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One of the best shorts I've seen

Author: alpalmer from Canada
26 January 2005

I didn't know what to expect as I waited for this short film to load, but I was not disappointed. What starts off as a failed novelist's life becomes an interesting and gripping story. I was sympathetic to the characters, and unlike other short films, I became interested in their lives. I was on the edge of my seat.

Gerard Butler was excellent, as was Kate Ashfield. I would highly recommend following the links and viewing this for yourself, even if you may not be a fan of the actors involved. I would hope that this film gets a release on DVD/video, so that once it disappears from the online world, it will still be available for fans to own and enjoy.

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Great Short Film.

Author: cinnamint from United States
17 January 2005

Please is about Peter, a novelist who wants to see his daughter and his wife again. He carries around a gun with one bullet. He goes to his wife's office and begs her to talk to him. Then he goes to a novelist publisher of some sort and finds out they loved his piece. When it seems like all goes well, until the gun he was carrying fell into the wrong hands.

This story is great. It stars Gerard Butler (credited as Gerry), from Phantom of the Opera. He carries his emotions well. It is a great short piece with a surprise ending. Enjoy if you ever gets your hands on it. It is available online. Feel free to private message me if you want the link.

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Powerful and Emotional

Author: jebeins from United States
6 November 2005

An incredibly strong and cohesive short film. Performances, particularly Butler's, are impressive and moving. And there is, among all the emotional turmoil, a touch of humor as well (his communication problems in his agents office). Butler shows a depth to his character he has not often been called upon to provide. Clearly shows he is capable of much more than has been demanded of him to date. Powerful ending with an emotional punch that will stay with you for a bit. I was very pleased to have seen it although my internet connection was not of the best quality which made it difficult to view - but well worth it. I, too , wish they would put a cleaned up copy out on DVD.

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It's short, but....GOOD!!!

Author: mkaramolegkou from Greece
9 May 2005

I'ts about Peter, a young novelist who sees his life falling apart...His wife and kid had left him and he can't reach his publicist on the phone. He wants to commit suicide, he threatens other people with his loaded gun, he even threatens his publicist. Then, everything gets better...she (the publicist) loved his novel, his wife gave him a second chance, and....The rest, you've got to see it!!! I must say, it's one of the most interesting short movies I've ever seen! Gerard Butler is very good, he convinces the spectator from the first moment...You almost feel sorry for him. The ending is so unexpected, but yet it makes you realize that life is always full of surprises...even bad ones!!! Enjoy!!!

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SAD... but brilliantly so.

Author: detroitswingcity from United States
24 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SAD!! but brilliant just the same, it was the saddest but most excellent 15 minutes of film I've witnessed to date. Its a credit to the creator (forgot his name...dumb me) and Mr. Butler's acting talent that in the short space 15 minutes you can come to feel so much for a character that you actually find yourself crying at the end. When the little girl had the gun I was gripping the edge of my seat with white knuckles! Its an absolutely amazing bit of film so if you haven't seen it you must, I highly recommend it to anyone but children lol. Its a bit to intense for the kiddies heh.


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One of the best shorts ever

Author: the_phantom_was_here from United States
21 January 2006

I was astounded after watching this short film. It's one of the few shorts were you can't help but get emotionally involved with the characters and everything they go through. Gerard Butler was awesome as always, he gave it his all in this performance, despite it only being 15 minuets long, only making the film more gripping to the viewer. The story is about a novelist past the brink of desperation after his wife and daughter walked out on him. A gun and thoughts of suicide are the shadows that stalk him throughout the film leading to a very dramatic and twisted ending. It's very worth watching and I hope it ends up on DVD someday.

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Cautionary tale - dark and full of dread

Author: Ishallwearpurple from United States
2 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched Please! again last weekend and once again was *pleased* with how tightly written this script was and how beautifully shot for an indie and shorty. Paul Black, writer/producer/director, did a masterful job grabbing you at the first shot and keeping your interest throughout the 15 minute film.

The music score by Saul Freeman also gives a great deal to the feel of the film. From the title shots of the credits, at the beginning, with the siren and the dark pulsing of instrumentals and thumping of snare drum, it is a setup for dread. Very effective few minutes. When we see Peter (Gerard Butler) with his bottle of booze, sit down, put a bullet in a chamber, twirl it and put the gun to his head and pull the trigger, we know this will not end happily.

But the brilliance of the script is that after seeing Peter in his despair and at his worst, we see him finally come to some semblance of success and normalcy, especially in the scene with his little daughter. Butler has a real affinity for working with children. He has already had a great scene with an editor at his publishing company. And a terrific scene with another driver on the street, showing his near madness as he shouts "I'm a novelist," waving the gun around.

The writer/director ends his little jewel of a cautionary tale with a blast of white light - and in that few seconds we are completely in suspense - and dread. It is the triumph of this film that the last scenes are so shocking - making its' point horribly. The screams and the voice over of Peter's day in the background, end the film as it began with the melancholy music and darkness closing in.

I give it 9/10.


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Awesome short film!!

Author: sueinthewind from United States
29 November 2006

This movie, in addition to ALL the movies Gerard Butler has done, was awesome! It used to be available for free viewing on a website (sorry, can't remember which one right now) and I've watched it at least 6 or 7 times. Gerard Butler is an awesome actor, as always, and is gorgeous as usual and very moving in this short film. I love the part about him on his knees in front of the secretary. It is humorous too. What great acting!! I only wish it was still available for viewing! The last new Gerry movie I've seen is Beowulf and I can't wait for the other new ones to come out. Ever since I saw Phantom, I've been in love with this man. I hope we see more and more of him in the years to come!!! Sue (Gerry-lover!)

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