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These people ought to be ashamed of themselves

Author: edmundmuskie from America
9 February 2003

They have the audacity to call themselves journalists but they are nothing of the sort. They are right wing commentators that are out to advance the conservative cause. These people are nothing but crackpots. The show is so polarizing. The beginning of the show has a picture of Sean Hannity and it shows the word conservative and Republican. Then it shows a picture of Alan Colmes and it says liberal and then Democrat. While there are a lot of conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats that is not always true and it is awful that those sides should be so polarized, but that is all FOX news does.

The show is so one sided. I seriously doubt that Alan Colmes is a real liberal he really doesn't act like someone that is so liberal. And the guests they bring on are silly and stupid. They bring on these ultra conservative radio talk show people that do not present any facts but just bash liberals and do their best Rush Limbaugh impersonations, the best example of which is Mike Gallagher who is so far out there.

The show is not news it is entertainment, it masks itself as news but there is little news in it as these people are out to entertain you and not to inform you. FOX news has lied on many occasions, the most notable of which was a supposed military expert hired by FOX news that was never in the military as well as a false report in March of 2002 that American troops were attacking Iraq. And Sean Hannity has very few arguments to back up his beliefs all he does is insult and cut at his opponents. He offers no facts but her offers plenty of insults and put downs as many of his conservative guests do.

I call Sean Hannity Dan Fielding and Alan Colmes Judge stone, the reference to the Night Court characters. Sean Hannity resembles the pompous insulting Dan Fielding, while Alan Colmes is an unassuming comedian that wears glasses, the show Night Court and these two bring through their respective court room and studio all kinds of loons that are often crazy and really strange, the prisoners on Night Court and the people on Hannity and Colmes are on the same level. I guess I shouldn't be surprised this is from the same man, Rupert Murdoch that had the celebrity boxing. This show is proof something is seriously wrong with this country. This and Joe Millionaire.

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Conservative vs. Socialists

Author: techiehire from United States
2 May 2007

Often comical and controversial, always entertaining and informative, Sean Hannity, an articulate American patriot, battles the promoters of a socialist America, ie. the Liberals. He does so with respect, tact, and intellectual logical proofs. He debunks common liberal myths and fallacies injected into the veins of Americans via mainstream media biases. The current liberal media slants the truth and propagates casuistries which promote their liberal political agenda. He debates, alongside his liberal sidekick Allan Colmes, who always argues with conservative guests. The show normally takes a controversial issue or comment in the news and invites guests usually experts, eg. politicians, authors and the like, to discuss and debate it. Sometimes they have multiple guests who share their insight on the issues. Hannity has a policy that if you can't answer his very specific question with a very concise yes or no answer, you're not ready to honestly and openly debate an issue. A person must be ready to disclose his or her beliefs on the relevant issues. Hannity has his own nationally syndicated radio show airing weekdays 3:00 to 6:00pm Eastern time.

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Men (H & C): Talk About Something Else Once In Awhile!

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
28 February 2008

Overall, this was a much better show before the 2008 elections began. Regardless of what political party you belong to, I would think most people don't want to hear about the candidates EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for 18 months! Give it a rest, boys.

But that's today's media for you: overkill everything. Frankly, after 90 straight days of election talk back in the middle of 2007, I gave up on this program. It's too much of the same now: same guests, same comments, same bias on both sides.

Hopefully, when the election is over, these guys will go back and discuss a variety of topics each night.

If you want an example of why Sean Hannity gets so upset at times, just read some of moronic, hateful lines the Left Loonies have printed in these IMDb reviews. It's hard to have an intelligent conversation with people when one side only knows how to call names and has very few solutions to any problem. It's also frustrating when the other side - Liberals - wants to tear down, as Hannity often points out - everything the Founding Fathers of the United States put down on paper - and begin their own secular nation in which principals are thrown out the window. So, as one our recent Presidents liked to opine, "I feel your pain," Sean.

What I don't like about Hannity, to be fair, is all the shouting and interruptions against those he differs. I know he's passionate, but he needs to chill a bit.

Alan Combs, the Liberal counterpart to Hannity, has a much better demeanor and comes across in a much more civil manner. The other problem with Alan is that he's wrong 98 percent of the time....but I like his personality.

This was an interesting talk show until they decided to talk only about one subject.

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These funny comments

Author: pageiv from Flint, MI
6 January 2008

I love debate shows, the original Crossfire remains the best, this one is like crossfire on crack, before they put Crossfire on crack and killed the show.

This isn't a royal PBS debate show, this is political entertainment, which gets to me after a bit. They really don't take the time to get to the issue and only are interested in letting the guest spout off to each other. But, unfortunately that's the way "news" is these days.

