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One of the nastier 'pink' films...
The_Void25 January 2008
I didn't go into this film expecting anything brilliant or anything not sadistic and nasty, and it's a good job because this film is extremely sadistic and nasty, and also not all that good. The film is a part of the more nasty side of the popular Japanese 'pink' films, features plenty of torturous S&M sequences and isn't short on graphic (though imaginative) violence in general. It's short at only sixty five minutes (unless of course, I saw a cut version) and it's a good job really because there's barely enough plot to cover the running time it does have. The film is basically about a couple of photographers who kidnap, rape and torture a model. One of the kidnappers starts to feel sorry for their victim, and in the film's most memorable sequence - cuts his accomplice's penis off while it's still in the girl! That will either make you desperate to see this film or make you want to avoid it. Unfortunately, my copy was in Japanese and didn't feature subtitles; I didn't think it would matter much, but the film did feature quite a bit of dialogue so I'm not sure. Anyway, the film delivered what I expected so I guess I can't really complain - but I wouldn't consider myself a fan of it.
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Japanese depravity at its best.
HumanoidOfFlesh31 October 2006
Two bondage sadists kidnap,rape and torture a female singer in their apartment.They invite also a weird S&M woman to join the sexual torture.She tubes the boa constrictor's head with a vaseline and shoves it up the victim's vagina."All Women Are Whores" is a very disturbing and sadistic pinku eiga flick.The director of countless S&M pinku rape films Shogoro Nishimura delivers tons of sleaze in this sexually violent masterpiece of misogynistic mayhem.The film contains the usual whipping,raping and humiliation common to this kind of sick exploitation cinema.The scene where one of the rapists cuts off the penis of his companion while it's still inside the female singer has to be seen to be believed.I have seen a good amount of pinku eiga and "All Women Are Whores" is certainly one of the nastiest.A must-see! 8 out of 10.
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Sadistic entry from an era now history
fertilecelluloid26 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Director Shogoro Nishimura did not have a signature style like Yasaharu Hasebe or Norifumi Suzuki, but he did churn out close to eighty pink films. In this outing, two perverts kidnap a woman and subject her to a fiend's catalog of humiliation and abuse. They use knives, snakes, rope and guns to threaten and torment her. The film ends as police close in on the perverts' headquarters. Although this is a very sadistic pink film, its pedestrian direction and monotony let it down. Nikkatsu made hundreds of similar films with entries such as "Captured For Sex 2", "Beautiful Girl Hunter" and "White Rose Campus: Then, Everybody Gets Raped" being stand-outs. This is more like "Female Market", a standard addition to the genre that benefited from its extreme and misogynistic spirit. A penis is severed with a knife and there are enough whippings to satisfy enthusiasts. Basing entire features on the perpetration of sexual abuse was a novel concept in the late 70's and early 80's. Now, it is commonplace in both Euro, Japanese and US hardcore. These Nikkatsu features were different because they were shot on film and made by artists and technicians who were more than opportunistic pornographers. "All Women Are Whores" is not anything original or dazzling, but it is an interesting recording of an era that is now history.
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Super Sleazy But Thoroughly Hollow Pinku "Shocker"...
EVOL6664 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First of all - I apologize in advance for any confusion regarding the title/content of this film. I saw it under the title ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES, but in the DVD provided to me it's also listed under the Japanese title DAN ONIROKU HAKUI NAWA JIGOKU. When researching the Japanese title, the English translation is WHITE UNIFORM IN ROPE HELL (according to Thomas Weisser's Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films) though the description in that book describes an entirely different film altogether. Since there is no IMBb listing for ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES - I'm reviewing this film under the Japanese title as listed on my disc. Wheter or not this film is also ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES is a mystery to me at this point, or if the film I saw is even DAN ONIROKU HAKUI NAWA JIGOKU either. If anyone has any clarifying info - feel free to PM me.

With that out of the way - this film is an exceedingly sleazy Nikkatsu "shocker" that is heavy on perversion and weak on storyline. This is another that has no subs/dubs, so I had to fend for myself to figure out what was going on - but again, plot takes a backseat to sleaze in this one...

Two male photographers kidnap a singer on her wedding day and abuse her with rope-bondage, dildos, whipping, etc...Some other lady comes in and sticks a snake in the pop-stars cooch. One of the male photogs seems to catch feelings for the tortured woman, so he starts getting irritated at the other captors for their cruel treatment of their victim. The "sensitive" kidnapper accidentally kills the snake-handler woman - and when his buddy rapes the bound singer, the nice-guy gets mad, stabs him in the back, and cuts his ding-ding off while he's still boning her (!!!). He then starts to have his own way with the bound girl (after he pulls his boys severed dong out of her, of course...) only to find that she now craves the brutal treatment she had been previously exposed to...

Other than the heavy S&M and violence aspects (which are definitely a plus...) the storyline is very similar to many other more noteworthy pinku films, such as WIFE TO BE SACRIFICE, among others. The concept of a woman being tortured not only into submission, but into pleasure is a common theme in these films. Nothing new brought to the table in this entry story-wise, but the strong misogynistic sex and violence are noteworthy (hence the decent rating). Not a ground-breaking film, but worth a look to hardcore pinku fans...7/10
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this is not the Nishimura film which translates as, White Uniform in Rope Hell
christopher-underwood22 January 2009
Because the IMDb site search brings up Shogoro Nishimura's, Dan Oniroku Hakui Nawa Jigoku when entering, All Women are Whores, I'm putting in my few pence worth there too, but this is not the Nishimura film which translates as, White Uniform in Rope Hell. Indeed this film has none of the style of the famous director, seems very flat and made on a very low budget. That said it is very mean and nasty and it could be argued that if you are making a misogynist movie just how 'nice' do you want it to look? Others have attested to the main ingredients, abduction, humiliation, bondage, S&M photographs etc and the first half of the film begins to drag under the monotony of the continuing set-up but then things change, the abuse becomes grander and somehow less grubby as thanks to the addition of a female abuser with a snake, this flat little movie soars into some delirious state of near madness with much blood and death.
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Correcting others' misidentifying of movie.
tensaip14 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Mainly, I want to clear up the confusion which has arisen among reviewers due to their lack of Japanese literacy. Those reviewers have conflated "Dan Oniroku Hakui Nawa Jigoku (1980)" with the similarly titled "Dan Oniroku Bara Jigoku (1980)" {aka "Rose Hell"}. This is mainly due to an error on the internationally released DVD which misidentifies the Romanized title of the latter film.

"Dan Oniroku Bara Jigoku" is the film in which two pornographers abduct a girl and hold her in their own apartment. "Dan Oniroku Hakui Nawa Jigoku" {aka "White Uniform Rope Hell"} is the story of a lesbian nurse who quits both pursuits after marrying a clueless male doctor, only to find herself extorted by underground pornographers (after having been raped by them) into starring in their live sex shows.

As Nikkatsu entries of the late Disco Era go, this offering is very rote. It is cinematically competent; but there's really nothing to distinguish it from its contemporaries, aside from the relative novelty of a lesbian main character and libertine-feminist theme.
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