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The lives of Graham Hess (Mel Gibson, right) and his brother, Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix, left) are changed forever after finding an intricate pattern of circles and lines carved into their crops Graham (Mel Gibson, center), flanked by his brother, Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix, left), Officer Paski (Cherry Jones, right), and his son, Morgan (Rory Culkin, foreground), soon find that they are not alone - that crop signs are appearing all over the worldGraham (Mel Gibson) makes a chilling discovery in a neighbor's kitchenEverything that farmer Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) assumed about the world is changed when he discovers a message - an intricate pattern of circles and lines - carved into his crops.Graham (Mel Gibson, center) tries to calm his children, Morgan (Rory Culkin, left) and Bo (Abigail Breslin, right), who think that tin foil hats can stop aliens from reading their minds.A baby monitor provides a message from above for Graham (Mel Gibson, left) and his brother, Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix, right). Signs (2002)Graham Hess (Mel Gibson, center left), along with his son, Morgan (Rory Culkin, left), his daughter, Bo (Abigail Breslin, center right), and his brother, Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix, right), investigate the strange occurrence.Morgan Hess (Rory Culkin, right) shows his father, Graham (Mel Gibson, left) what's going on.Still of Mel Gibson in Signs (2002)Still of Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix in Signs (2002)M. Night Shyamalan in Signs (2002)Mel Gibson and M. Night Shyamalan in Signs (2002)Executive producer Kathleen Kennedy (left) and producers Sam Mercer (center) and Frank Marshall (right) - the producing team behind Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)Signs (2002)
29 photos


A family living on a farm finds mysterious crop circles in their fields which suggests something more frightening to come.

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