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Season 3

18 Apr. 2003
Lucky Break
Brock writes a school play, Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde. Sharon and Nina audition for the title role(s), but Nina wins the lead because her evil Ms. Hyde is so genuinely convincing - and Sharon is assigned the part of understudy. So Sharon tries to get Nina to drop out of the play by taking advantage of Nina's superstitious streak. Unfortunately, things go even better than Sharon had planned.
25 Apr. 2003
Weird Science
Sharon and Connor are teamed on a science project/contest that Connor really wants to win. Since science isn't her strongest subject Sharon feels she's dragging Connor down and jeopardizing his chance of victory. So when she accidentally obtains some crucial information that thrusts their team into the lead, she's reluctant to clear up the confusion.
2 May 2003
She Got Game
When Sharon demonstrates a natural talent for psychological insight, she suggests Maria join the boys' hockey team to improve her game. Then Sharon becomes the unofficial team shrink by helping other players with their psychologically based playing problems. But when Maria has second thoughts about remaining on the boys' team, Sharon puts her own agenda ahead of her friend's.
16 May 2003
Funny Business
When Sharon was younger she dropped out of ballet class. After realizing that she's still passionate about the artform and regrets having quit, she decides to start taking lessons again. But the only job she can find to pay for them is as a clown. The problem is that she has become a very klutzy ballerina - but is a natural born buffoon.
21 Nov. 2003
After Sharon is mistaken for being "13 and under" once too often, she determines that it's because some other girls her age are better developed. So Sharon buys a pump up bra to give Mother Nature a hand. After an initial thrill at all the extra attention her new fuller figure is receiving, she discovers that her more mature look comes with its own unique set of problems.
26 Mar. 2004
The Beat Goes On
When her English teacher compliments Sharon on her poetry, Sharon decides to perform at a local poetry slam. And she's a hit until Adam - at Sharon's urging - also performs. His natural talent gets even more attention, immediately eclipsing her moment in the sun. Not only that, Adam needs Sharon's help for inspiration, but eventually Sharon isn't so sure she wants to help if it's at her expense.
22 Oct. 2004
Game, Set Up & Match
Sharon makes the double mistake of thinking that Dion is lonely and that she knows him better than he knows himself. With those two pieces of misinformation in hand, she sets out to match him up with a seemingly likeminded guy that she just met. But things don't go smoothly and she almost jeopardizes her friendship with Dion.
28 Jan. 2005
While You Were Sleeping
Mangled Metal needs to rehearse and finish a new song for an important performance that night. So Sharon runs a seemingly simple errand for the band while an exhausted Maria gets some well-deserved rest. Unfortunately Sharon has to baby-sit David's twins while she does the errand and she botches it. Then the band starts to argue amongst themselves and it looks as if they'll break up before that night's performance. But rather than wake Maria up, Sharon scrambles to undo all the damage so her friend can get some much-needed sleep.
25 Feb. 2005
Identity Crisis
Sharon is feeling dull, ordinary and unadventurous. And worst of all, her friends see her that way, too. So when a quirky substitute-student teacher encourages Sharon to be more free-spirited, Sharon embraces a new spontaneity. But as she grows closer to the teacher she begins to alienate her friends. Soon she learns that it's a fine line between being free-spirited and eccentric.
4 Mar. 2005
Knight to Remember
When Sharon's expected prom date doesn't materialize, Lauren arranges another 'date'; Taylor Knight, a pop star who's passing through town on a promotional tour, will escort her to the formal as part of a TV3 publicity stunt. At first Sharon is ecstatic about this sudden turn of events. The singing idol is one of Sharon's faves! But she ultimately discovers that everything comes at a price.
11 Mar. 2005
Just Quacks
Adam desperately wants Hannah's father to like him. Sharon discovers that Mr. Corbett is a duck conservationist, and at her urging Adam starts 'talking ducks' with Mr. Corbett - who suddenly, and finally, takes a shine to Adam. So when Mr. Corbett asks Adam to join his duck conservancy organization, Adam happily agrees. Sharon is delighted for her brother - until she discovers the duck organization is not exactly what it appears to be.
25 Mar. 2005
Poor Richard
Sharon is thrilled to land a job at the new medieval theme restaurant. But delight turns to dread when she learns her father works there too - as a wandering minstrel! This isn't exactly the cool, rock musician she's invited to her school's 'career day'. Sharon tries to avoid embarrassment by 'un-inviting' Richard to school but then Nina and her family show up at the restaurant for dinner and Sharon's plans start to unravel!
