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Bemusing as well as agreeable film with super Jackie Chan
ma-cortes29 November 2004
The movie centers a police agent (Jackie Chan) who will face down an evil baddie called Snakehead (Julian Sands) for the possession a medallion with an extraordinary power and he wants to use its magic for his own nefarious plans . Chan and other agents (Claire Forlani and Lee Evans) will have to face off nasties who are waiting to rule over the world and obtain eternal youth , but the medallion is carried by a boy and he hands over one halve to Jackie Chan . As Chan must determine the secret of the medallion and confront the evil Snakehead who wishes to use its magical powers for his own nefarious schemes .

From start to finish action pace is interminable , the movie is fast moving and that's why it is amusing and isn't boring , neither tiring . The film blends intrigue , humor , pursuits , frenetic action , struggles and results to be very entertaining . In spite of it , this comedy/action picture failed in the box office and was a real flop. The action by Jackie Chan is proceeded by means of special effects , FX , and wires to difference other films in which he makes his owns stunts . The motion picture has a certain likeness to ¨the Tuxedo¨ similar in extreme powers of Jackie such as : thanks to the 'medallion' and 'tuxedo'. While in the first Jennifer Love Hewitt played as ¨buddy movie¨ couple with Jackie Chan , here plays along with Claire Forlani .

The final showdown between the starring and nasty contenders is astounding and overwhelming although there are made by computer generator FX . The motion picture was regularly directed by Gordon Chan (Painted skin , Fist the legend , Thunderbolt) . After seeing credited director Gordon Chan's rough cut, Columbia hired Douglas Aarniokoski to shoot new sequences and re-edited the film extensively . The yarn will appeal to action-packed buffs and Jackie Chan fans.

Rating : Average 5/10
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Entertaining, Fast-Paced Genre Melder
Brandt Sponseller13 January 2005
Every 1000 years a child is born who can wield the power of two halves of a supernatural medallion, which can bestow superhuman strength and immortality, as well as take life away. Snakehead (Julian Sands), your typical crook with world domination ambitions, has discovered the identity of a modern-day chosen child, and pursues him. Meanwhile, Hong Kong police detective Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan) and Interpol agents Arthur Watson (Lee Evans) and Nicole James (Claire Forlani) have been pursuing Snakehead because of his criminal activities, and stumble into the grander scheme.

While The Medallion is certainly not a film without flaws, it is satisfying on the whole if you approach it as a comic book/cartoon-styled Jackie Chan actioner. The film combines even more genres than that, actually, and there are times when it seems almost to be a spoof of James Bond-styled thrillers. There are also more straightforward comedy elements--especially when Evans is on screen, the film almost becomes a slapstick farce--there are Matrix-styled fantasy/action aspects, and there is a romance subplot. On top of all of that, The Medallion moves very quickly. Director Gordon Chan packs a lot of information into the film and barely pauses for a breath--if you blink, you're likely to miss some bit of crucial action, a plot point, or a joke.

In short, it's a complex stew of different genres, with a mixture of adult themes and childlike lightheartedness, wrapped in a dense mythology of fantasy and served at a non-stop, breakneck pace. Undoubtedly, those qualities will turn off a great deal of viewers, whether because they hate MTV/attention-deficit-disorder-styled editing, genre hopping or a lack of real-world believability. I don't mind any of those qualities, and in fact I tend to prefer films that forgo realism.

I only had two small complaints about The Medallion. One, it took me a few scenes to get up to speed with the film, both plot-wise and in terms of style. Once I got into the groove, though, I didn't want the film to stop--enough that my second complaint is that the film was too short (and in general, I strongly dislike the fact that most films seem to be forced by studios to end within 90 minutes). I wanted to see more of these characters, especially Evans, who stole most of the scenes he appeared in. Jackie Chan fans seeking a return to films that are solely kung fu-oriented will likely be disappointed, but if you have broader tastes, The Medallion might hit the spot. An 8 out of 10 from me.
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Fun fantasy, and not much else
AwesomeWolf17 March 2005
It has taken Jackie Chan about 27 years, a good 60 movies or so, and a few near death experiences for him to decide that he can start making movies that don't regularly involve certain death, thanks to CGI. The results are not so good. In fact, I'll just say it: 'The Medallion' is a terrible action movie.