I'm very Conservative, but Hannity gets to me. I guess it's his debating style. "What about President Clinton?" he always spouts off regardless of what the issue is. I do agree the debates a better when someone else is hosting the "Colmes" spot.

But I'm perplexed, and extremely amused, by the hate filled comments here. Claiming because a show has a rightward tilt somehow it is an indication of a Neo-Nazi take over of America. You can say Colmes is weak, or Hannity is a blowhard, but wishing Hannity death, or blaming this show for "brainwashing" America is intellectually weak.

BTW: Bring back Crossfire CNN!

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Alright, most of the time

Author: jdemarre3000
10 March 2007

Reading the comments here is rather funny. They seem to be commenting on whether they love or hate Sean Hannity's views or whether or not they think that Fox News is run by a bunch of neocon hacks trying to take over the world. I don't think this is the place that should be discussed. So, I think I'll go out on a limb and actually comment on the show itself.

This show is alright, most of the time. It gets old quick sometimes though, as there's Sean and Alan and then the respective conservative and liberal guests all going off at once yelling at each other like a bunch of third graders. That's really annoying and not very conducive to an intelligent discussion.

On the right side, Sean Hannity tends to nitpick about whether or not guests literally answer his question in a "yes or no" when he could be talking about the actual issues. He comes across as a blow-hard sometimes and usually will unfailingly stand by the "mainstream" Republican side of an issue.

On the left side, Alan Colmes tends to go off topic with his questions. Particularly when conservatives are alleging Democrats are wrong on an issue, Alan seems to go off and talk about how some Republican also supports whatever the issue is.

All in all though, the debate can be quite interesting sometimes as they often have relevant guests discussing relevant issues, but all too often they end up in shouting matches that aren't exactly conducive to an intelligent discussion. Sort of like the comments here, a bunch of irrational ideologues missing the point and barking their respective at each other.

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HANNITY & COLMES, The Ying and Yang of The American Political Scene (and an Hour-a-Day Well-Spent !)

Author: John T. Ryan ( from United States
27 August 2007

The launching of an All- News Cable Channel, designed to operate 24-7 calls for plenty of current opinion/interview programing to go along with the hourly or half-hourly News Report. Confusing? Let us try to reason together and examine this issue closer. When is it "News Reporting" and when do we have "News & Commentery"? In order to examine these questions, Let Us Now First Return To Those Eearly Days Of Yesteryear, When..........

Yeah, the year was 1964. Little 18 year old punk Jack Ryan had just been released from High School. It was St. Rita High School here on Chicago's Southside that certified this kid with a real Diploma. What to do next? Never having given any thought to future plans and never or higher education. So, naturally, it was to the City College of Chicago, Woodrow Wilson Branch, that I matriculated. So now, education with members of the opposite sex! And there was no rules making attendance compulsory.

It was at this time that a true education was coming my way. We had always been told that this is America and we have a God Given Right to Speak, Write, Believe, Vote and Worship in whatever way we choose, as long as we do no harm to our neighbor in the process. Well, I forgot that this was heavily Democratic Chicago, Cook County. The "Liberals" were out in force, pledging to 'help the down-trodden' minorities and bring them freedom and equality. (Notice the patronizing, elitist down talking? It's the tone they used and feel today, even.) Well, one October day that Election Year, we had some substitute for our instructor in English 101. Our regular guy, Mr. "M" was out, so this Lady Teacher brought in some kind of half-fast mimeographed "quiz" paper for us to take as a "study aid." The "Quiz" contained a series of sentences that had some grammatical errors or didn't. The "Student" would select his or hers own proper choice. (Mind you, this BS was being used in a College Level Class!) The thing that reminded me most of our discussion of HANNITY & COLMES is one of the asinine sentences. It read just about lika thisa: "The Tribune's Editorials are Biased."(all the quiz sentences were 'relevant to the '64 Presidential Election Campaign.) We were indeed in this "Peoples' Republic of Chicago" and I had been taught that you don't voice opinions contrary to the (Cook County Democrat)Party Line. But this silly, obviously politically charged slur on the Chicago Tribune's traditional Republican endorsements.

But years later it dawned on me, (duh!) ALL EDITORIALS ARE BIASED! By their very natured, they all ready had a certain point of view on whatever subject. This is separate from the News Reporting, which involves the Who, What, How, Where and When of any incident being reported. It's when somebody puts the Why into the story that we have our news "Editorialized", hence slanted, spun or otherwise prostituted for one's political agenda.

FOX NEWS CHANNEL boasts the slogan, "We Report, You Decide." As far as we can tell, they do stick to the spirit and letter of their platitude. They do keep the news separate from the Analysis/Commentery programming. The two are like the News and the Op Ed Page in a daily paper.

