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11 Feb. 2011
When Love Takes Over: Part 1
Adam enlists Fiona to be the female lead in something that Eli and Claire are putting together. It also seems that this could help Adam get his chance with Fiona. Anya is actively going after her crush Dr. Chris and he seems to be into her too. Unfortunately Anya decides to leave one important detail out of her new relationship. Dave asks out a girl that he likes but later finds out that she is taller than him. Will his friends make fun of him or will he able to ignore them and continue on with his flame.
11 Feb. 2011
When Love Takes Over: Part 2
Adam's upset when Fiona feels the need for champagne in order to be with him. Anya goes on a date with Dr. Chris and they hit it off but she's afraid to tell him just how young she is. Dave meets a girl but has a problem that she's taller than him.
18 Feb. 2011
The Way We Get By: Part 1
Drew has developed a new reputation after he hooked up with Bianca in the boiler room which makes him undesired among the Degrassi female population, well most of the female population. Bianca is still interested in Drew but he at first ignores her advances. Then after continued advances Drew gives in he gives in. Riley is trying to take an interest in Zane's hobbies but it doesn't fit the bill. Alli is trying to make friends at her new school.
25 Feb. 2011
The Way We Get By: Part 2
When Riley's mom catches him and Zane being affectionate she goes into full denial. When Drew tries and fails to get the gang to accept his relationship with Bianca, he makes a bad decision. Alli's attempt at reform goes off the rails when her mom catches her holding a cigarette and mom refuses to believe that it belongs to her 'perfect' new friend Malika.
4 Mar. 2011
Jesus, Etc.: Part 1
Fitz is out of juvie and tries to tell to Eli and Clare that he's reformed and found God. Clare may forgive easily but will Eli? Sav needs a drummer for his college audition track but the best candidate will cause him family problems. KC tries to be supportive of Jenna but his laid-back attitude isn't meshing with her anxiety level.
11 Mar. 2011
Jesus, Etc.: Part 2
Alli runs away and while searching Sav confronts his dad about really listening to her. KC and Jenna agree to babysit for their parenting coach's six year old and learn that their style of parenting is not hers. When Fitz shows up on Clare's doorstep she takes him in despite her misgivings.
18 Mar. 2011
Hide and Seek: Part 1
While the Bhandaris continue to search, Alli lies low with an old friend. Meanwhile Wes goes for a world record for the Guinness Book and Holly J and Chantay do work study for a local politician but Holly J is feeling stressed and run down.
25 Mar. 2011
Hide and Seek: Part 2
Despite passing out in class while giving a presentation, Holly J. tries to continue denying that she's sick. Wes makes his attempt to set the Guiness record for most pogo stick jumps in a 24 hour period. Johnny gives Sav a heads up after Alli has an encounter on the mean streets and Sav tries to convince her to come home.
1 Apr. 2011
Chasing Pavements: Part 1
When Anya complains that Owen's attentions during CPR class were making her uncomfortable, he gets bounced from the class. Allie returns to Degrassi but has to deal with her reputation and seeing Drew and Bianca being affectionate. Fiona finishes her rehab program but must immediately head for New York and a confrontation with Bobby about his abuse.
8 Apr. 2011
Chasing Pavements: Part 2
Fiona has words with Adam about what she sees in him and has to re-evaluate her dating tastes. Alli and Clare organize a math tutoring session in hopes of raising the standardized math test results but the sessions force Allie to deal with Drew. Anya re-evaluates her feelings about Owen after he apologizes for his actions in CPR class.
15 Apr. 2011
Drop the World: Part 1
Eli wants Clare to come to Bloomington with him and his folks for a goth fiction convention. Jenna is upset that KC isn't taking the impending birth as seriously as she thinks he should. Holly J tries to get a handle on her real feelings about her relationship with Sav.
22 Apr. 2011
Drop the World: Part 2
When Anya clues Holly J in on Fiona's real feelings for her, Holly J tries to act natural. Jenna is sorry about how tough she's been on KC and asks the guys to throw him a bachelor party of sorts. After their discussion about Clare needing some breathing room, Eli gets even more intense.
18 Jul. 2011
Boom Boom Pow: Part 1
Sav meets music star Keke Palmer and gets invited to her concert where he falls... hard. Drew and Bianca get in over their heads when a part of Bianca's past resurfaces. When Fiona's Caribbean getaway gets canceled she attends an art class with Holly J and draws more than inspiration from the model, Charlie.