Jackie plays Eddie Yang, a Hong Kong detective chasing a villain named Snakehead (those villains and their crazy names). Snakehead, like all Hong Kong villains is actually English, so when he kidnaps a boy with the power to control The Medallion, Yang follows him to Ireland to reclaim the Medallion and find the child (who just goes to prove, that even if you live in a Buddhist temple in a sewer below Hong Kong, you can still learn to speak perfect English with an English accent).

Seems like 'The Golden Child'? Why yes, yes it does. Its a fun fantasy movie for kids, but anyone wanting to watch an action movie should watch this up until a short cameo appearance by Sammo Hung and then turn it off very quickly. Now I'm not a fan of CGI action, but I assumed that with Jackie Chan starring and Sammo Hung directing the action - two action masters - could still pull of some entertaining action scenes. Apparently not, as 'The Medallion' is only marginally better than, oh, say 'Charlie's Angels 2'.

Fun for kids, but action fans should avoid entirely. I'm being generous when I give this 5/10.
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Jackie Chan is the Man!
g-bodyl23 November 2008
I liked this movie even though there are way too many holes in the film. If you compare this movie to the Rush Hour movies or Shanghai Noon, you will probably hate this film. I saw this movie with a laidback mind and expecting nothing more than a fun action movie. That is what I got. The story is about a medallion that has two halves. Each half gives superhuman strength to the user, but you have to be dead first. If the halves are combined, you get immortality. Now Chan and his gang of Interpol cops must keep the medallion and the user, a kid away from the people who want to use the medallion for bad. Jackie Chan is very clever in this film. He acts well and adds a bit of comedy. Claire Forlani also did a great job. Lee Evans was so-so. He can be a bit annoying. The special effects sucked. A rule of advice is never add CGI to a Jackie Chan movie. It will make that movie bad. What is the point of the cat meowing? It made the movie even worse. Overall, this is a good family film, even though it's a bit cheesy. I rate this movie 9/10.
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Typical Jackie Chan movie of later years
Enchorde14 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Police officer Eddie Yang traces known gangster Snakehead to Ireland after Snakehead kidnapped a holy kid in Hong Kong. According to the myth, the kid, with a certain medallion, can resurrect people and give them superpowers (like immortality). Yang, and his colleagues Watson and James, tries to free the kid as Snakehead tries to smuggle the kid into Ireland on a boat. The result however is that the kid and Eddie falls in to the water, trapped in a container. Eddie drowns, but saves the boy, and in return, the boy later resurrects Eddie. Now, Eddie, with superpowers must stop Snakehead once and for all.

Comments: I thought they really had something going there. Started out nice. As I expected, a lot of martial arts and fights, all nicely choreographed and with augmented with extra aids (like wires), of course, but still with a good feeling and some nice touches. The story was nothing fancy, but they had found the balance in the fights. Just enough fancy kicks and jumps. Action director Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan were onto something here. Then came the superpowers. Then everything went just silly. The balance went right out the window (along with Jackie Chan/Eddie Yang actually). Instead of nicely choreographed fights we get ridiculous fights with a lot of special effects. Net result; Silly. And the story didn't get any better either.

Jackie Chan delivers what is expected of him, he does what he usually does. But I can't do anything but wonder why the character Arthur Watson is in the movie? To add some comic element apparently, as that was needed. Watson is annoyingly clumsy, petty and incompetent and has mysteriously risen to a high position within Interpol. Evans plays the part well, I guess he does what is asked of him, but again, why is the character in the movie? Claire Forlani got the role of Nicole James, agent/love interest, of Eddie Yang. Though Nicole is much more competent than Watson she is clearly side-stepped both in the movie and with the virtual Interpol. Therefore her role is small, her potential and talent not used, her major part is as the one taking care of the kid (Doh, she's a woman - and this is a boring stereotype). She gets to show her skill in martial arts a few times though, showing she (or her stunt double - some shots make it easy to assume she has one) got them. Her only major fight though is, of course, against the female bad guy (to the sound of screeching cats... oh, come on!).