HANNITY & COLMES provides a sterling example of a News/Current Events Commentery program can and does work. Sean Hannity is the Resident Conservative & Alan Colmes is the House Liberal. Their time in questioning a guest is meticulously divided between the two. They constantly rib each other and each others candidates. But they remain civil to all.

Time was when our Elected Officials in Government at all levels left the disagreements on the floors of their respective offices or legislative chambers. Outside the Business of the Hallowed Halls, men from both parties, from the Left or the Right, all socialized together. John F. Kennedy and Barry Goldwater were very close personally as well as on the party scene. Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan often did some elbow bending at a certain Alexandria Irish Pub.

With the old line "Big 3" networks News Departments now having shown to be less than honest, the whole nation has turned to what has come to be called "alternate" news sources. With the internet, the "Blogosphere" and outlets like FOX NEWS, with the likes of HANNITY & COLMES, have stepped in to fill the void left vacated by the former all-powerful.

It can all be summed up with the old, oft quoted proverb: "I May Not Agree with what You Say, But I Will Fight to my Death to Defend Your Right To Say It!"

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Engaging and Informative

Author: blaisecollura from United States
21 December 2006

Hannity and Colmes has been a staple of my news intake for several years now. I find their debates interesting and their guests even more interesting.

The large amount of viewers garnered by most Fox News prime-time shows allows for some interesting guests to appear on the show, from both sides of the aisle. But Hannity and Colmes takes the cake, numerous appearances by people like Ann Coulter or Al Sharpton can be seen, along with the intelligent debate from the neo-conservative Sean Hannity and the Liberal-minded Alan Colmes.

If you want the news in rapid-fire fashion, this show is not for you. If you want to understand the news as both sides see it, then I highly recommend it.

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I don't get it

Author: wdevercelly from United States
22 June 2006

Colmes is weak - not because he's liberal, but because he's just weak. We all know that Hannity is aggressive and that's all I'll say about him.

I've been thinking that liberals seem indecisive and waffly because they are willing to listen to reason and a good argument where the conservatives think that they know everything and that nothing ever changes. This "balance" leaves liberals looking vulnerable. Heck, I wish that I could be that narrow-minded and sure. Trouble is that I can't. I guess I'm one of Coulter's weak-wristed commies.

What bugs me more than anything is the way that Fox News masquerades as news when it's really mainly opinion and commentary with a heavy (clumsy, actually) right-handed spin. I really doubt that the producers at CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, ABC, CBS and NBC meet every morning and tell their staffs to "lean left" and attack any and all conservatives at every opportunity. I don't think that they are trying to impeach the entire Bush/GOP government (they do have the majority across the board) any more or less than they reported on the Clinton administration with all of it's foibles. It's NEWS, people - not politics. Fox is trying to remake news into politics. Let's hope that they fail.

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Very outstanding debate show

Author: ksau-1 from United States
14 November 2006

Sean Hannity is finally a voice of reason on the airwaves. Alan Colmes is somewhat ineffectual as a foil for Sean Hannity, primarily because his views are emotionally based, and cannot stand against vile things like Reason, and Cause and Effect.

There is a cry to censure this show, as neither left leaning guests like Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel and the others, nor Alan Colmes can back up their position with rational thought. This is unfortunate.

For a long time, I wanted a stronger proponent from the left, but after considering all of them, the left's best attack is attacking the person rather than the thought, and there is no one capable of entering the realm of ideas from the left, and presenting a cogent argument of fact.

People wanting Fox taken off of the air see a debate as a communist against a socialist being the only debates we should be having, and they tend to resort to Stalinist Tactics and scream "Put Sean in the Gulag"

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We are being outfoxed.

Author: khazar400 from United States
8 May 2006

This show is as vile as it gets. Colmes is very weak and was a virtual unknown until, he "sold out" to become Hannity's whipping boy. No self respecting politician of any stripe would appear on Fox; the voice of the growing neo-fascist movement in this country. For the scoop on Hannity and Colmes and Fox and the now almost totally right-wing media in this country; see "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" and "OutFoxed" Rupert Murcoch's War on Journalism. Jefferson said "Eternal vigilance is the price of Democracy". The founding fathers never envisioned the event of the entire communications media and the press falling into the hands of the rich and powerful few. There are no checks and balances for this, as the right wing media continues to stifle true dissent and replace it with faux debate forums such as this. This show is professional wrestling, bull fighting, the Harlem Globetrotters vs. Washington. It ain't news, and the sad sacks it trots out to represent the opposition are not true competitors. Give us Buckley vs. Vidal if you want a real heavyweight title bout. I know, Bill Buckley, hardly seems fair, but despite his uncontrollable twitching he is the best they've got and perhaps the best mind of 8th century.

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