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The acting is superb, the filmmaking is imaginative, and the story never goes quite where you expect.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
So intimate and sensual and funny and psychologically self-revealing that it makes most of what passes for sex in the movies look like cheap hysterics.
Late Marriage will assuredly rank as one of the cleverest, most deceptively amusing comedies of the year.
Entertainment Weekly
Watch for the director's own mother, Lili Kosashvili, a standout as Zaza's fierce, stately mama.
Baltimore Sun
Until the final shot, the movie keeps you wondering how it will turn out.
Washington Post
Late Marriage is a closely observed, somewhat funny, ultimately very sad movie.
Chicago Sun-Times
The most important sequence in Late Marriage is a refreshingly frank sex scene involving Zaza and Judith. -- Watching this scene, we realize that most sex scenes in the movies play like auditions.
This superbly played film, directed with remarkable skill for a first-time feature filmmaker, is truly an adult drama.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Up and down, Late Marriage is definitely rocky, but there's never a point where we lose interest and want out -- as relationships go, that's not bad.
Miami Herald
Late Marriage's stiffness is unlikely to demonstrate the emotional clout to sweep U.S. viewers off their feet.

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