18 Jul. 2011
Boom Boom Pow: Part 2
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19 Jul. 2011
Love Game
Clare is worried that Eli is taking their break-up too calmly but there's also the question of new guy Jake Martin that her mom wants her to befriend. Jenna is dealing with the demands of new motherhood and feels that KC isn't contributing his fair share of help.
20 Jul. 2011
What's My Age Again?
Anya is turning 18 and can finally date Dr. Chris legally but is he still interested? Connor's social awkwardness makes Hannah uncomfortable and stresses Wes's friendship. KC and Jenna continue to struggle with new parenthood while Drew worries about Vince's threat.
21 Jul. 2011
Worries about Vince has Drew on the edge of panic. Conner's social awkwardness takes a disturbing turn. Owen's braggadocious post about a one-night-stand has Anya upset that he'll divulge her identity.
25 Jul. 2011
Cry Me a River: Part 1
When Adam and Dave are tapped to share an in-school radio show called Mano a Mano, Dave has some gender issues with his co-host. Fiona gets the cold shoulder in drama class and cuts school to spend time with Charlie. Clare tries writing a sample assignment for the paper but there's a clash of styles with the paper's editor.
26 Jul. 2011
Cry Me a River: Part 2
The school reacts badly to Dave's on-air comments about his co-host's gender identity. Clare continues her campaign to get on the school paper. Fiona gets a surprising new challenge at school.
27 Jul. 2011
Dirt Off Your Shoulder: Part 1
Eli finds he's having trouble writing and tries substituting meds for a muse. Riley meets a girl that his mother says wants college info and finds himself on a date. KC lingers at work to avoid Jenna and his parental quagmire.
28 Jul. 2011
Dirt Off Your Shoulder: Part 2
Riley invites Zane to his birthday dinner as a friend but Zane is uncomfortable hiding his true status. Eli goes off his meds and Imogen encourages him get over Clare. KC begins to enjoy work, particularly closing, and gets promoted thanks to Marisol.
1 Aug. 2011
Paper Planes: Part 1
Anya is upset about not getting into the college of her choice and makes a bad choice while at a club with Owen and his friends. Holly J tells Anya that Owen isn't good enough for her and Owen reacts badly. Conner has an idea for a wardrobe matching app but gets into a situation in the girl's changing room. Meanwhile Fiona is smitten with Charlie and has asked her to move in but she's then grossed out when the condo is infested with bed bugs.
2 Aug. 2011
Paper Planes: Part 2
Charlie wants to celebrate the relationship with Fiona but when champagne is mentioned Fiona decides she needs to disclose her problems with alcohol. Owen is upset with Anya's cocaine usage at the club. Anya is stressing over that and her college interview. Meanwhile the police get involved in the search for the male intruder in the girl's changing room at Degrassi.
3 Aug. 2011
Should've Said No: Part 1
Clare has difficulty resisting the appeal of new student Jake, particularly after seeing him shirtless. Drew returns to school but doesn't want to admit that he may need help dealing with the fallout of his gang run-in. Dave lies to Sadie in order to spend more time with Alli.
4 Aug. 2011
Should've Said No: Part 2
Drew wants his family to move to Boston, until he finds another way to channel his fears. Clare and Jake try the casual thing but it just doesn't feel casual to Clare. Dave continues to crush on Alli but doesn't know how to end what he's got with Sadie.
8 Aug. 2011
U Don't Know: Part 1
Holly J's condition worsens and she needs a kidney transplant but surprisingly none of her family is the right blood type. Katie expresses an interest in Adam but Adam worries that she may not know his situation. Imogene decides to become just like Clare in order to win Eli and enlists some unlikely help.
9 Aug. 2011
U Don't Know: Part 2
Holly J contacts her birth mother. Imogene lands the starring role in the Degrassi play but what about the starring role in Eli's heart? Adam is interested in Katie but think he needs to make some bodily changes before getting much further.
10 Aug. 2011
Lose Yourself: Part 1
Jenna wants to return to Degrassi but KC is afraid that that will curtail his flirtation with Marisol. Sav competes with Mo for a gig composing the music for the school play in an effort to score more time with Ms. Oh. When Clare hears that Jake has been recruited to work on the school play, she worries that Eli may be scheming something.