So, the beginning was promising, the second "half" disappointing. On average a 5.
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feel good comedy
gordon-wright420 August 2005
Lee Evans and Jackie Chan make this great feel good comedy a good one to watch, with great stunts as you would expect from Mr Chan and they always leave you thinking how does he do that!! Mr Lee Evans is so funny. This light- hearted comedy gives Lee Evans some brilliant scenes to show his funny visual excellence!Claire Forlani makes a great support actress. You may recognise her in that funny movie Mystery Men.There are no slow bits and the story unfolds at a nice rate. Don't miss the usual out takes we all know and love with Jackie Chan movies running through the credits. Enjoy the great locations and scenery throughout the film.
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Disappointing but likable Jackie Chan film
gridoon201813 April 2008
"The Medallion" has a pretty good first half: there are enough scenes to prove that Jackie Chan's still got it, from a fight aboard a ship (where he ties a guy's arm to his leg using his own shoelaces and a piece of clothing!) to a fun freewheeling foot chase, and other minor stunts. But after Jackie "dies" and comes back equipped with superpowers, there are no more real fight scenes for him: they are all special effects - enhanced and wired. From a pure martial arts perspective, Claire Forlani's close-quarters fights near the end are the best that the second half of this film has to offer (more proof that Sammo Hung can make anyone look like a genuine martial artist!). The story is basically a rehash of Eddie Murphy's "The Golden Child", and it has a rushed feel to it (it's probably no coincidence that the DVD contains about 15 deleted scenes). But the cast is likable: Forlani is utterly lovely, Julian Sands is ideally cast as the immortality-seeking villain, and Jackie is always Jackie. "The Medallion" will probably disappoint most martial arts fans, but those who like the main actors will definitely get some enjoyment out of it. (**)
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Too Painful to Watch, Too Loud to Sleep Through
BangPing20 September 2003
In 3 words, awful, awful, awful.

I began watching Jackie Chan movies because it was SO cool that anyone could move like that. He didn't need the stuntmen, he didn't need the CGI, he was just that good. Plus, his movies had a sense of humor that was subtle enough to be funny without feeling you were being hit in the head with a 2x4.

And now this travesty of a movie. The action scenes? CGI'd up to the point that Ben Affleck could pull 'em off. The comedy? Lame, and forced.

As I sat in shell-shocked silence at the end of the movie (having tried desperately yet unsuccessfully several times throughout to go to sleep), all I could wonder is, what was Jackie Chan thinking? :(
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It Almost Worked!!
jrat620023 August 2003
Being a long time fan of Hong Kong cinema and a big Jackie Chan fan, I had high hopes for The Medallion. Shanghai Knights was pretty good. When I saw the trailer for The Medallion, it showed Jackie performing as usual plus the cgi crap. But, I wanted to give it a chance. A lot of film experts and other sources of information gave insight into the movie, and it received a lot of promotion. I thought Jackie would return to his original style in this one considering his age. I'm going to look at two perspectives of film, the pros and cons.

PROS - There were two action scenes where Jackie doesn't do any wire martial arts nor requires cgi involvement during the first half of the movie. Given the fact that Jackie is reaching 50, he can still get down. The female lead was great. Claire Forlani exceeded my expectations of the female character, and her acting wasn't really bad either. She gets to do some martial arts herself (couldn't stand Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Tuxedo egh!!!). Lee Evans provides the comic relief along Jackie's martial arts and stunt work. I liked the way Hong Kong and American filmmakers collaborated to do the film. Look out for veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong in a supporting role as the bad guy.

CONS - The cgi incorporated into the film just didn't do it for me. Filmmakers can't use cgi for everything. I'm tired of seeing people running through trees and jumping over things that's not possible in reality. The plot in the film had to many holes and seemed to be rushed at times. Jackie's acting didn't seem to fair well including the chemistry between him and Claire. It seemed to dull. Julian Sands wasted his time in this film. Hope he takes this as a lesson learned. Bey Logan's writing skills needs a brush up before he can continue on in my opinion. I hope he doesn't utilize the same form in the upcoming movie, Kung Fu Master. The mystical kid in the movie annoyed me too much, and he only said two sentences throughout the whole movie. Repeating the Golden Child theme is just ridiculous.

