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Season 1

4 Apr. 2001
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2 Jun. 2001
Brace Yourself
Sharon's confidence plunges when she gets her braces attached. Will Alden still want to go to the dance with her now that she's a metal mouth? Nina assumes not and does everything in her power to convince Alden that she should be his date.
3 Jun. 2001
When Connor's appearance is radically transformed for the better after a session of acupuncture, Sharon has to question her new attraction to him. Does she really like him that way, or is she just being totally superficial?
9 Jun. 2001
5 Things That Really Bug Me About You
Sharon reads Maria's diary. This causes a conflict between them.
16 Jun. 2001
The Doctor Is In
Sharon's favorite band come to town but Helen doesn't allow her to go. Nina spreads a rash in the school and ends up having private sessions with Helen. This makes Sharon jealous.
23 Jun. 2001
The Meat of the Matter
Sharon gets a new job, working for Alden's uncle, who has a butcher company. There, she is recruited by a Dylan, who fights for animal's rights. It is now when she becomes vegetarian.
30 Jun. 2001
The Makeover
Sharon helps Adam get a girlfriend (Hannah). Due to her braces, things go a bit haywire.
7 Jul. 2001
Mixed Messages
Sharon decides to confess her feelings to Alden so she leaves him a voice mail. However, somehow the message reaches Brock, instead of Alden. Suddenly Brock starts flirting with her.
14 Jul. 2001
The Worst First Date Ever. Period
Sharon's first date with Alden turns into a disaster when she helps out at his family's restaurant and then has her first period.
21 Jul. 2001
The Divorce Thing
Helen has a new boyfriend and starts acting as a teenager in love. Sharon dislikes this, especially since she hopes that her parents will get back together.
28 Jul. 2001
Driving Miss Sharon
Sharon takes over the school newspaper advice column as the anonymous 'Miss Understanding'. When the column becomes a hit, Sharon becomes convinced of her advice-giving abilities and Nina takes advantage of the' anonymous' position and claims credit for it. When Sharon's 'words of wisdom' cause a rift between Brock and Alden--thereby breaking up the band-- Sharon has to undo the damage. And, if that weren't bad enough, Maria has just become Mangled Metal's unofficial manager. In the end Sharon realizes she needs to learn a lot more about life before she can go around ...
4 Aug. 2001
Twenty Four Hours
Sharon has her braces out for twenty-four hours. She is supposed to take care of Josh but she also has Maria, Brock and Alden come over. Because Sharon doesn't do what Josh asks, Josh runs away from home.
11 Aug. 2001
The Pickford Project
Sharon and her class go to a survival camp. Sharon and Maria are teamed-up with their number-one enemy, Nina Harper. Connor befriends Alden and Brock.
18 Aug. 2001
Miami Vices
While vacationing with her dad in Miami, Sharon learns about alcohol two ways: hard and harder.
25 Aug. 2001
Take That
A local television channel organizes a talent competition, offering a trip to Hawaii as a first prize. Sharon forms a team with Maria and enters the competition. To be cool, Maria starts shoplifting and encourages Sharon to do so too.
1 Sep. 2001
The Election
As Nina steps down as the leader of the students, Sharon enters the election for the new free position. At the same time Brock also enrolls on the race, which enrages Sharon. Then Sharon starts receiving threats to pull out.
8 Sep. 2001
The Good Life
When her favorite singer comes to town, Sharon really wants to meet her and so directly competes with Nina. Sharon learns things aren't what they seem.
15 Sep. 2001
The Secret
Sharon is being avoided by Alden. Sharon intervenes in her brother's relationship with Hannah.
The Dissection Connection
Sharon tries to get the school to stop dissecting frogs. In this process, she ends up stealing the school's frogs with Connor's ex-girlfriend.
6 Oct. 2001
Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
Sharon organizes a birthday party for Connor. When she sees Maria's gift, she decides to get a tattoo. Being only 13 and requiring her mother's approval, Sharon tries to convince her mother to let her have a tattoo.
13 Oct. 2001
The Easy Way Out
Sharon gets ready for her anniversary but as she needs more motivation, she phones a fake psychic. She also postpones studying for the upcoming Math exam, which she fails. Adam starts gambling.
3 Nov. 2001
Sharon, Maria, Brock and Alden and skip school to go to a music addition. Nina makes it her life's mission to prove that Sharon is skipping school on purpose.
10 Nov. 2001
Camp Kookalah
After graduation, Sharon and Maria go to summer camp. Sharon is now part of the staff. As she has to chose between her duties and her friendship, tension arises.
1 Dec. 2001
Angels Among Us
In the Christmas period, Sharon is Nina's secret Santa. Helen's cousin, Jerry, is visiting the Spitz family. As Helen is busy with work, it seems like there is going to be no Christmas this year.
24 Feb. 2002
Stormy Weather
Still in the camp, a new counselor, Jason, arrives. Maria is very impressed by him and Sharon might like him too. As Alden is far away, Sharon wonders what her relationship status is. Then Alden decides to make her a sudden visit.
24 Feb. 2002
Before the beginning of high school, Sharon is going on a trip with her family. Nina and her mother, Ellie, who's dating Richard, Sharon's father, join them. Sharon struggles to prove to her father that Nina is evil.
2 Mar. 2002
Teacher's Pet
When Sharon's class has a new teacher, Maria starts changing herself in order to be remarked by him; she is head over heels over him. Meanwhile, she is being chased by Brock.

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