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Irony Girl
clemensottawa3021 February 2004
Well, at first I don´t think that this film is even good in the original language, but the german translation is really disasterous. The story is boring, but sometimes funny. It is a prototype of trash-movie, and the actress Sarah Brooks looks very beautiful. So after a half hour you forget the story and see, how she fights against some evil guys who raped her, and so on...I suppose, that´s my theory, the director wanted to make joke about all the Karate-Kid movies- because sometimes there is a kind of irony.

Dont´t watch it, if you hate trash (really time wasting),but otherwise...
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Worth the watch, but only with German dubbing!
phazonfreak11 September 2006
(This goes out to German viewers especially...) Don't need to say much about the movie, it's complete BS. But I want to encourage people to watch this film with German voice-over if they have the chance to do so, the guys doing the dubbing seemed to know how bad this movie was (most certainly a complete flop in the US and very cheap salary) and were thinking nobody would actually see it in Germany. Apparently they decided to do a spoof voice-over to have some fun doing it, at least, and they succeeded on first grade...!

I was watching this movie with two of my friends very late at night and we were awfully tired, but even then we were rolling on the floor laughing because of the ingenious dubbing of this movie (comedic puns, commenting bridging-scenes, stating things the actors obviously didn't say in original,...). So to say, I want to contradict the guy who didn't seem to get the intentional spoof dubbing and highly recommend to watch this movie in German, you just need some beer, a gag mood and you will laugh your A off!
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Ashes to ashes
adamkovic13 March 2002
It's a pity that so much celluloid was wasted on a movie like this. The worst movie I've ever seen. Regret spending two hours of my time. Only suitable reason for seeing it may be that you're bored. Thus the weakest "karate scenes" in history could make you laughing. Really stupid story...
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