All in all, the movie was alright. Compared to Jackie's recent American releases, this better than The Tuxedo but less than Shanghai Knights. Jackie doesn't have to take every movie offer he can. Take a break and come back with the Police Story series or something. This is a type of movie that can only be seen once or twice if you want to consider your judgement about the movie.

My final vote 6/10
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Jackie Chan movies are becoming their own genre
yossarian10023 December 2003
Seriously light hearted and filled with wonderful stunts and fight choreography, The Medallion is about as entertaining as an action adventure movie can be. I loved Charlie's Angels because it was fun and loaded with action and The Medallion is no different. You know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with pure entertainment. Anyway, Jackie Chan is backed up by Claire Forlani, who does an "Angels" class job with her character, and the side splitting comedy of Lee Evans as the bumbling Interpol inspector Watson. Julian Sands plays a really good bad guy, as always. By the way, does Julian Sands seem to be getting younger? I mean, he's been making movies for a long time and he certainly doesn't appear to be getting any older. Maybe he should do The Portrait Of Dorian Gray for his next film.
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The Golden Child Enter(s) the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (very minor spoilers)
teddeman19 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Not only does Jackie Chan produce some of the best action sequences of the year, he produced 'The Medallion,' literally. The result: a modern kung-fu movie that retains its eastern heritage. This movie feels like one of Chan's early re-releases. Those films, produced for Asian markets and imported to the US Big Screen, had the feel of a 70's Bruce Lee movie. The only thing keeping 'The Medallion' from fitting the mold of the past is a heavy injection of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' special effects.

The movie starts out slow, spending a great deal of time introducing characters and establishing back-story. Some of the early scenes must have ended up on the cutting room floor because there is a very confusing abrupt jump to the future after the first sequence. After regaining my senses, I realized the scenes in early Hong Kong were over-dubbed, a very cool homage to the films that made Chan popular in this country. The movie is lightly sprinkled with nearly disappointing action sequences until the power of the medallion is finally revealed.

From that point on the movie is full throttle and works on every level. Mixed in with all the newfound action is a ridiculously silly plot, incredible gags, and for good measure a slap (courtesy of Claire Forlani) of romance. After the back-story scenes ended and the action picked up, I stopped caring that everything that followed completely defied logic. The film became so blatantly over the top that my suspension of disbelief circuits overloaded. I just sat back and enjoyed the film for what it was: one of Chan's best.

The film knows its role. It tries to be nothing more than the fun filled action romp it is. It is great to see that Chan play the buddy role with actors other than Chris Tucker. In this case he does it with three of them. Lee Evans steps up and is hilarious as the bundling Interpol agent Watson. The only disappointment is that we don't get more of an explanation of his home life (you will understand this complaint after you see the film).

I don't see how anyone could not like this film. The advanced screening audience was very diverse and all applauded when it ended, and again after the out takes (like always they were hilarious). I highly recommend it and will see it again when it opens nationwide.
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One of Jackie's worst!
Wizard-83 January 2004
They had $35 million or so dollars to make this movie! If you've seen plenty of Hong Kong movies like I have, you know they are able to stretch a dollar to incredible levels. So you might think that this would be the Hong Kong movie to rule over all others.

Think again! The first and obvious mistake they made was having Jackie using wirework and other special effects. Huh? Did they somehow forget that Jackie made a name for himself by NOT using wirework and special effects? Plus, you could see that he was taking real risks by not using that stuff, so his antics were more thrilling and entertaining as a result. Also, ANYONE could have easily done what Jackie did in this movie because of all the special effects work - so what was the point of hiring Jackie?

Even with all the money and time put into these action sequences, they are a mess. The editing gives us a different shot every millisecond or so, making it hard to get a handle on the action. (Also, the camera was a lot closer to the action than in Jackie's other movies, so much so that even seeing the movie in widescreen still makes it confusing at times.) Look at Jackie's other movies - the camera stays back, and the editing is kept to a minimum. We see everything of the action in those movies, and the minimum editing prevents any breaks in building excitement.

Speaking of editing, the American editors did a TERRIBLE job altering it for North American audiences. The story makes no sense, with even a lot of the minor details not being explained. (For example, the surprise revelation of Watson's wife.) The DVD contains a number of deleted scenes, though watching them clears up very little of the confusion - in fact, the deleted scenes just reveal new murky details that add MORE confusion! I suspect there were a number of other scenes cut that did explain things better, but that were left out by Sony in perhaps embarrassing realization their American editors did a terrible job.

