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Though dissed by most video game critics I actually enjoyed this game.
Aaron137522 January 2008
It is funny though considering all the popular anime shows there are in Japan, the one that gets a game out first during the launch of the playstation two is one that is not as well known here. Let's face it, I have seen it in stores that specifically sale movies, but you never see it on the cartoon network or at walmart. So I know very little about the show these characters came from, however, I enjoyed the game for the most part. Could have used some more role playing elements, lots of scenes of the characters talking, but there is no town or anything of that nature for them to visit. The fights are also limited, as there is a set number. So no real leveling up if you get stuck, your either get by with what you got or you die. The story has Orphen and his two students heading for an island in search of treasure, instead they come across three other unfortunate souls on an island of seemingly nonstop peril. You play out each of these characters sad tales, starting over from the beginning each time, you are left wondering what is up, however, there is a secret to this island and these people. The fighting is sort of turned based, sort of real time. The fights with the bosses are rather cool, but along with that comes the sometimes annoying navigation of this world where you must avoid traps and such. So all in all a rather good adventure tale, though that female student Orphen's American voice can get on one's nerves.
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