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18 Jan. 2009
Lost in Love: Part 2
Spinner is willing to try anything to win Jane back after disappointing her. Clare agrees to go to the dance but not with the partner she truly desires. Kelly nearly ruins his opportunity with Emma until he comes up with a way to earn her trust.
25 Jan. 2009
Bad Medicine
The school's Panthers team is scoring great, thanks to star player Riley Stavros, but in fact he's taking steroids. Another short-term side-effect seems a straight libido, so he dumps his gay boyfriend for a cheerleader, Sav's girl. That doesn't feel right for either, so they break up by agreement and Riley drifts back to a former gay mate.
8 Feb. 2009
Causing a Commotion
After an explosive outburst, Conner ends up expelled from school. When Clare finds out Conner's behavior is caused by a medical disorder, she protests the administration's unfair treatment of him. Sav wants to prove his devotion to Anya by inviting her to dinner with his supremely strict family.
15 Feb. 2009
Heat of the Moment
Alli, fed up with Holly J taunting her, starts posting hurtful messages about Holly J on the Internet. Peter forms a bond with his baby sister.
1 Mar. 2009
Jane Says: Part 1
Lucas Vaughn enjoys his father's return into his life, unlike his sister Jane who gets mean, drunk and has vague nightmares resurfacing from her early childhood. Shep is back on the job, in charge of alumni week. A birthday party truth or dare game exposes Cheng's 'cool' lies.
8 Mar. 2009
Jane Says: Part 2
Instead of being supportive of her father making the family whole again and giving Lucas a night guard job, Jane gets even meaner and convinces everyone he abused her when they were toddlers. Alli loses her self-confidence and acts jealous when her smarter nerd classmate Claire manages a make-over, until she gets some male attention herself.
15 Mar. 2009
Touch of Grey
Try-outs for the Degrassi basketball team is an event welcomed by all. But this spells trouble for some, such as Kelly Ashoona, who is among those now tested for drug-use. For K.C. it's a dilemma when his foster father allows him to attend providing he keeps out of trouble in light of his court terms. His well-meaning, but clumsy friend, Connor, makes things even worse after jocks start taunting academically superior K.C.
22 Mar. 2009
Heart of Glass
The girls are stress about the most absurd theories that anything confirms boys aren't to be trusted, least of all their lovers. Johnny is pushed to have sex by Ally, who fakes being ready out of fear that he may dump her.
5 Apr. 2009
Up Where We Belong
The pressure at Degrassi reaches an insane level as end-of-year exams loom over the students. Mia folds under the stress and plans to drop out of school to devote her time to modeling. Holly J is upset when she receives a less-than-perfect grade on an art project and must push herself to create something more expressive. Sav struggles with whether to sign up for engineering classes or music classes for his next year at Degrassi.
12 Apr. 2009
Danger Zone
Spinner and Holly J are held at gunpoint when a robber comes into The Dot. Connor tries to reconcile KC and Clare while Peter tries to make amends with Mia.
4 Oct. 2009
Just Can't Get Enough: Part 1
Mia is offered a modeling job in Paris and Peter plans to go with her. The new kid, Declan, hear them talking and tells Mia his mom knows some people and is having a party, she should come, so she takes Peter. At the party Peter feels out of place and starts doing meth with a girl and becomes addicted. There is also a new girl in 9th grade, Jenna, who starts to hang out with Clare, which makes Alli jealous.
4 Oct. 2009
Just Can't Get Enough: Part 2
Peter's addiction to meth worsens despite his promise to Mia that he would quit. Holly J stresses out about organizing the Winter Beach Bash.
18 Oct. 2009
Shoot to Thrill
Alli feels like her relationship with Johnny is getting boring so she spices things up by texting him racy naked pictures of herself. But when Alli angers Johnny by revealing one of his deepest secrets, Johnny takes vicious revenge by sending the pictures to the entire school. Fiona and Riley warm up to the idea of being a couple but will Riley's past cool their chemistry?
11 Oct. 2009
Close to Me
Jane has no clue what to do when she finds herself attracted to the new guy in school when she is supposed to be head over heels for Spinner. KC finally gets the chance to show his stuff on the basketball court but makes a big mistake that sends his coach into a rage. Could this be the end of KC's days on the court?
18 Oct. 2009
You Be Illin'
Alli and Johnny have broken up for good but when Johnny urgently wants to talk to her, could it lead to a make-up or even more heartbreak? Peter wants to get back in the band but is depressed when his efforts are too late.
11 Oct. 2009
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Holly J is put in a horrible position when she catches Jane cheating on Spinner with Declan. Will she tell Spinner about Jane's betrayal or will she keep her friend's secret?
1 Nov. 2009
Beat It: Part 1
Riley is desperate to prove he isn't gay and plans to prove it by sleeping with Fiona. Anya embraces the gamer lifestyle while Dave's crush on Jenna intensifies.
1 Nov. 2009
Beat It: Part 2
Riley tries to seduce Fiona to prove he's straight but gives up when he realizes how unfair it is to manipulate Fiona's emotions. Sav is confused by Anya's new interest in role-playing games and Dave doesn't get the reaction he hoped for when he admits his feelings to Jenna.
Nov. 2009
Waiting for a Girl Like You
Declan has his eye on Holly J and nothing is going to stand in his way. But it isn't easy getting to know a girl with Holly J's attitude. Dave puts in a good word with the basketball team for Conner.
8 Nov. 2009
Holly J. has fallen hard for Declan but will school politics and parental pressure split them up? Meanwhile, Connor valiantly continues his quest to fit in.
15 Nov. 2009
Heart Like Mine: Part 1
KC follows Coach Carson's advice and dumps Clare in favor of Jenna. But what are Coach Carson's motives for butting in on his students' private lives? Could he be up to something sinister? Meanwhile, Marco returns to the halls of Degrassi as a student teacher.
15 Nov. 2009
Heart Like Mine: Part 2
Coach Carson severely crosses the line when he hires a prostitute for KC. Fiona, feeling lonely and listless, finds her niche when she signs up for the school musical.
22 Nov. 2009
Holiday Road
Kelly and Emma stop in Degrassi during their cross-country bike tour. Emma isn't exactly happy to be home because it means telling her family she has failed out of Smithdale and plans to drop out. Chante and Danny go on their first date.
22 Nov. 2009
Start Me Up
Peter opens a club above The Dot. Clare deals with being dumped in destructive ways.
Nov. 2009
Why Can't This Be Love?: Part 1
Sav and Anya are excited to go to prom together but their plans are ruined when Sav's parents introduce him to the wife they have betrothed him to.

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