But even with a story that would make no sense, this would still be tough going, not just with the mishandled action scenes but also because of the movie's incredibly bad sense of humor. Particularly with Lee Evans' character, who is unbelievably annoying - at least the editors showed SOME sense by cutting out some of his painful scenes. So even if you have a region-free DVD machine and are a die-hard fan of Jackie, I strongly suggest you don't even pick up the Asian DVD release of this movie when it comes out!
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Underrated Jackie Chan Film,That's Pretty Entertaining With Fantastic Performances All Around!
callanvass14 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is an underrated Jackie Chan film, that's pretty entertaining, with fantastic performances all around!. It's very well made, and i thought the special effects were great, plus Jackie Chan and Claire Forlani had amazing chemistry together!. Most critics panned this film, however i found it to be pretty entertaining, and sure while it's no masterpiece, it's a pretty fun film, with lots of exciting action and a cool, story, plus all the characters were great!. Lee Evans is extremely hilarious here, and i was really surprised by how much i enjoyed it, plus the finale was awesome!. Julian Sands is very menacing as the main villain, and i really dug the plot, plus Jackie's stunts were incredible as usual!.This is an underrated Jackie Chan film, that's pretty entertaining, with fantastic performances all around!, and i highly recommend it!. The Direction is pretty good. Gordon Chan does a good job here, with good camera work, good angles, some stylish shots here and there, and keeping the film at a fast pace!. The Acting is awesome!. Jakcie Chan is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, funny, had amazing chemistry with Forlani, kicked that ass, was tons of fun to watch and really seemed to being enjoying himself! (Jackie Rules!). Claire Forlani is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, and is amazing here, she is incredibly sexy, extremely likable, had amazing chemistry, with Jackie, is excellent in the acting department, and is one of the most gorgeous woman i have ever seen!. Julian Sands is great as the main villain, he was evil, and was also pretty menacing!, i loved him as usual (Sands rules). John Rhys-Davies has barely anything to do, he did okay i guess. The boy does really good. Rest of the cast are fine. Overall i highly recommend it!. ***1/2 out of 5
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Great action/comedy movie.
zireable24 August 2003
This was an awesome movie. I dont understand what all these bad reviews are all about. I enjoyed this movie cause of the nonstop humor by chan and evans and the fight scenes were great. Choppy at times but thats hollywoods fault. And finally chan gets the girl. I was so happy for him. And the music was great. If u want to go see a good action/comedy movie then go see this 90 minute fun filled jackie chan movie. Enjoy!
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What we didn't see, what we should have seen.
GOChanFANatic23 August 2003
I was really anticipated about this film, but I found out that this movie, like most of Jackie Chan's movies from Hong Kong that came here to the U.S. and the rest of the world get cut and shortened. I am a Jackie Chan fanatic and I can always tell whether Jackie's Hong Kong produced movies get cut or not. "THE MEDALLION was sure cut down to 89 minutes from its original 116 minutes" ( Like little bits and pieces which makes the movie feel short and you think to your self that, "I paid this much to watch this short of an action movie?"

I feel the fighting got cut short too. It would have been better to see the longer length of a fight scenes. I feel the action will be considered choreographed well if it was the full movie. Although, I enjoyed this movie. It had some very funny stuff in it thanks to Lee Evan's antics. Jackie did an OK job, but not his best. It also seems we see the other co-actors, Lee Evans and Claire Forlani pretty evenly seen throughout the movie with Jackie Chan. This movie was entertaining for everyone I was with in the theaters. Lots of crying and laughing. The children in the theaters liked it. If there wasn't sex jokes this movie could have been better for the whole family. I feel that you should try and wait until this movie comes out on VHS and DVD to rent and or own because this version of THE MEDALLION made the CUT and lots of bits and pieces of it. If you are a Jackie Chan fan like me go see the movie and see what you think.

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How come a film like this is ever released??
egilDOTnet4 December 2004
First, I have to tell you - I am a HUGE Jackie Chan fan. His mix of comedy and martial arts is a thrill to watch - under normal circumstances that is. Whatever made Jackie decide he wanted to do this movie I don't know, and frankly - I don't think I want to know!

