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3 Jan. 2003
Although Sharon needs to study for her History test, she takes on a homeless dog Maria names Lorenza, as the dog looks like her aunt. As she's not allowed to keep the dog, she needs to find a new owner.
10 Jan. 2003
Second Thoughts
Sharon needs a date for the wedding and thinks Alden may want to get back with her. However, Alden gets closer with Marlo, who is also fancied by Brock. Then they are cast as a couple in a school play, which enrages Marlo.
17 Jan. 2003
Home Alone
Helen is going to Hawaii, on vacation with David. Although she hires a babysitter, the sitter bails on the first day. Adam, Sharon and Josh decide not to tell Helen and live on their own for a week. This includes a party on Saturday night.
24 Jan. 2003
Miss Understanding
Dion makes Sharon an offer she can't refuse: to become the anonymous writer of the advice column of the school's newspaper. She soon end up influencing her friends' decisions but hates not getting any credit for it.
31 Jan. 2003
For the Birds
Richard reconnects with an old friend, Lauren. They soon start dating and Sharon is not very happy about this.
7 Feb. 2003
Oh, Grow Up!
Adam needs to decide which major he is going to choose but he doesn't know what he likes to do except for wrestling. Sharon wishes to become a vet but she is not very good at biology. To get back, she messes with Adam's choice.
14 Nov. 2003
On spring break, Helen's old friend, Marsha, comes around. Sharon needs to hang out with Marsha's daughter, Genesis, who's a fan of Mangled Metal. Pretty soon Genesis becomes popular among Sharon's friends.
21 Feb. 2003
Nina's Nose Job
Sharon has to wear a new accessory for her braces. To get back at Nina, she helps spreading the rumor that Nina has gotten a nose job over spring break.
28 Feb. 2003
Baby Think-About-It
Sharon and her classmates each need to take care of a life-size baby doll to learn how to handle parenting.
7 Mar. 2003
Ms. Spitz Goes to Warsch and Stone
Josh really wants a shinny purple suit for his performance. Sharon gets into perfumes until she learns the perfume company does animal testing. She tries to get in touch with them but she's being avoided. So she starts protesting.
21 Mar. 2003
Sharon must prove she's not girly. She therefore founds a band, X-Sisters, with Alyson and Maria and enters a girl band competition. Motivated by finance issues, Mangled Metal enters the contest too, wearing girl clothes.
28 Mar. 2003
Maria gets Sophie make Brock drink 17 banana smoothies in a row. Connor does things with Alyson. Alden is busy with Marlo. And Sharon - just wants to have fun, even if this means losing her best friend.
4 Apr. 2003
When in Elkford
Marcelo comes to Elkford for two weeks to see Sharon. Adam and Tony have a new business in school, delivering anonymous messages to people. As Marcelo's "Italian manners" are different, Sharon is bothered.
11 Apr. 2003
Up in Smoke
Sharon meets Lauren's rebel son, Griffin, and is surprised to actually like him. He dares her to take part in less legal things. Caught smoking, Sharon gets severely punished by her parents.
18 Apr. 2003
Lucky Break
Sharon doesn't get the main role in Brock's school play, Dr. Jekyll. Nina, who looks more evil gets it instead. To get back, Sharon takes advantage of Nina's superstitious character. Josh starts flirting with Alyson.
25 Apr. 2003
Weird Science
In the science project, Sharon gets teamed up with Connor and is afraid she might prevent him from winning the trophy. Maria is Nina's partner. Sharon thinks cheating might be a good idea.
2 May 2003
She Got Game
Maria starts playing for the boy's hockey team but doesn't get much rink time. Sharon becomes Maria's and the team's new shrink.
9 May 2003
Remember When
Sharon has a new crush. However, after Alden suffers an accident in the ice rink he ends up amnesic. In turn he thinks Sharon is still his girlfriend, putting her in a difficult position.
21 Nov. 2003
As people think she's underage, Sharon decides to purchase a special bra. Little does she know that things can go haywire quickly with the new gadget. Despite all, Griffin stands by her.

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