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In episode 1, a hologram of a naked girl is shown in front of the main male character. Her breasts can be seen.

A girl wearing a bunny suit is seen on a PC screen for a few seconds.

A woman sees a shirtless man and thinks of him as "Hentai" ("pervert" or "freak" depending on the translation).

A woman is brutally raped by a man. Her butt can be seen for a brief moment, while her breasts can be seen after her clothes is ripped open.

This two-part anime is pretty violent. Many of the violent scenes tend to be very bloody.

In episode 1, there are some references to war in the opening narration. A nuclear explosion is shown.

A car wreck is found by several people. The girl in the car is mentioned to have died.

A man points his gun toward another man's head during a car trip. The two men have a brief fight, causing the car to crash into something.

A man tries to shoot a man. A woman is shot in the head, blood splatters on a window behind her.

A man is chased on foot by two black-clad men. Those two men are shot by a man with a gun, little blood can be seen.

A man mentions a time bomb which had been planted at a police station.

A man jumps and lands on the front of a car, and attempts to break through the front window when the driver in the car gets rid of him, causing him to fall on the ground.

A man shoots at two men who call themselves "Battle Beings". Those two men get lots of bullet holes on their bodies, but simply don't get affected.

A man is grabbed and chokes by a Battle Being. His left arm is ripped off, and his left eye is popped out. This scene is quite gory.

Before a man is transforming into a monstruous creature, X-ray shots of his brain and bones can be seen. His bones begin to grow. He appears to be in pain when the transformation happens. A glow causes a car to explode during this scene.

A man is punched and kicked multiple times by two other men. His head is hit by a tall object, resulting with some blood on his face. He still stands like nothing happened.

A man is ripped in half, while another man has his head chopped off. Quite bloody.

When a woman is being violently raped by a man, blood can briefly be seen on her legs for a couple of seconds.

A man throws a picture in anger.

Many innocent people are killed when a plane drops multiple bombs on the place.

Two male characters have a kinda intense fight. One of them coughs some blood. One of them punches through the head of the another one in a kinda graphic matter, causing the latter to die after a while.


In episode 2, a man is chased, and gets into a fight with two strong men. Punching and some blood splatters involved. A man is almost choked to death, when he crushes the head of another man in a kinda graphic matter.

A man coughs some blood and falls unconscious on the beach he walked on.

A girl tells a man about an injured sea creature she just found.

Explosions take place at a laboratorium, as several people attempt to kill a big clone of a sea creature, until a man fights them off. Several people are exposed to flooding water.

A man is lying on floor with some blood on his head. It is implied he might have died as we never see him anymore after that.

A man and a girl are chased by several "Battle Beings", who attempt to kill them with different weapons. The bodies of the "Battle Beings" literally explode in a quite graphic matter as the man shoots multiple small rocks at them.

Two people are taken hostage.

A man is hit by an exploding door and slammed into a wall. Blood splatters behind the door after the man has been crushed by the door.

As several people try to shoot a man, they are pierced through their bodies by several small rocks thrown by the man. Several other people are burned. Three people are seen to be slammed into a wall.

After having been chased for a while, a man puts a fight with a tall rhino. The rhino is hit in the right eye by a stone, and it's horn is cut off when the man is hit in the chest. The man, with the help of a girl's power, causes the rhino to explode with lots of blood splatter. Later, he ends it's pain by killing it.

It is revealed a bomb has been planted on the back of a woman. A man takes off the bomb and throws it on a vehicle driven by a man. The vehicle crashlands on another man.

Several people are gunned down. A man is seen to have bloody gun wounds.

Several people die, and a huge flying ship explode when two male characters fight each other with great powers. One of them literally explodes, but no blood seen.

A man, revealed to be an android, crumbles before a hologram of another man shows up.

Rio de Janeiro is hit by a record setting blizzard. It is mentioned to be like a prelude to the killings and destruction which would begin soon.

In episode 1, a girl tells the boy the fact she can't be lured into drinking alcohol.

A man smokes a cigarette.


In episode 2, it is mentioned some people have been put to sleep with drugs.

Floribromacine is mentioned.

This anime is very intense, because to the amount of bloody violence as written in the "Violence & Gore" section.

In episode 2, several people attempt to kill a huge sea creature, which is actually a clone. This may be upsetting for some people, even though the creature doesn't die. The "rhino scene" may be kinda upsetting too.

Recommended age: 15+


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