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Chicago Sun-Times
Sayles' film moves among a large population of characters with grace, humor and a forgiving irony.
Visually, even compared to Sayles' own best work, it's somewhat prosaic - and dramatically, it suffers from the fact that its two main characters are kept so far apart. But the screenwriting and the cast redeem this film.
Charlotte Observer
Few white directors depict racial interaction in a thoughtful, non-exploitative way, but Sayles has always been one of them.
Rolling Stone
You can feel the heat that ignites this gripping tale, and the humor and humanity that root it in feeling. Sayles knows how to use his social conscience: He lets it rip.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Rings true for the most part, and explores human nature - leashed and unleashed - in ways that resonate.
Miami Herald
What Sunshine State lacks in momentum, it makes up for with a Dickensian sprawl of characters -- 50 in all -- who possess the depth and humanity that has become a Sayles trademark.
New York Post
Far more interesting and intelligent than anything coming out of the studios. It fairly brims with superb performances by a terrific cast - you simply can't take your eyes off the female leads, Edie Falco and Angela Bassett.
Sayles is clearly aiming to construct a multilevel character study and sociological portrait, but too often the film lapses into a lecture.
New York Daily News
Though his latest, Sunshine State, shows Sayles usual literary care, it's a very slight work compared with such cinematic tomes as "Lone Star," "Matewan" and "Eight Men Out."
Entertainment Weekly
Like a blue plate special at a theme diner, Sunshine State comes with a lot of overdone side dishes thrown on the table at the same time.
An attempt at an epic. Sayles assembles a big cast and creates a mosaic of interweaving characters and story lines. But the stories are bland, the connections are incidental and the dramatic payoff is nonexistent.

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