The story, or what's left of it, is like a copy of "The Golden Child" from Eddie Murphys black years (pun intended). However, its even worse than Golden Child - where GC had some laughs, this one really have nothing to show. Well, to be honest, the first 10-15 minutes is not THAT bad, but apart from that it's really horrible. In the DVD commentary, the director is actually trying to tell us the plot along the way! Thats how bad this movie is.

The supposedly funny sidekick appearing with Chan, Lee Evans, is a total disaster. Don't know whatever he has been doing before, but he acts like this is a children movie. Maybe it should be.

CGI and Jackie Chan is just an awful combination. I would not touch this flick even with a virtual 3 feet pole if I were you. Fix your act, Jackie!!!
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Surprisingly very enjoyable
Jaroslav Penaz17 August 2005
I must say I didn't take care about renting this movie because of so many negative reviews, but when I saw it I was very fairly surprised. It's different from other Jackie movies, but who would like to make the same sort of movies for so many years?? Those who criticize this movie for having short action scenes, special effects, wires and so on should realize, that Jackie is not that young guy anymore and it's harder and harder for him to do the same difficult stunts he did when he was 30. In this move Jackie uses many special effects and wire-work, so in some battles he fights like Jet Li, runs across branches, jumps into unbelievable heights...... The movie contains some very good acting (the only character I really disliked almost from the beginning of the movie was Lee Evans, he seemed to me like a bad parody on Mr. Bean), some corny dialogues and funny moments, big amount of fantasy and mysticism, great stunts (especially the one where he chases one villain across the city, running over walls, jumping across fences etc.- some wires were used but that doesn't make it less amusing) and some fantastic fight scenes. I really enjoyed the fight on the ship when Jackie in a diving suit gradually fights one baddie after another- this scene is without wires and Jackie shows off some excellent moves. Another great fight scene is one of the final ones in Snakehead's cave (or whatever it is). Many special effects are used in this one so Jackie fights like a modern version of Jet Li, it's very short, but absolutely amazing. I consider this one of the greatest movies I have lately seen.
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Judge not, lest ye be judged!
uds31 November 2003
There is a trick to enjoying a film like this, See it for what it IS! Not for what you WANT it to be or for what you believe it MIGHT have been.

This film is entertaining. It is not meaningful, self-indulgent, complex or even particularly original. There are good guys and bad guys. That's all you need to know! It may well be seen as an under-achiever in the action, plot, direction, sound, romance and even the comedy aspects..HOWEVER it is a quirky, often funny and curiously likeable little flick....infinitely MORE than the sum of its parts admittedly.

Seems to be fashionable to knock Chan's martial artistry these days. "Kwai Chang Caine" (yeah right..."who's that???") is getting a tad long in the tooth too but check out KILL BILL Vol 2 when it comes out! Seems to me Jackie hasn't lost a whole lot....lets see how many rounds his critics might last with him when THEY are his age! This is in essence a fun family movie with no message, no purpose and no hard violence. Sure Lee Evans grates at times - he shares a couple of excruciatingly funny scenes with Chan but for the most part is a complete ass! Forlani more than compensates though. Julian Sands always DID have the charisma of a dead woodpecker. He probably reached the zenith of his career with WARLOCK. Actually he was lucky to still HAVE a career after BOXING HELENA. He must be the first name on every Producer's list when they need a "flying bad guy."

