Bend It Like Beckham (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

team soccer
shorts friend
punjabi sikh
running wedding
west london germany
food soccer star
poster friendship
coach marriage
nubile woman bechdel test passed
title directed by female soccer movie
reference to george michael reference to martina navratilova
reference to posh spice soccer practice
fear of lesbianism paranoia
anglo asian ball thrown into crotch
student twenty something
injury bandstand
pregnancy burn scar
fire knee
muscle mother in law daughter in law relationship
shopping soccer team
university dance club
dancer anglo indian
cultural difference celebration
escalator train
sports announcer family relationships
husband wife relationship drinking
drink fashion magazine
fashion model temple
foosball ceremony
ritual montage
santa clara california fight
park bench bench
telephone call cell phone
father son relationship mother son relationship
lebanese pices the astrological sign
gay lesbian
archive footage newsreel footage
tv sports program tv studio
subjective camera watching tv
water sprinkler letter of acceptance
liar lie
rubbing noses 360 degree well shot
bride and groom sari
sports bra imperative in title
sports team sikh wedding
women's soccer women's rights
video camera victory
veil underwear
travel tradition
teenage girl teenage daughter
teenage boy teenage angst
tears t shirt
stripping soccer training
soccer match soccer football
soccer fan soccer coach
soccer ball shoes
shirt sadness
religion referee
racist insult racial slur
racial discrimination prayer
penalty kick party
panties match
living room laughing
kiss kicking
jumping joy
interracial love interracial friendship
house hinduism
soccer goal goalkeeper
goal keeper girls' soccer
gay friend family traditions
england dress
discrimination disco
defeat dance
crying car
camera burn injury
british soccer bloopers during credits
bed bedroom
underdog soccer player
love triangle coming of age
teen movie multicultural
indian pakistani wedding invitation
tomboy subway
sit ups london underground
lingerie fake illness
marriage engagement cooking
cleavage canceled wedding
bra airplane
suspected lesbian sister sister relationship
scene during end credits scar
nightclub mother daughter relationship
london england jealousy
immigrant hotel
ethnic slur marriage engagement party
dancing cricket the game
airport wedding reception
locker room lingerie store
hamburg germany father daughter relationship
closeted homosexual broken marriage engagement
bridal shower racism
love british asian
scholarship asian indian
fantasy sequence hit in the crotch
culture clash deception
generation gap hindu
character name in title title spoken by character

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