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young horror story - neither brilliant, nor abyssal

Author: dromasca from Herzlya, Israel
25 September 2004

The story in 'Taboo' lays at the border between teenager horror stories and the close space mystery plots, where the authors gather a small - and decreasing - number of characters into a close enclosure, preferable a castle or a running train, or a cabin in the mountains, under the pretext of a snow storm, or more recently of reality shows rules. In this case, the formula works quite well, and the story has some logic, triggered by a kind of cruel 'truth or deed' game, pushed to its ultimate solution. I saw that many other viewers who cared to comment on IMDb did not like the result, I am wondering why because the film never gets into ridicule, the pace is quite appropriate, and the solution of the plot makes sense. If I am to blame the authors for something, their main sin seems to be to me the fact that they avoided shocking the viewers in any way. The result is that despite having at hand a group of young and talented actors, the film never gets its promise of conflict, sexual, or artistic tension - almost like the film makers were trying to get some prime time rating from American TV parent counseling. I was slightly disappointed, but I am not asking for my money back. 6 out of 10 on my personal scale.

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One of a Kind

Author: aatx1154 from Texas
19 January 2004

Yes truly in its own league of mediocrity. The actors Nick Stahl, Amber Benson,etc persuaded me to rent this film. The script is horrendous and I believe that is why (hopefully) January Jones' character was stone-like. Very cliched that is not funny, suspenseful, or believable. Not the worst film ever but a film that most of these actors will chuckle about or hide in shame when they get older. This film is destined for oblivion. Oh well you win some and lose some.

Grade: D-

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Awful, Dreadful, Very Bad, Terrible, Horrendous – A Crap!

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
30 March 2006

The name of Nick Stahl, the young cast and the attractive cover of the VHS made me buy and watch this flick, expecting to see a good teen slash movie. What a crap! The full of clichés screenplay, the dialogs and the performances are awful, dreadful, very bad, terrible, horrendous – summarizing, a complete waste of time. There is no horror, black humor, only an absolutely boring story, with shameful plot points. The film begins with six characters, indeed three couples, together like a group of friends, but indeed very nasty persons that seems to be enemies, playing a ridiculous senseless game called "Taboo", and with each one of them writing yes or no for certain taboo issues. That is it: no previous development of the characters, the viewer does not know who they are, their motives and relationship. Then, there is an ellipsis to one year later, and the same group is gathered together in a New Years Eve party, insulting each other in a very sordid way. But the plot and the twists are so ridiculous, predictable, mediocre and unbelievable that do not deserve any additional line in my review. One advice only: do not waste your time or money on this garbage, you will certainly regret. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Taboo – Jogando Com o Assassino" ("Taboo – Playing With the Killer")

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Concept had potential but something just failed...

Author: Lisa-92 from Canada
26 August 2003

Just finished this movie... saw it on the video shelf and being a Nick Stahl fan I just had to rent it. In all honesty, it probably should have stayed on the shelf. The concept was an interesting one and there were several fairly smart twists and turns but somehow I guessed almost all of them before they came along. And the movie just went a little too far in the end in my opinion... if you have to suffer through a viewing of it you'll see what I mean!

On a positive note, Nick Stahl's acting was great (especially considering what he had to work with). Eddie Kaye Thomas was also good but he always plays the same type of character... too much Paul Finch from "American Pie" coming through for my liking.

And finally, the worst part of this movie has to be January Jones' emotionless performance... I guess a pretty face really is all that matters in Hollywood.

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How desperate for money was Amber Benson

Author: XinePie from boston
29 June 2003

I rented this film just to see Amber Benson, though after reading the box I thought it sounded like a good story.....however the first problem was that there really wasn't a story...or actually there was a story but it made absolutely no sense. The second problem was there was no set up for these characters...yes I got that they all went to school together, but within the first 3 minutes of the film you realized they had nothing else in common and didn't like each why did they keep getting together. Flaw number 3...the director though long pauses and tight camera shots equaled suspense (especially with the typical suspense music dubbed in)...he was sadly mistaken. It was painful to watch a terrific actress like Amber Benson waste time trying to bring this back to only hope is the money she made here was put toward producing her own film.

