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Season 1

4 Apr. 2001
2 Jun. 2001
Brace Yourself
Sharon's confidence plunges when she gets her braces attached. Will Alden still want to go to the dance with her now that she's a metal mouth? Nina assumes not and does everything in her power to convince Alden that she should be his date.
3 Jun. 2001
When Connor's appearance is radically transformed for the better after a session of acupuncture, Sharon has to question her new attraction to him. Does she really like him that way, or is she just being totally superficial?
9 Jun. 2001
5 Things That Really Bug Me About You
When Sharon's braces open the lock to Maria's diary she can't help but read the private entries. When she discovers a list of negative character traits that seem to describe her, Sharon sets out to change her personality while re-evaluating her friendship with Maria. Even though Sharon eventually discovers that Maria's list was about Nina, she soon learns that you should never compromise yourself based on what other people think of you.
16 Jun. 2001
The Doctor Is In
When Nina hires Dr. Spitz as her own personal therapist, Sharon feels misplaced and jealous. Why can't her own mom be as understanding with her as she seems to be with her patients? After defying her mother's request that she not attend a concert, Mom and Sharon have to find new ground to trust each other - and build the mother-daughter relationship they each crave.
23 Jun. 2001
The Meat of the Matter
When Alden gets Sharon an opportunity to work alongside him at a part-time job, Sharon learns more than she ever wanted to know about the meat packing business. Upset at what she considers to be unfair treatment towards animals, Sharon becomes a vegetarian - even if it might mean forfeiting her chances with Alden. Acting on a new value system isn't always easy.
30 Jun. 2001
The Makeover
When big brother Adam reveals that he feels helpless at forging a new romantic relationship Sharon takes it upon herself to give him a makeover. Her efforts only serve to turn both herself and Adam into something they're not; risking both of their relationships with the people they care about the most.
7 Jul. 2001
Mixed Messages
Sharon decides to confess her feelings of attraction to Alden by leaving a message on his cell phone. When the message is accidentally misdirected to Brock, Sharon unwittingly finds herself receiving new attention from him. Confused, Sharon assumes that Alden no longer likes her. Discovering the truth of the matter takes a while - and Sharon realizes that no boyfriend is worth having just to have one.
14 Jul. 2001
The Worst First Date Ever. Period
Sharon's first date with Alden turns into a disaster when she helps out at his family's restaurant and then has her first period.
21 Jul. 2001
The Divorce Thing
Sharon has to deal with her conflicting feelings over her Mom's new boyfriend at the same time as welcoming a visit from her own Dad. An attempt to re-unite her parents after seven years of divorce fails and Sharon has to finally face reality - grown-ups aren't going to change things just because you want them to.
28 Jul. 2001
Driving Miss Sharon
Sharon takes over the school newspaper advice column as the anonymous 'Miss Understanding'. When the column becomes a hit, Sharon becomes convinced of her advice-giving abilities and Nina takes advantage of the' anonymous' position and claims credit for it. When Sharon's 'words of wisdom' cause a rift between Brock and Alden--thereby breaking up the band-- Sharon has to undo the damage. And, if that weren't bad enough, Maria has just become Mangled Metal's unofficial manager. In the end Sharon realizes she needs to learn a lot more about life before she can go around ...
4 Aug. 2001
Twenty Four Hours
Sharon is braces-free for 24 hours. To facilitate her goal of kissing Alden under peak conditions, she volunteers to baby sit Josh so that she can have a make-out party at her house (Connor is specifically excluded). All plans to secure the Alden kiss go haywire when Josh goes missing and Sharon must live up to the responsibility she assured her mother she was capable of.
11 Aug. 2001
The Pickford Project
An eighth grade overnight camping trip meets The Blair Witch Project Meets Survivor.Maria and Sharon are upset when they learn that Nina has been assigned to their team. How will they possibly survive in the wilderness, let alone win the race, with her around? While Brock, Alden and Connor set out to prove that boys have more of what it takes to win at the survival game, Maria and Sharon do everything they can to overcome their biggest obstacle - the Nina factor. Things take a unique turn when Nina saves Sharon from an almost fatal fall from a suspension bridge. ...
18 Aug. 2001
Miami Vices
While vacationing with her dad in Miami, Sharon learns about alcohol two ways: hard and harder.
25 Aug. 2001
Take That
Attempts to modify their image and be cool fail miserably when Maria and Sharon try to audition for a local talent search. Maria steals a CD so she can impress an older hip hop crowd she wants to join and Sharon tries to shoplift an earring so she can replace the one she first borrowed from her mother, then lost.
1 Sep. 2001
The Election
When Nina is impeached as school president, Sharon decides to run to fill her spot. Unfortunately, Brock decides to run, too. All is made worse by the fact that Alden, (Sharon's supposedly supportive boyfriend!) decides to be Brock's campaign manager. What starts as an exciting race turns into a flat out smear campaign...against Sharon! She is devastated to think that Alden could do this to her. When Sharon's braces help to reveal that Nina, not Alden, was behind the negative publicity, Sharon is finally able to win the school body over in an impassioned speech that ...
