predecessor Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High. It is a great show for teens today to watch and be addicted to, because I believe it has some pointers for teens today. It deals with Relationships, Experimenting with Drugs/Alcohol, Teen Pregnancy, Relationship Abuse, the dangers of on line chatting, Sexuality, things that really do happen in real life. I my self am an adult in my early 20's and I find my self in front of the T.V. every time it is on, even if it a re-run I still watch it because that is how good this show is. I give this show 4 out of 5 stars. This show truly is a real life show for real life teens.
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