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Like a whacked pinata, it spills over with treasures - and one of the best things to fall out is Steve Buscemi, doing a riotously meek variation on the mad-scientist-with-cracked-lenses-and-lab-coat bit.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Blissfully entertaining sequel to last year's Spy Kids, Rodriguez is once again just as good -- if not better -- than the gadgets at hand.
Though it's longer and more elaborate than it needs to be, it shares its predecessor's smart but relaxed sense of humor, a sophisticated imagination and the ability to be sharp and playful without being malicious.
Chicago Sun-Times
The whole film has a lively Mexican-American tilt, from the Hispanic backgrounds of the young actors to the surprise appearance of none other than Ricardo Montalban, as Grandpa, in a wheelchair with helicopter capabilities.
Entertainment Weekly
The inventiveness is still superior and the network of fiends and family is extended.
Though slightly lacking in the warmth of the first, should no doubt please audiences.
New York Daily News
It's a wonderfully silly family movie that holds its audience in high regard.
A children's movie done with genuinely youthful spirit and an easy self-kidding mastery of its own high-tech gadgetry.
New York Post
Has enough heart and smarts to recommend it as one of the season's worthier family entertainments.
Has once again caught lightning in a bottle and unleashed it on audiences, blending humor, adventure, and a lot of nifty special effects-enabled gadgets and creatures into a movie that provides 1 1/2 hours of unfettered entertainment for children, grandparents, and everyone in between.
Eye-catching and entertaining but less inspired than the original.
Philadelphia Inquirer
To the delight of gadgetheads and the dismay of the rest of us, Spy Kids' paraphernalia is better developed and considerably more fun than its story.

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