11 Aug. 2011
Lose Yourself: Part 2
After Ty's fall, KC and Jenna have to deal with a child services home visit and Jenna's finding out about the KC/Marisol flirtation complicates matters. Mo pushes Sav to pursue Ms. Oh. Clare gets more involved in the play in hopes of thwarting whatever mischief Eli might have planned for Jack.
15 Aug. 2011
Mr. Brightside: Part 1
Since Alli can't officially have a boyfriend, she wants Dave to meet her folks as a friend. Holly J needs to convince her birth mom to donate a kidney. Drew revels in his newfound abilities in MMA fighting despite the danger of being caught doing it at school.
16 Aug. 2011
Mr. Brightside: Part 2
When Kate's bit in the paper gets the guys locked out of the weight-room, they find another MMA fight venue. Dave's first meeting with Alli's parents doesn't go well but Alli wants them all to try again. It seems Holly J might get a kidney from her birth mom after all, when Fiona has the idea of buying herself a vintage prom-dress.
17 Aug. 2011
Extraordinary Machine: Part 1
Eli's off his meds and is becoming increasingly erratic. As opening night of the play approaches he fires Jake and arranges an interview with Clare that he sees as a date. Anya is feeling the pressure now that college is out of her future. Inviting Owen to a career fair with her and her mother doesn't go as she intended. KC and Jenna meet a couple interested in adopting Ty but KC isn't comfortable with the adoption.
18 Aug. 2011
Extraordinary Machine: Part 2
Anya decides that a career in the armed services may be for her but her past might get in the way. It's opening night for Eli's play and he's still off his meds. In a desperate ploy to get Jack out of the way he decides to frame him for pushing drugs.
22 Aug. 2011
Drop It Like It's Hot: Part 1
Wes goes to unrealistic lengths to impress Hannah when Liam horns in on their Rube Goldberg Machine group. Alli upsets Dave with the news that she'll be gone all summer but may go too far in making it up to him. Imogene Helps Bianca avoid Vince by getting her detention.
23 Aug. 2011
Drop It Like It's Hot: Part 2
Imogen confronts Bianca about the money that she stole in order to pay off Vince. Wes gets himself, Hannah and Liam in trouble with his lie about having a driver's license. Dave is upset that Alli lied to him in order to play poker but is intrigued when she offers to take him along to the next game.
24 Aug. 2011
Don't Panic: Part 1
Drew asks Katie out on a first date but Katie is torn because her best friend Marisol still has a crush on Drew. Sav and Ms. Oh collaborate on some tunes. Can Sav and Ms. Oh make beautiful music together? After his on-stage melt-down Eli is trying to deal with his bi-polar disorder but feels he must make amends to those he's hurt.
25 Aug. 2011
Don't Panic: Part 2
Sav has difficulty keeping his feelings for Ms. Oh on the down low. Eli is fixated on helping Jake & Clre get past their movie dispute. Katie's worries over the election and her bulimia and how Drew may react may cause her to relapse.
29 Aug. 2011
Take a Bow: Part 1
Anya is worried about passing her physical to get into the army and Owen volunteers to help her get ready. Fioana doesn't want to feel like a third wheel at prom and invites Charlie. Katie asks Drew to the prom but Marisol gets her worried about the possibility of sex after.
30 Aug. 2011
Take a Bow: Part 2
As the class of 2011 graduates, Katie is concerned that Drew is expecting sex. Fiona is torn between hiding behind a bottle and being a friend to Holly J on the verge of her transplant surgery. And Riley tries again to get through to his mother that he's gay.
31 Aug. 2011
Dead and Gone: Part 1
Now that he's graduated, Sav wants a date with Ms. Oh but tonite's the prom and she's chaperoning. Clare and Jake plan to attend but their parents ask them to attend a family dinner so that they can announce something. Meanwhile Drew finds out about Bianca's arrangement with Vince.
1 Sep. 2011
Dead and Gone: Part 2
At prom night, it's now or never. Relationship baggage has to get sorted and chances have to get taken... and not everyone will escape unscathed.
24 Oct. 2011
Nowhere to Run: Part 1
When Jake throws a party at the cabin in the woods, his friends -- and a few uninvited guests -- struggle to survive the night.
24 Oct. 2011
Nowhere to Run: Part 2
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