So how about you all cut this film some slack. Live with the hacked editing and just see if you can't find something decent to say about it. For myself, I figure it makes it to a 5.8.
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'Medallion' doesn't score high with other Chan movies, but it's fun enough and better than his bomb 'The Tuxedo'
kibler@adelphia.net23 December 2003
Medallion, The - Hong Kong detective, while hot on the heels of a megalomaniac bad guy, dies after an accident to save a young Chinese boy known as `the chosen one', but is resurrected by the boy's supernatural medallion that grants him immortality and invincibility. Chan's physical grace is still intact while the large-scale martial arts moves are replaced more than augmented with cartoonish special effects. The English dubbing is typically shoddy and the script witless (with much credit due to Evans' idiotic ways), but the movie is an OK, nondescript diversion. ** ½
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What a waste of Lee Evans!
sarahcyn5 May 2004
What a dreadful movie. Even my children were bored. I thought the point of Jackie Chan was that he did his own stunts? Isn't that his main claim to fame? So what is the point of having half the film devoted to boring CGI stuff with people flying around and disappearing in puffs of smoke and so on? And if you are going to hire a REAL genius like Lee Evans for your comic relief, why not use him properly, let him do his own thing, instead of making him adopt a silly I-say-old-boy accent and utter lamentable lines? It's a shame as Jackie Chan comes over very appealingly on screen, he has a genuinely warm and affable screen presence. The romantic element is especially embarrassing. The film looks as though it's been chopped about like chicken livers to end up with an incomprehensible plot of no interest whatsoever.
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A sloppy effort best watched on DVD..
movielad23 April 2004
Despite going on 50, Jackie Chan is still up to his antics in this action and special effects filled fantasy.

What could have been a fantastic film ends up a complete mess what appears due to studio interference. Silly music cues, unfunny 'comedic' moments and sloppy editing (and blatant continuity mistakes) has resulted in a mish-mash of various sequences thrown together to resemble what looks like a plot.

Good points - the special effects. However, I must admit to being biased. Claire Forlani, Jackie Chan and Lee Evans. Good cast - but not put to good use at all. There are very few laughs in this film (but at least there are some!). The fine action work by Jackie and the stunt team. You can't fault that.

Bad points - just about everything else.

This is a film you'd probably best off renting when drunk or when there really isn't much else on the TV.

On DVD, you get a decent enough audio commentary from the producer and editor and some deleted scenes.
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filmboydoug24 August 2003
Poor movie. Even worse than The Tuxedo even though it has a similar plot. I am also growing tired of wire-fu fight scenes. One bright spot is a chase scene where Jackie climbs a 15 gate, squeezes through a grate and climbs back down faster than I can sit down on my couch. All this being said, I would be happy to pay $7 just to watch Claire Forlani drink a cup of coffee.
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Waste of money.
Streetwolf4 October 2003
Lately every Jackie Chan movie i've seen has been a disappointment, I really didn't expect much from this movie and i was right.

Eddie is a Hong Kong cop helping Interpol grab a criminal called Snakehead, who seems to be after an ancient medallion and its a keeper, a young boy, who has been chosen to give life, power and immortality to whomever he heals with it. After the boy is kidnapped during a failed attempt of capturing Snakehead, Eddie is sent to Dublin, Ireland to continue his investigation with Watson, a nerdy Interpol officer, who can't seem to get anything right and Laura, another Interpol officer, who has a history with Eddie. When Eddie dies whilst saving the boy, the boy gives life back to Eddie, which leads him to discover new things about himself.

The movie is senseless, the comedy sidekick (Lee Evans) Watson is a total bore and the only thing good about this movie were the few stunts and scenes by Jackie himself, I'm still wondering how he managed to fit through that gate, but I guess that's just Jackie. I was going to give a 1/10 but because of that gate scene Im rating it a 2/10 in hopes that Jackie makes some decent movies in the future.
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Jackie who ??
CelluloidRehab6 July 2004
This is not one of Jackie's best movies. The story is fantastical to a fault. The action sequences are very over the top with the wire-fu (a divergency from other Jackie movies - which usually pride themselves on their "realism"). The movie does have its good qualities. It is a quick, semi-amusing romp through a comic book type story. The plot has more holes than swiss cheese. The biggest problem with this movie is : Lee Evans. You are wishing the character would disappear in a painful accident/violent death. He is not funny and quite annoying. Any scene that could have been funny, are ruined by his presence. There are problems with the audio and the lip synching even when they speak English. Seems as if the audio was placed or recorded after the movie was filmed. Also, Julian Sands as a "martial arts" nemesis .. is quite comical. He is a great villain of the subtle kind, not the physical kind. Also funny to see Julian turn into a stunt man during the fight scenes. The same goes for Claire Forlani. Even the outtakes were a little boring (especially the Lee Evans sequences). How good can a Jackie Chan movie be, when Jackie's character is not called Jackie ??
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