8 Sep. 2001
The Good Life
Superstar singing sensation LEENA comes to Elkford to shoot her music video and Sharon, Connor and Nina are picked to be extras. Sharon can't believe her good fortune. She loves Leena. In fact, Sharon wishes she could be just like Leena. Wouldn't her normal, somewhat dull life be much better if she were rich and famous? Not necessarily. Sharon's illusion of fame is shattered when she sees first hand that a celebrity's life isn't all it's cracked up to be.
15 Sep. 2001
The Secret
Sharon is assigned the Teen Help Line for a community service project in her health class. When she gets a phone call that sounds suspiciously like Adam's girlfriend (complaining that her boyfriend's a make-out monster), Sharon takes it upon herself to cool her brother's hormones while at the same time wondering why Alden's won't heat up. Little does she know that Alden is obsessed with his own body odour problem.
Dissection Connection
Connor and Tally have officially broken up but not without hurt feelings. When Sharon learns that they're going to be dissecting frogs in Biology she feels alone in her opposition to the exercise. Determined to enroll others in her 'cruelty-free' plight she finally finds an ally in Tally. She is as passionate about animals as Sharon is. Maria and Connor not only react poorly to Sharon's newfound kindred spirit; they aren't as supportive of Sharon's politics as Sharon would like. Nor is the school administration. In a final attempt to save the lives of the frogs, ...
6 Oct. 2001
Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
Sharon wants her mom to trust her more, but when Sharon sets out to get a tattoo, Dr. Spitz has a hard time trusting her daughter's decisions. A psychologist, Dr. Spitz is confident that her parenting techniques will dissuade Sharon from following through with her plan. However, the harder Dr. Spitz maneuvers, the more determined Sharon is to prove her independence. At the same time, a different battle of wills is taking place between Sharon and Connor. When Sharon gives Connor a birthday gift of yoga classes, she refuses to take the hint that Connor's not as ...
13 Oct. 2001
The Easy Way Out
Sharon's wiped from eating badly between exams and homework. The doctor tells her she's anemic and needs more iron in her diet. He suggests she go back to eating meat and Sharon is horrified. Vegetarianism is very important to her! And the only one who seems to understand is Cody, a great guy that Sharon has just met. Even though he's a meat-eater, he's totally sympathetic to her problem - until Sharon finds out he isn't as honest as he appears to be.
3 Nov. 2001
Sharon, Maria, Alden and Brock (now collectively known as the garage band "Mangled Metal") skip school to audition for the Spring Jam Fest in a neighbouring city. Each gets away with pretending to be sick for the day - but know that they will be in deep trouble if they don't get home by day's end - when their parents come home. Still burning from being rejected as back-up singers for the band, Nina and Alyson are intent on not only proving that the group of friends are skipping - but on getting them into as much trouble as possible. Things take a turn for the surreal ...
10 Nov. 2001
Camp Kookalah
After graduating 8th grade, Sharon and Maria head up to their favorite camp for the summer. When they get there, they learn that Sharon's been promoted to a Counselor in Training (CIT) leaving Maria behind with the campers. For as much as Sharon tries not to flaunt her new position of power in Maria's face, her efforts fail. When Maria's cabin tries to plan an avenging raid on the boys' cabin, Sharon feels compelled to blow the whistle on them - raids are against the rules and she's trying her best to win the award for best CIT. Maria and her cabin mates are furious ...
1 Dec. 2001
Angels Among Us
A Christmas gift exchange at school forces Sharon to confront her own lack of generosity when she pulls Nina's name from the hat. With Josh exploring their father's Jewish heritage, mom working overtime and a surprise visit from an unusual cousin, Sharon finds herself overwhelmed and confused. What are the holidays really about anyway? Sharon sets out to discover how her friends' families cope at this time of year and begins to realize that tolerance of each other's differences is a place to start.
24 Feb. 2002
Stormy Weather
While Sharon is at camp Alden proves to be less than poetic or frequent in his letter writing - causing Sharon to worry that he is waning in his commitment to her as a boyfriend. When a new CIT, Jason, appears on the scene, both Maria and Sharon find themselves very attracted to him. Sharon wrestles with conflicting feelings about Alden while Maria considers Sharon's interest in Jason unfair. She encourages Sharon to seal her relationship with Alden in an effort to secure Jason for herself. However, when Jason accidentally causes Sharon to break a band on her braces, ...
24 Feb. 2002
Sharon's end-of-summer vacation with her family turns disastrous when her dad, Richard, introduces them to his new girlfriend - Nina Harper's mother! Sharon can't believe that there's even a remote possibility that Nina could end up being her step-sister and she does everything in her power to prevent it. Unfortunately, Nina doesn't mind the situation as much as Sharon does. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to get close to Adam. Step siblings can date, can't they? The harder Sharon tries to convince her family that Nina is baggage they don't want, the more ...
2 Mar. 2002
Teacher's Pet
Maria thinks she's in love - with Mr. Riley, the substitute English teacher! Not only does she feel encouraged by his positive attention; she's convinced that they have tons in common. Sharon's efforts to steer Maria toward a more practical boyfriend - such as Brock - are met with disdain. When Mr. Riley asks Maria out for lunch on the weekend, even Sharon has to admit that something authentic could be going on. But is that appropriate? Adam convinces her that it's not - and Sharon goes to elaborate lengths to spy on Maria and Mr. Riley's 'date' to ensure that Maria ...

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