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Season 1

15 Nov. 2001
New Dawn
Germany, 49 million years B.C. A day in the life of a small forest mammal called Leptictidium who is trying to raise young, a giant predatory bird called Gastornis trying to hatch an egg and a primitive whale, Ambulocetus, who is hunting in the water.
22 Nov. 2001
Whale Killer
36 million years B.C., a pregnant Basilosaurus whale resorts to desperate measures to find food for herself and her unborn infant. On land, mammals are growing into enormous creatures.
29 Nov. 2001
Land of Giants
Mongolia, 25 million years B.C. This episode follows a young Indricotherium. After a dramatic birth, he must survive in a world of rhino-sized predators like Hyaenodon and pig-like monsters such as Entelodon.
6 Dec. 2001
Next of Kin
Ethiopia, 3,2 million years B.C. A clan of Australopithecus struggle to survive after being driven from their territory. Grey, the leader, is challenged by the younger Hercules, and Blue must try to survive without the guidance of his mother.
13 Dec. 2001
Sabre Tooth
Paraguay, 1 million years B.C. A powerful Smilodon called Halftooth must survive on his own after being driven from his clan. South America is a bizarre world of giant sloths, car-sized armadillos and flightless birds the size of dinosaurs.
20 Dec. 2001
Mammoth Journey
30,000 years B.C. In the middle of the Ice Ages, a mammoth herd migrates to escape the chilling winter. On their way, they encounter dangers like snow-covered bogs, cave lions, and the most dangerous predators yet- humans.
21 Nov. 2001
Triumph of the Beasts
Follow chronologically the story of evolution of mammals from the moment the dinosaurs died off to the end of the Ice age. The discovery of their fossils throughout history is also covered.
28 Nov. 2001
The Beasts Within
Follow the evolution of monkeys, apes and man.

 Season 1 

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