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Seriously, what is the rush?
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews10 May 2009
This is found on the original, single-disc release of X-Men. It's essentially some behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and clips from the film itself, bookended by poorly staged scenes of senators addressed by Kelly in regards to mutants. Davison performs. Unfortunately... oh, where to begin? While the actual movie is paced well, this is in such a hurry to get on to the next thing(so much so that it barely even stops pummeling you with information as the credits roll). It's all set to intense (and at times, ridiculously bass-heavy, which wouldn't be as bad if this really was the Summer blockbuster pop-corn flick that several of these promotional things make it out to be) music and flashes by unappealingly fast, occasionally even over-stylized to try to overemphasize the action in that which it advertises, blowing it all out of proportion(it's really not that kind of movie), and in general just being straining to the viewer... everything but the material exclusively shot for this. The latter is quite simply painful to watch, due to below par acting, writing and production. Honestly, I come up short trying to think of sufficient reason to spend time on this. All of any worth herein was re-edited and more fully explored in specials so far superior to this that it's not even funny, on the later 1.5 version, which would be a much better addition to any fan's collection(I'm not saying "go out and buy it", I'm saying, if you're getting one or the other, I'd go for the recent of the two). The 2000 DVD does, in addition to this, hold deleted/extended scenes, and the ability to watch the film with them, an interview with Singer, Hugh Jackman's screen test, a couple of animatics, three trailers, a few TV spots and galleries. I recommend this only to completists, anyone else, if you didn't think that even 22 minutes could be wasted, this is likely to change your mind. 5/10
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just fluff, nothing more, nothing less
movieman_kev21 September 2005
This 22 minute promo piece was originally aired on Fox network a tad before the film was released. It can be found as an extra on the single-disk version of the "X-men" DVD. Masquerading as a news report on the Senate Hearings on the Mutant Registrating Act that Senator Robert Kelly is sponsoring that if mutants WERE in fact real, I'd have to trouble in the least voting for. Of course this fluff piece coming from Liberal Hollywood, all the Republicans are hateful idiots and the Democrats calm and logical, but I digress. This also features clips from the then upcoming movie and interviews with the main cast members. Just don't expect anything more than a fluff piece.

My Grade: C-
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Not bad and minimal spoilers
shawn_allen4 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this as part of the DVD and it looked really good. It especially raises a question at the end concerning Senator Kelly's prejudicial treatment of mutants.

The interviews were superb and the background scenes looked neat.

Can't wait until X2.
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