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Adam Carolla on Porn, Patent Trolls and Lena Dunham

Adam Carolla on Porn, Patent Trolls and Lena Dunham
“I’ve always wanted to do a home improvement show,” says Adam Carolla, while driving to a racetrack in Northern California. He got his wish with Spike TV’s Catch a Contractor, where Carolla, a licensed contractor named Skip Bedell and his detective wife lure deadbeat contractors to a house and confront them; the accused can either finish the job or endure a legal battle. “It sounded wildly uncomfortable to me because a lot of these guys are volatile and scary – and I just thought it'd definitely be the kind
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Before I Forget

Forty years ago, some members of the gay community took issue with the parade of self-pitying, self-hating queens in Mart Crowley's play (and subsequent film) The Boys In The Band, but is there really that much distance between Crowley's lonely New Yorkers and the network of Parisian hustlers and ex-hustlers in Jacques Nolot's more aesthetically respectable Before I Forget? As he did in his films Porn Theater and Hinterland, Nolot casts himself in Before I Forget as a retired, HIV-infected lothario approaching his golden years with a mixture of dread and resignation. He spends his days commiserating with old friends about the price of prostitutes and how the world they knew is collapsing, and his nights staring at an unfinished manuscript and worrying about what kind of legacy he's going to leave behind. Nearly everyone in the film is bitter and loveless, governed by desires and self-absorption. It's hardly a.
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Opening This Week: British gangsters, mock doormen, Lou Reed

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By Neil Pedley

This week sees the opening of "The Dark Knight." Advance marketing and coverage might have you believe that that, apparently, is all, but there are other films coming out this week well worth your time. (Besides, "The Dark Knight" is totally going to be sold out.)

"A Very British Gangster"

With Britain in the midst of a youth crime epidemic, Irish investigative reporter Donald McIntyre takes an unflinching look at Dominic Noonan, a granddad of the English gangland who's spent over half his life behind bars. Having legally changed his name to Lattlay Fottfoy (an acronym of the Noonan motto . "Look After Those That Look After You; Fuck Off Those That Fuck Off You"), the openly gay head of Manchester's most notorious crime family shows off his gentler side as a man who uses his reputation to position himself as a "problem solver" more concerned with the
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