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Thn Interviews King of Devil’s Island Director Marius Holst

Marius Holst’s latest film King Of Devil’S Island (2011) has just had its DVD and Blu-ray release in the UK, and it’s been deservedly getting a load of positive reviews. The story follows the imprisonment of newcomer, Erling on the island of Bastøy – a notorious Norwegian reform centre for young boys famous for its harsh conditions (ironically Bastøy today boasts one of the most liberal prisons around).

Marius, whose other film credits include Dragonflies (2001) and Mirush (2007), recently took the time to speak to Thn about freezing film conditions, how to juggle professional and amateur actors, and the urban legend that is Bastøy island.

First of all Marius cleared up an internet rumour that the film had been shot in 54 days.

Actually that’s a false rumour! It was shot in 47 days. I don’t know when but it ended up on the net somewhere. We shot it in 47 days.
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King Of Devil's Island

A group of young inmates fight for their right to freedom.

Marius Holst (Blodsband, Dragonflies) offers another of his youth-centred dramas with the brutal true story of an uprising at a notorious Norwegian borstal. Despite some predictable plot points - sexual abuse, suicide, futile escape attempts - his film distinguishes itself from the likes of Scum and the recent Dog Pound through an impressively mounted period atmosphere and some excellent work from his...
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