1 Apr. 2005
My Big Fat Braceface Life
Sharon is on her way to Dr. Hertz's when she meets Tracy, also on her way to the dentist. Tracy is worried she may need braces and that becoming a 'metal mouth' will destroy any chance of a having a boyfriend! In an effort to calm Tracy down, Sharon recounts the highs and lows that braces have played in her social life - with Alden front and center in her story.
8 Apr. 2005
Clean Slate
Nina's cousin, Petra, casually admits to the long ago 'crime' of ripping the heads off Nina's dolls. Nina had always accused Sharon of this, but now knowing the truth, Nina initiates a truce with Sharon. Sharon is reluctant, but she goes along; it could mean the end of Nina's abuse. But then Sharon learns the only thing worse than being Nina's enemy - is being her friend!
15 Apr. 2005
The Loooong Weekend
Sharon is mistakenly invited to a cottage with Alden, Marlo, Maria and Brock. When she discovers the truth and that Alden and Marlo have some relationship 'issues' to work out, she tries her best to give everyone - especially Alden and Marlo - their space! But Sharon's attempts only make things worse and the weekend doesn't turn out as planned.
22 Apr. 2005
Act Your Age
Sharon is bummed! There just don't seem to be any appealing guys: they're all immature, dumb or gross. But then she meets Pablo, who seems the perfect guy - until Sharon learns he's only 12 years old! Now Sharon must reconcile her romantic feelings with the fact that Pablo's younger, while hiding his age from Alden and Brock - who could humiliate her for the rest of her life!
29 Apr. 2005
Pigger is offered an audition to be a pet food 'spokes-dog'. Sharon is flattered and hesitant - Pigger doesn't seem the show-biz type! But Pigger gets the part and is to be coached by the famous canine expert, Bitsy Langford, so Sharon gives up control of her pet to Bitsy. The ad campaign is a big success so Pigger is invited on tour and Sharon reluctantly agrees to this, too, but then learns there are times to trust an 'expert'...and times to trust gut feelings.
13 May 2005
The Domino Effect
Sharon, Maria and Connor are desperate to raise money for a charity drive. When all attempts fail, Sharon and Maria decide to ask Connor if they can use his anniversary surprise for Alyson as their charity event. Connor says no - his domino-run is for Alyson's eyes only. Eventually heagrees but Sharon's braces prematurely trigger the run and Alyson misses the whole event! Sharon is upset and wants to make it up to Connor. But how?
20 May 2005
The Father Factor
Sharon is helping Dion with the local ballet company wardrobe. She's too busy to help with Lauren's game show pilot, in which father-daughter teams compete. But Richard wants to help so he accepts an offer from Nina to be his TV 'daughter'. When Sharon finds out, she's jealous and it's too late to team up with Richard, so she pairs up with her mom's boyfriend, David, instead! So obsessed with winning, Sharon ignores David and almost jeopardizes the game.
11 Jun. 2005
All About Sharon
Sharon is preparing an audition for a summer job at Elkford Pioneer Village. But Maria and Connor aren't as supportive as she thinks they should be. Then Sharon meets Winnie, who has just transferred to their school. Winnie is totally supportive and encouraging of her new friend - and Sharon really appreciates it. Until she realizes Winnie may have a secret agenda...
15 Jun. 2005
23's a Crowd
When Sharon's cat, Moishe, accidentally gets out, Sharon tracks him to the home of the reclusive woman down the street and, surprisingly, bonds with her. But when Sharon tries to help with Miranda's menagerie of twenty-two cats, Animal Control finds out and confirms Miranda is breaking a city by-law. Now it's up to Sharon - who was only trying to help - to make things right, before the city takes most of Miranda's cats away.
15 Jun. 2005
Lights! Camera! Ego!
When TV3 announces a contest for a Best New Band Video, Sharon and Maria agree that Mangled Metal should submit a tape. So they recruit all their friends to help make the video. Sharon will write, Maria will direct and Alden will be the star. But once they all get on set, 'creative differences' divide the gang, threatening to tear both the band and friendships apart.
27 Aug. 2005
Leap of Faith
Sharon, Maria, Alden and Brock go away to Enviro-Camp and Sharon thinks one of the counselors, Alex, likes her. Sharon likes him - a lot! But unknown to Sharon, Alden has come to realize that he still has deep feelings for her. And the more Alden tries to let Sharon know how he feels, the more she thinks that Alex just might be the guy for her.

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