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I want my 80 minutes back!!!!!!!

Author: sherrie shaw from texas
25 March 2003

This is going in my top 5 worst movies of ALL time. The acting was horrible!!!!!!!!! What could have been played out as a naughty story line with good results, just wasn't!!!!! Nick Stahl needs to read through his scripts before he accepts the parts. He's such a gifted actor, so what happened to him in this movie, I have no clue. Everyone was acting like they were shot up with novocaine. The plot was so obvious from the get go that I can't believe I wasted 80 minutes to see what I already knew was going to happen (I must be into pain and suffering). Bottom line: I concur with the others, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

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Truly, truly awful

Author: shay_562 from Dublin, Ireland
25 November 2005

I watched this movie on the grounds that Amber Benson rocks and Nick Stahl is generally pretty cool - I figured that any film featuring two actors I like and respect couldn't be all bad. And in that sense, I was right - considering the cringe-making dialogue they were given, both of them perform reasonably well. Not well enough to stop the movie from sucking, you understand, but well enough that I was able to make it through the 75-odd minutes of movie (and that's the main sign of an awful film: when, at 40 minutes through, you're already praying for it to be over).

It's hard to know where to start with the problems in "Taboo". The dialogue, as mentioned, is appalling; wooden and completely unnatural. January Jones' acting is unbelievably bad, and since she's the character we spend most of our time following around the house, this is an unforgivable flaw. The plot manages to be so convoluted that it makes no sense while simultaneously being so clichéd as to be completely predictable (literally, not one of the major 'twists' in this film would surprise anyone but a toddler). A few interesting shots aside, the director tries far too hard with far too little success, awkward tracking shots and jittery camera-work distracting from what little element of story there is.

Three of this movie's stars are awarded for the fact that it contains Amber Benson, and the last is tossed in on the grounds that one of the jokes made me snigger a little bit. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone, ever, under any circumstances. Avoid at all costs.

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If you're not an Amber Benson fan, AVOID at all costs....

Author: attentionspike from NY, USA
15 February 2003

On tonight's episode of MAD TV they poked fun at "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" by simply showing pictures of Matthew and Kate and putting a caption that said:"How to Lose Eight bucks in Two hours." The same can be said about "Taboo". Except it isn't in the theaters. It will be available at Blockbuster. Rent it, if you desire to lose four dollars and about two hours of your life and if you want to watch the flattest, emotionless, boring dialogue, actors who don't want to be there (probably more interested in the trip to Romania where it was filmed, then the movie itself). The script....was there one? Or did someone have flash cards off screen as a guide to keep the lame story moving?

The one star that this movie deserves is for Amber Benson. Her character Piper was an alcoholic. She was adorable, cute, fun, but if she wanted to make her character's vice believable she should've experimented in Method Acting and took a few shots of Jack Daniels before each scene.

That's my review.

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I can't believe I watched this movie.

Author: tpendleton from Charleston, WV
5 December 2003

I'm embarrassed to be writing this review. I say that because those of you reading it will know that I sat through the whole thing and that is embarrassing to admit even to strangers. But I just had to warn those who read the viewer comments on IMDb before they watch a film not to watch this one. It's the least I can do. This is a bad movie! Trust me. The plot is goofy. The acting is amateurish. And the directing, camera work, sets, costumes, etc. are all second rate. Let it go.

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my first 1

Author: LeChoriste from Canada
18 November 2005

...And I never thought a movie deserved to be awarded a 1! But this one is honestly the worst movie I've ever watched. My wife picked it up because of the cast, but the storyline right since the DVD box seemed quite predictable. It is not a mystery, nor a juvenile-catching film. It does not include any sensuality, if that's what the title could remotely have suggest any of you. This is just a total no-no. Don't waste your time or money unless you feel like watching a bunch of youngsters in a as-grown-up kind of Gothic setting, where a killer is going after them. Nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing worth watching. Max Makowski makes the worst of Nick Stahl.

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