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18 Feb. 2005
Neutron Dance
Despite everything that transpired between them, Craig and Ashley start to develop a friendship. Craig clashes with his band when he suggests Ashley become their new member. Hazel brings Paige along to a yoga class taught by Mr. Oleander, the hot new teaching assistant.
24 Jan. 2005
Modern Love
Paige and Matt (Mr. Oleander) desperately try to keep their relationship a secret but it seems to be an impossible mission when Mr. Simpson spies them together at the park and Manny spreads rumors about them to Hazel. Emma has a ladies night and all her girlfriends are head over heals for Emma's new neighbor, Chester.
31 Jan. 2005
Moonlight Desires
Dylan would like more from his relationship with Marco, meanwhile Spinner and Jay attempt to break into Degrassi.
12 Aug. 2005
West End Girls
The war between Manny and Paige continues when Paige takes credit for Manny's choreography in the Spirit Squad's last routine of the year. Manny reaches the breaking point and starts plotting appropriate revenge. Catlin interviews Kevin Smith about his new project called "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!".
19 Aug. 2005
Goin' Down the Road: Part 1
Craig is upset Ashley is going away to London for the summer because he fears she will dump him for someone else. He plans to show up in London to surprise her but his romantic gesture terribly backfires. Jay and Silent Bob start shooting their movie and Caitlin makes a big mistake after going to a bar with Kevin Smith.
26 Aug. 2005
Goin' Down the Road: Part 2
Craig leaves London heartbroken because of Ashley's rejection. His ever-so-fragile mental stability is pushed to such a breaking point that Craig seeks solace by living in the Degrassi boiler room.
19 Sep. 2005
Venus: Part 1
Manny pursues her dream of being a Hollywood actress but is faced with the cruel realities of show business. Manny, desperate for stardom, contemplates plastic surgery after harsh criticism from a caustic casting agent. Craig receives a disappointing birthday gift from Ashley.
26 Sep. 2005
Venus: Part 2
Degrassi is a flurry of gossip when Peter releases a topless video of Manny. Manny's reputation is ruined and her parents kick her out when they discover she's pursing an acting career against their wishes. Ellie and Craig are still fighting but are both surprised when they find a common interest.
3 Oct. 2005
Death of a Disco Dancer
Paige proceeds to make a bad choice -- one which could ruin her life.
10 Oct. 2005
J.T. and Liberty's relationship issues come to a head when Liberty gives J.T. some alarming news. Liberty takes a very practical approach to the problem because she doesn't think J.T. is mature enough to handle it. Once the shock wears off, J.T. realizes it's time for him to grow up. Spinner pursues a relationship with Darcy and finds her lifestyle more appealing than he originally thought.
17 Oct. 2005
Weddings, Parties, Anything
Craig's decision to focus on school instead of girls goes out the window when Ellie and Manny start competing for his heart. Joey feels flattered when a younger woman asks him out but is embarrassed when he hears her friends making fun of him.
24 Oct. 2005
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Jimmy develops a passion for drawing and art after putting his basketball career behind him. Ellie helps him with his new talent until she discovers Jimmy is sabotaging his chance at stardom and his relationship with Hazel. Danny agrees not to tell anyone about Liberty's pregnancy if J.T. finishes a school project for him.
31 Oct. 2005
Turned Out: Part 1
J.T. is under a lot of stress and starts to fold under the pressure. Liberty is six months pregnant and J.T. discovers can't afford to take care of himself, Liberty, and a baby. Desperate for money, J.T. starts stealing drugs from the pharmacy and selling them to a drug dealer. Emma goes on a date with Derek but ends up being far more attracted to Peter.
7 Nov. 2005
Turned Out: Part 2
J.T. wants out of selling drugs but the dealer refuses to let him quit. A path of self-destruction and lies causes J.T. to lose the people he cares about most. Snake faces similar obstacles when he recounts all the regrets in his life.
14 Nov. 2005
Tell It to My Heart
Marco takes a big step in deciding to tell his father about his sexuality. Emma's relationship with Peter puts a strain on her friendship with Manny.
16 Dec. 2005
Redemption Song
The one-year anniversary of the school shooting opens old wounds for many Degrassi students. Spinner is rejected by Jimmy yet again so Darcy invites him to a weekend retreat to cheer him up. Jay lies to Darcy by telling her Spinner is a guy only interested in sex; if she wants to keep him, she'll have to have sex with him. What means more to Darcy: her personal beliefs or her boyfriend? Hazel becomes increasingly jealous when Ellie and Jimmy start spending time together.
28 Nov. 2005
The Lexicon of Love: Part 1
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes return to Degrassi and Toronto for the premiere of their Degrassi-filmed movie, "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!". The premiere gets everyone at Degrassi into a frenzy and vying for the hard to come by premiere tickets. Upstaging the spectacle of the premiere are Alex and Paige, who are each other's dates for the evening. From the heat they create at the premiere and the after premiere party, which they manage to crash, they move their evening to more serious matters as Paige witnesses the turbulence of Alex's home life first hand, to a quieter and more ...
5 Dec. 2005
The Lexicon of Love: Part 2
Paige and Alex are confused and uneasy after their encounter; Paige turns to an unlikely source for help with her sexuality. Emma tries but she can't keep the secret about what she saw Snake doing at the movie theater.

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