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Season 6

29 Sep. 2006
Here Comes Your Man: Part 1
When Peter receives a new car for his birthday, he quickly becomes a frequent face in the street racing scene. Peter gains a new friend, equally into the scene...a recently returned Sean! Immediately it is apparent that Emma and Sean are oozing chemistry. Will things heat up again between them? Marco and Dylan find an apartment in the Annex perfectly close to school, but Marco has to contend with helping Dylan find roommates, choosing courses with Ellie and throwing Paige a blow-out going party all at the same time.
29 Sep. 2006
Here Comes Your Man: Part 2
Things intensify between Emma and Sean, and when she takes time off from Peter to consider her relationship with Sean, Peter takes action. To settle things, Peter and Sean decide to have a midnight race that ends in disaster. Ellie's cutesy new roommate Amberley is making dorm life miserable, so she writes an "anonymous" article about roommates for the school newspaper. Ellie suddenly finds herself intrigued with her editor -- and without a place to live.
13 Oct. 2006
Can't Hardly Wait
The girls' basketball team is burning up the court with Jimmy as their coach. Off the court, Jimmy faces humiliation when he isn't able to share an intimate relationship with Ashley. On the sidelines, cheerleading captain Darcy has serious conflicts with teammate Manny.
6 Oct. 2006
True Colours
Jay turns to Emma for help with Sean's legal trouble. Ellie gains the attention of an editor of the university newspaper but he may be interested in more than just Ellie's writing.
20 Oct. 2006
Eyes Without a Face: Part 1
Darcy decides to shed her good girl image by pursuing a relationship with an online admirer. JT tries to move on from Liberty's clutches when he develops a crush on new girl Mia.
3 Nov. 2006
Eyes Without a Face: Part 2
Darcy continues her dangerous online double-life despite knowing the risks. But Darcy's world comes crashing down when her internet life collides with her real one. Ellie looks to Ashley for help when she encounters some problems with the mature college lifestyle.
10 Nov. 2006
Working for the Weekend
Spinner is distressed after receiving the results of his career aptitude test. He convinces Jimmy to go into business designing t-shirts together but the stresses of industry might break their friendship.
17 Nov. 2006
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Sean is released from jail and vows to comply with his two-year probation sentence. He's eager to be reunited with Emma but she has a big confession to make about her past.
12 Jan. 2007
What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?: Part 1
Craig returns to Degrassi for a music festival and Manny wastes no time in hooking back up with him. As Craig further embraces the rock star lifestyle, Manny has to decide whether the new Craig is the guy she really loves. Much to Liberty's frustration, Mia and JT are the new "it" couple at Degrassi. When tensions reach a breaking point, Mia demands to know the truth about JT's past.
12 Jan. 2007
What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?: Part 2
Ellie, thinking Craig's odd behavior is Manny's fault, starts keeping a careful watch on him. When Craig starts spiraling out of control, can anyone make Ellie see the truth in time? Meanwhile, several Lakehurst thugs set their sights on JT as their next target. JT bravely travels to the opposing school to end the conflict once and for all.
26 Jan. 2007
Rock This Town
When Emma tells Manny that her parents are out of town for the weekend. Manny decides to have a party at Emma's. J.T. tells them they should have it for Liberty's birthday so they do. However, when everybody finds out about the party, Manny learns that it was a mistake. The students at Lakehurst come to the party but start trouble and are thrown out. By the end of the night, someone will lose their life
2 Feb. 2007
The Bitterest Pill
The news has spread that J.T. was killed and everyone is upset except for Liberty who seems to blank. Knowing that J.T. died looking for Liberty to tell her that he was still in love with her is eating Toby alive but he decides to keep it bottled. To cheer Liberty up, Toby helps Liberty skip class and on their journey they end up kissing. At the memorial Toby tries to take back what he did without success and ends up spilling the beans to Mia(J.T.' girlfriend) and Liberty that J.T. stilled loved Liberty and was searching for her when he died.
16 Feb. 2007
If You Leave
Manny is moving back in with her family and Emma is not agreeing with this idea. Instead of talking it out with Manny, Emma starts a protest for the upcoming cheer competition that is being held at Degrassi because the school from which the kids that kid J.T. will be coming.
29 Jun. 2007
Free Fallin': Part 1
After Paige has a massive panic attack in class, her professor offers her one last chance in the form of a huge workload to be completed over the holiday weekend. Poor Paige tries to keep up appearances for her family but the pressure reaches a breaking point. Peter grovels to Darcy but her forgiveness won't come without a high price.
6 Jul. 2007
Free Fallin': Part 2
Paige finally throws in the towel when one disaster after another keeps happening at college. She returns to Toronto and vows to keep her failure a secret no matter what the cost. Peter is a changed man but his lies are catching up with him as Darcy continually rejects his apologies. Can he find a way to get through to her?
13 Jul. 2007
Love My Way
Paige is determined to get back to her former glory both in the classroom and in affairs of the heart. She shocks Spinner by asking him to be her casual companion but complications arise when Ellie's ex Jesse also enters the picture. Snake goes over the deep end when he discovers Emma buying birth control.
20 Jul. 2007
Sunglasses at Night
Peter and Darcy are spending more time together but must hide their relationship from friends and family. Once one of Darcy's friends spots Peter and Darcy together in the park, after blowing her off, she goes straight to Peter's mother. Peter and Darcy will now have to endure a forced separation because Peter's parents have decided to send him away to Boarding School. Marco is on edge after Dylan has left to join a Swiss Hockey team. To keep him preoccupied he starts playing on-line poker and starts winning. Spinner sees the tension in Marco and suggests that they go...
27 Jul. 2007
Don't You Want Me? Part 1
Alex is having trouble at home when her mother's boyfriend is arrested for credit card fraud. Unfortunately her mother also opened a credit card that he ran up to the tune of $6000. Alex gets a job back at the movie theater but is persuaded by Jay's new girlfriend to get a job as a cocktail waitress at the strip joint where she works. Paige is unhappy about it but is fine with it as long as Alex's clothes are on. Alex is feeling better and making great tips until she finds out that she and her mom are close to getting evicted because their checks have been bouncing. ...
3 Aug. 2007
Don't You Want Me? Part 2
Alex is regretting what she has done especially after she gets a call from Paige at work and they get back together later. Alex is happy she has brought a lot of money into the house but doesn't want Paige to find out that she is stripping. All the plans are fine until Paige shows up at work with flowers causing an inevitable break up. At work Alex figures out that she is not meant to give up her soul and quits. Unfortunately home isn't any better when she finds out her mother has used the money she gave her to free the idiot boyfriend from jail. Alex left her home ...

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