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Season 3

17 Sep. 2003
Father Figure: Part 1
It's the start of the school year. For their upcoming anniversary, penniless Spinner wants to get the perfect present for Paige. His idea: get her the perfect locker, since the one she has been assigned she considers in purgatory. In Spinner's mind, Hazel has the perfect locker, but it will take some swift maneuvering to get Hazel to give it up. Emma has thoughts other than school on her mind. With Spike almost ready to give birth and with Spike and Snake's recent marriage, Emma has been thinking about her biological father, Shane McKay. Spike has told Emma nothing ...
17 Sep. 2003
Father Figure: Part 2
Through Snake's alumni database, Emma does locate her biological father, Shane McKay, at an address in Stouffville. When she arrives at that address, she sees that it is a medical institution and that Shane, mentally disabled, is a patient. Emma's first thought is that her mother is a heartless woman who deserted Shane during his time of need. Emma's view of her mother changes when she learns the full story and why Spike did not tell her the truth about Shane. But Spike may be in trouble when Shane escapes from the institution and wants to see his old girlfriend. ...
1 Oct. 2003
U Got the Look
Feeling like a wallflower, Manny decides to try out a new overtly sexual fashion style at school despite it contravening the school's code of conduct. Her attempt at looking sexy has the affect that she is hoping. The person who shows the most interest in her is her long time friend J.T., who is a bit confused about these new feelings he has for his friend. But he has to work fast to attract her attention as others are also showing interest in her. With her new look however is also a new self-absorbed attitude. Meanwhile, Craig, Marco, Jimmy and Spinner have formed a ...
8 Oct. 2003
Pride: Part 1
A group of the kids go to the beach for the day. Despite stating that she will no longer be his cover as his girlfriend, Ellie, who doesn't really get along with most of the others but especially Paige, decides to go along on Marco's invitation. Also along as the chauffeur is Paige's openly gay older brother, Dylan. Dylan, attracted to him, suspects Marco may be gay. Marco, also attracted to Dylan, is not ready to come out, especially to his supposed best friend Spinner, who is openly homophobic. Marco goes out of his way to hide his sexual orientation. This includes ...
15 Oct. 2003
Pride: Part 2
Spinner does not react well to Marco coming out to him. Without initially actually outing Marco to the general populous, Spinner does whatever he can to freeze Marco out of his life. Spinner spreads the news amongst their closest group of friends, all of who think Spinner is acting like an idiot. Marco will need all the support he can when he learns first hand what it's like to be gay in an intolerant society. A specific incident pushes Marco further in the closet. Meanwhile, Snake's initial medical diagnosis is possible leukemia. He tries to make light of the ...
22 Oct. 2003
Gangsta Gangsta
Snake's illness is causing a strain on Emma and Sean's alone time. Sean, feeling lost without Emma's support, has thoughts of his old troubled life. He starts to gravitate toward trouble-makers Jay, Alex and Towerz. A fight with Emma over their lack of time alone together turns Sean's thoughts into reality. Sean does whatever he feels he needs to be to be accepted, an act which ends up hurting Emma. Meanwhile, J.T. is hanging out with the in crowd - his new friends - leaving Toby in the lurch. At a sleep-over at Toby's, an embarrassed J.T. has a wet dream over Liberty...
29 Oct. 2003
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Craig and Ashley's relationship is in a transitional phase. Ashley tells Craig that she loves him. Craig, on the other hand, can't tell her the same, yet wants to have sex with her. To get into her good graces, Craig makes a series of gestures instead of what she really wants, which is the three little words. Despite having strong feelings for each other, they have to evaluate if they want the same thing. But a moment of weakness on Craig's part may jeopardize everything. Meanwhile, Spinner is planning Paige's surprise birthday party. And Snake isn't reacting very ...
12 Nov. 2003
Whisper to a Scream
Ellie is facing some stresses in her life. Her soldier father has just been shipped overseas, to which her alcoholic mother does not react well. She has an interview for what she considers her dream co-op job working for Caitlin at the radio station doing stories on social causes, but she's up against "perfect" Paige for the sole position. These stresses end up having a physical manifestation, which Ellie, ashamed, feels she needs to hide. Ellie gets an unexpected source of support. Meanwhile, Terri has been receiving roses from a secret admirer. She suspects it's ...
