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10 out of 10!!!
ally1412 August 2003
I just saw this movie tonight and i was completely surprised by it! I was expecting it to be like most TV movies are but it was one of the best movies ive seen in ages! Nick Stahls performance was excellent and he completely stole the movie!! It was such a gripping drama, so true to life and every second was worth watching!Judging by the other user comments its Definitely worth 2hours of your time and you wont be disappointed!! i really wanna see it again but cant find it anywhere in the UK so fingers crossed it may be out soon or maybe shown on tv again!!!!:)
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teddyryan19 May 2003
You would think an MTV made flick about drugs would be lopsided in that obnoxious MTV way. But, WASTED is a complete surprise. One of the best TV movies I've ever seen. Extremely poignant and masterfully written. Nick Stahl's performance as Chris is also worth the viewing.
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beachbum2585 June 2005
being a high school student,i have to take a health class. this year, the topic is drugs. we learn about the harm they can cause a person. from what we talk about, i still believe and know that drugs can really mess a person up. anyway, my teacher wanted us to watch this. naturally, we groan and start to sleep, but like the rest of my class, i actually did enjoy this movie. it was totally real, and not sugar coated at all. the characters were amazing and believable. even the plot was outstandingly realistic and believable. what i liked about this movie mainly was how it got the point of the effect's drugs can take on an abuser, and the consequences the person has to deal with. everyone reassures themselves that nothing bad will happen to them. well lets get serious. anything can happen in a small town, even to your best friend, like Sam and Chris. this movie shows it. a person can really learn a lot from watching this. it was pretty effective.
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definitely not a waste of time
picuco920 May 2003
I saw this movie yesterday night and it was one of the best made for TV films I've seen. It was very well directed and the acting was superb, very convincing. The music was good and the cinematography was beautifully shot. Take out the hopelessness out of Requiem for a Dream and you get wasted. An excellent depiction of the world of drug addiction and its consequences given in a very open way in wich anyone can relate to. cudos to mtv for giving us a good flick for a change from !*$*% like Crossroads.
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Surprisingly Amazing
What can I say? I couldn't sleep and I came across this movie on MTV. I started watching it with every intention of changing the channel if it started to get lame as so many anti-drug movies do but I got sucked into this movie and I couldn't stop watching. Nick Stahl did an amazing job with his character, and in my opinion he really made the movie something worth watching. I was interested in purchasing the soundtrack to the movie (or even the movie itself) and MTV.com was no help at all, but believe it or not Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for the August 5th release of the movie on DVD. I know I had a hard time tracking it down, and I'm sure other people might have had the same problem. I'm buying my own copy so I can drool over Nick Stahl while bawling my eyes out at the same time thanks to the emotional storyline!
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Not so wasted...
oreo7727718 March 2002
I wasn't planning on watching wasted when I saw the MTV preview but since I had nothing better to do or watch on a Sunday night I watched it.

Wasted was no Requiem for a Dream but it was a very good movie considering it was made by MTV. One thing that drew me to watching it was Summer Pheonix the sister of the late and wonderful River Pheonix stared. I suppose talent runs in the Pheonix family because she was good and so is Jaquien though niether are River. Nick Stahl also gives a great preformance as a junky jock. There isn't much else to say about wasted. It was a dark depressing and insightful look into the lives of three small town junkies. I recomend it to those who like the subject. 8/10
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Addiction vs. Sobriety
LATENITE24 March 2002
I wanted to see this movie to get a corny glimpse of MTV getting hypocritical about drug use, because these days much music (hip-hop especially) is blatantly pro-marijuana. What it turned out to be was an enthralling look at a group of friends battling with heroin addiction. Summer Phoenix was very believable as a recovering addict and the rest of the cast did very well in their roles. I saw a bit of 'Requiem for a Dream' in this, but maybe that's ineveitable in an anti-drug movie. I didn't love or hate this movie, but it kept me with my eyes glued to the screen for the full run of it. It was an emotionally powerful movie, indeed.
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For Parents an Eye Opener, for Teens a dose of Reality
fleur-kelly11 April 2004
This Movie or should it be called a Fictional Mini Auto Biography based on True events flows evenly all the way through. It's pacing is pretty much like a slow boat to China, but this pace is needed to show people how to spot the signs of a possible Smack addiction with someone they know. Summer Phoenix does a good job narrating the tale of herself, a A+ Student who has a Cocaine addiction and her down on their luck Junky Bestfriends (Played by: Nick Stahl-The Caring Athlete who's home life is going down the toilet and Aaron Paul-The Rich Kid who has nothing but the next hit of smack in mind). But how much more can you say about "Wasted"? Sure it's a educational movie for parents to open their eyes to what their kids might be doing when they go out to parties and what symptoms to look for if their kids do have a addiction. But for kids it's just another dose of Reality and kids are really becoming desensitized to certain serious matters of the world.
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Where can i find this????
cobalt166-125 February 2003
I saw this a good while ago, but i just cant get over it. I have looked everywhere to try and find out where i can get a copy of it but i have not been able to get a hold of it. I really reccomend this movie and if anyone has any info about how i can get a copy then let me know. thanx
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