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Season 1

22 Apr. 2001
In a moment of madness respectable head teacher Edward Palmer approaches a rent boy on a council estate but the boy pulls a knife and is killed in the struggle. Palmer fears he has been seen and turns to his quick-witted daughter who devises a way out for him. However the dogged Inspector Quarry is breathing down his neck and he needs to keep his resolve if he is to escape detection.
29 Apr. 2001
Fireman Joe Waterman believes his wife Sandra is two-timing him with a colleague and wants revenge. The perfect opportunity arises when a mystery man called Napeworth agrees to kill her whilst Joe has an alibi. Unfortunately, once the deed has been done there is no evidence of Napeworth ever having existed and Joe is squarely in the frame for murder.
6 May 2001
One evening a man kills his baby-sitter. He convinces his wife to go along with it. She is the daughter of one of his workers. Is that the motive behind the crime?
13 May 2001
A village doctor becomes something of a folk hero when he helps his terminally ill wife to die. But is everything as clear as it seems?
3 Jun. 2001
Three men, one of them an off-duty police officer decide to take the law into their own hands when a pedophile moves onto their estate. But their hot-headed actions send things spiraling out of control.
10 Jun. 2001
The suburban calm of quiet,law-abiding Nigel and Joanna Liddy is rudely disturbed when vulgar new neighbours Alan and Debra Squires move in next door with their all-night parties and loud, vulgar sessions in their back garden jacuzzi. When the law fails him Nigel devises a plan to get rid of Mr. and Mrs. Squires once and for all.
17 Jun. 2001
Stressed-out student Deborah lives with her boyfriend James,who is far from sympathetic to her problem - she is a sleep-walker. After it appears that he is having an affair,the couple row and James moves out - but next morning Deborah wakes to find herself in possession of a blood-stained hammer - has she killed someone in her sleep or is somebody out to frame her?

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