5 Nov. 2003
Against All Odds
Emma feels ready to move on when she realizes her feelings for Chris but doubt creeps in when she can't get Sean off her mind. Spinner and Jimmy look to Marco for math tutoring but things get awkward when Spinner is convinced Marco has a crush on him.
19 Nov. 2003
Never Gonna Give You Up
Terri is at the top of her game when she lands the lead in the school play and has a wonderful boyfriend in Rick. However, Hazel is concerned when she notices Rick's overly controlling behavior. Spinner fights feeling jealous when JT starts spending a lot of time with Paige.
17 Dec. 2003
Holiday: Part 1
The Christmas season brings more than just holiday cheer to Degrassi. Caitlin is confused and lonely when she realizes she still has feelings for Joey, who already has an arrogant new girlfriend. Craig gets caught up in his own lies when he continues seeing Manny behind Ashley's back.
17 Dec. 2003
Holiday: Part 2
Manny threatens to tell the whole school about their relationship if Craig doesn't dump Ashley once and for all. Joey has trouble getting a grip on his emotions after kissing Catlin; should he stay with Sydney or reunite with the girl who got away?
10 Dec. 2003
This Charming Man
Emma becomes obsessed with getting Sean busted when she suspects he and his gang are stealing things from Degrassi. Paige, Spinner, and Jimmy enroll in a driver's education class and Paige develops a crush on their instructor.
26 Jan. 2004
Accidents Will Happen: Part 1
Manny falls flat at her gymnastics meet because she feels nauseous. When her sickness doesn't go away, Manny begins to worry it may be something more than the flu.
9 Feb. 2004
Accidents Will Happen: Part 2
Manny and Craig's pregnancy is outed by the furious Ashley to the whole school during lunch. Their failed practice to take care of Spike's baby convinces Manny, but not Craig, that, at 14, she is not ready for motherhood.
16 Feb. 2004
Take on Me
Jimmy, Sean, Ellie, Toby, and Hazel land in Mr. Raditch's Saturday detention. Despite their different cliques and different styles, they come to realize the similarities between them and decide to work together to get through their detention.
23 Feb. 2004
Don't Dream It's Over
Terri wants to give Rick another chance but when she has to choose between her friendship with Paige and her love for Rick, the result is tragic. Sean gets annoyed when Marco keeps tagging along on his dates with Ellie.
8 Mar. 2004
Rock and Roll High School
Craig is determined to beat his ex-girlfriend Ashley when both of their bands are entered in an upcoming battle-of-the-bands competition. After Joey hurts his back in an accident, Catlin steps in to care for him and his daughter Angela.
15 Mar. 2004
It's Raining Men
Marco has had his eye on Dylan for 6 months. But, things look gloomy as Tom gets closer to Dylan. But, with Spinner's help, Marco asks Dylan out on a date. Funny things happen. Marco throws a scary fit over a bee, gets nervous about holding Dylan's hand at the movie, and having to deal with Marco's homophobic father. But, even after one disaster after another, Dylan asks Marco out on another date, and even gives him a kiss! Meanwhile, JT is in a commercial about fries and everyone teases him about it. Everyone but Manny that is.
22 Mar. 2004
I Want Candy
Paige and Spinner decide to take a day off from school. Paige invites Ashley to come along and Ashley announces she's leaving Degrassi. Paige and Spinner have to show her a good time and try to convince her to stay. Meanwhile, Emma discovers Mr. Simpsons will and worries his chemotherapy has failed.
29 Mar. 2004
Our House
Sean chooses to move out on his own, meanwhile J.T. attempts to ask Manny to the dance.
5 Apr. 2004
The Power of Love
The end of the year dance has arrived at last! Jimmy wants everything to be perfect for Hazel but nothing goes as planned. Sean's guilt gets the best of him and he confesses to stealing Mr. Simpson's laptop. Earning Mr. Simpson's forgiveness, however, is going to take much longer than Sean anticipated.

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