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28 Jan. 2005
While You Were Sleeping
Sharon needs to take care of the twins and be Mangled Metal's manager for the day. This involves getting the band back together as they decide to break up due to artistic differences.
25 Feb. 2005
Identity Crisis
Sharon tries to be spontaneous for a change, being inspired by her teacher, Miss Rivers. She starts hanging out with the teacher and bails on her friends.
4 Mar. 2005
Knight to Remember
It's prom period: Connor goes with Alyson, Maria with Brock and Sharon - no one invites her. Instead, she goes to meet her favorite star, Taylor Knight, who turns out to be different than she imagined.
11 Mar. 2005
Just Quacks
Adam hates that Hannah's father doesn't like him. Brock and Maria barely see each other. Sharon approaches Hannah's dad and think he's a cool guy until she finds out he is a hunter.
18 Mar. 2005
Griffin's Girl
Nina is Griffin's new girlfriend, annoying Sharon. This time, it's not just a nightmare, it's reality. So she works to break them up but then she regrets it and gets them back together.
25 Mar. 2005
Poor Richard
At their new jobs for a medieval restaurant, Sharon is disappointed with her dad, who also works there as a minstrel, whereas Connor is jealous seeing Alyson flirt with another guy.
1 Apr. 2005
My Big Fat Braceface Life
On her way to the dentist's, Sharon meets Tracy, who's also expecting to get braces on. Motivating her, Sharon shares her life experiences and how the braces influenced her.
8 Apr. 2005
Clean Slate
Nina's cousin from London comes to Elkford. She admits of having ripped Nina's dolls when they were kids. Finally, Nina knows that Sharon is innocent and wants to patch things up now. Sharon's friends plan a b-movie marathon.
15 Apr. 2005
The Loooong Weekend
Alden, Marlo, Maria, Brock and Alden's sisters get to Alden's cottage. Sharon comes too, although Marlo doesn't want her there. She tries so much to stay invisible that she really annoys Marlo.
22 Apr. 2005
Act Your Age
Sharon is bummed! There just don't seem to be any appealing guys: they're all immature, dumb or gross. But then she meets Pablo, who seems the perfect guy - until Sharon learns he's only 12 years old! Now Sharon must reconcile her romantic feelings with the fact that Pablo's younger, while hiding his age from Alden and Brock - who could humiliate her for the rest of her life!
29 Apr. 2005
While walking her dogs, Sharon is approached by a marketing guy who convinces her to let her dog, Pigger, be a part of his dog cereal commercial. Things go out of hand when the company want to get Pigger away on a two-month tour.
13 May 2005
The Domino Effect
Sharon, Maria and Connor are desperate to raise money for a charity drive. When all attempts fail, Sharon and Maria decide to ask Connor if they can use his anniversary surprise for Alyson as their charity event. Connor says no - his domino-run is for Alyson's eyes only. Eventually heagrees but Sharon's braces prematurely trigger the run and Alyson misses the whole event! Sharon is upset and wants to make it up to Connor. But how?
20 May 2005
The Father Factor
Sharon is helping Dion with the local ballet company wardrobe. She's too busy to help with Lauren's game show pilot, in which father-daughter teams compete. But Richard wants to help so he accepts an offer from Nina to be his TV 'daughter'. When Sharon finds out, she's jealous and it's too late to team up with Richard, so she pairs up with her mom's boyfriend, David, instead! So obsessed with winning, Sharon ignores David and almost jeopardizes the game.
11 Jun. 2005
All About Sharon
Sharon is preparing an audition for a summer job at Elkford Pioneer Village. But Maria and Connor aren't as supportive as she thinks they should be. Then Sharon meets Winnie, who has just transferred to their school. Winnie is totally supportive and encouraging of her new friend - and Sharon really appreciates it. Until she realizes Winnie may have a secret agenda...
15 Jun. 2005
23's a Crowd
When Sharon's cat, Moishe, accidentally gets out, Sharon tracks him to the home of the reclusive woman down the street and, surprisingly, bonds with her. But when Sharon tries to help with Miranda's menagerie of twenty-two cats, Animal Control finds out and confirms Miranda is breaking a city by-law. Now it's up to Sharon - who was only trying to help - to make things right, before the city takes most of Miranda's cats away.
15 Jun. 2005
Lights! Camera! Ego!
When TV3 announces a contest for a Best New Band Video, Sharon and Maria agree that Mangled Metal should submit a tape. So they recruit all their friends to help make the video. Sharon will write, Maria will direct and Alden will be the star. But once they all get on set, 'creative differences' divide the gang, threatening to tear both the band and friendships apart.
22 Jul. 2005
Vegging Out
Sharon is tired all the time and doesn't find anything interesting anymore. She goes to the doctors and is recommended to stop being vegetarian. Although she doesn't want that, she's tricked into eating meat.
27 Aug. 2005
Leap of Faith
Sharon, Maria, Alden and Brock go away to Enviro-Camp and Sharon thinks one of the counselors, Alex, likes her. Sharon likes him - a lot! But unknown to Sharon, Alden has come to realize that he still has deep feelings for her. And the more Alden tries to let Sharon know how he feels, the more she thinks that Alex just might be the guy for her.

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